Thirteen Ways to Look at Blue

Levi's, Guess, and Lee
Ripped, short, baggy, and loose
They are the bottom half of your attire.

Many have them, many don't.
The cornflower blue shade of the cold eyes
Stick out like the glaciers in the white, barren snow lands.

The naïve azure sky
Was tinted with radiant heat
Ready to begin his next adventure

The ancient indigo blanket
Covered her brother with tenderness
As all was quiet and tranquil

The bowl that keeps many living
Reflecting the dashing hue of her husband.
The walls of blue waves crash down like an angered Zeus throwing down his lightning bolts.

The small circular ball of blue goodness
Exploded in my mouth like a timed bomb blowing up on a small town.
The cool color of the tiny berry
Blooms like a clown inflating a blue balloon.

The sun matures like the florescent seed
Into a graceful iris.
A refreshing hint of blue
That radiated a serene aura.

The feathery critters of the morning
Sang a song of cheerful glee
Harmonizing with the other bright blue flyers.

A shimmering gem
The color of the deep blue sea
Glistened off the peachy white finger

A collection of blue metal
All screwed and stuck together
Getting people from point A to point B.

Wood, brick, or stone.
Keeping some warm or safe.
The sky blue shelter is
Something one can always call home.

Smooth, gentle, and catchy.
A type of rhythm not one can resist.
During the 50's this was all there was.
A type of music that made everyone snap.

A rainy cold day
When you're sick with a cold
And you can't sleep, this is called
Having the blues.