Authors note: So this was an idea I had this morning and wanted to get it down, and see if it would be an interesting story concept, wanted to see what everyone thought so please read and review!

The city streets were daunting and over crowded. They ran up and down in a grid fashion and were intertwined with free ways, and infested with the homeless; you could barely see the sky line if you looked up, all you saw was the side walls of buildings. This city had secrets, and they were dirty. The night life was always booming no matter what day of the week it was.

The hustle and bustle of its interracial capacity painted it a colorful image, walking down the street you would see who called themselves free-lance musicians trying to make a name; really they were homeless and trying to make a buck, walking passed every other street corner hearing the tune of someone's life story was an array of intrigue.

Every day seemed to be the same, I wondered if I would ever get out of this shit town and make it my self, I usually walked in a pack like wolves, but today I walked alone like a panther. Chains clanging against my too skinny legs, four belts was better than one, any one would tell you so.

Cut up jeans was all I had, along with my favorite beater graphic T-shirt. I wore New Rocks on my feet, to insure any one who crossed my path a good ass kicking. My hair often changed color and style,

Today, I sported my favorite green liberty spikes.

My face? Adorned with piercings that I had done mostly myself, it's amazing that I never got an infection, I had one tattoo on my left upper arm. It was a grave yard scene that had several head stones, all with my best pal's names on it.

I suppose my name is of some what importance, I'm Bryan. I'm twenty six this year, which means in three hundred and sixty five days I have a big decision to make. Do I go out like a rock-star? Or keep rolling with the pack?

I'll tell you our story.

Of the 27 CLUB.