Epilogue: A year and nine months later…

"Kalli get your butt over here right now," Brittney called for her one year old. She had crawled across the grass and was now trying to reach for a butterfly that was just out of reach. The winter frost was gone and now the warm spring weather was here. She shook her head as Kalli cooed and tried to get the butterfly to come to her. She laughed when the butterfly ended up landing on Kalli's nose. The baby's eyes grew wide and then she started laughing, clapping her hands and kicking her feet. She was adorable.

Mateo shook his head at his daughter before walking over and picking her up. It was time to go check on dinner. It was supposed to be ready around that time and they were all hungry after a day of playing outside and walking around the castle. Kalli was growing up fast. Soon she'd be able to tap into her powers and shift into her animal form. Lucky for the parents, their child had both their talents. She would be able to control fire and shift into a bear. Both of which she could use to protect herself; it was a good weapon.

Mateo walked back to where Brittney was sitting and held out hand to help her up. Brittney smiled up at her mate and child and let him pull her to her feet. They walked hand in hand back up to the castle.

"Shayla," Brittney called as soon as the female came into view. Lucian was hovering behind her, just like he had the first time. She watched as Lucian put his hand on her shoulder and kept looking for danger.

"How's the little one?" Mateo asked, eyeing Shayla's eight month pregnant belly. She looked ready to burst.

"Little ones, you mean. How many times do I have to tell you there are twins in there," Brittney reprimanded her mate. He laughed and shook his head.

"I still think it's going to be one big healthy boy, but you can think whatever you want. I'm going to take Kalli to the kitchen to wash her hands and we'll be back." He kissed her before leaving with their child on his shoulders.

"Men, they don't seem to understand that women have a knack of knowing what's what when it come to pregnancies. Do you think it's twins?" Brittney asked her best friend.

Shayla nodded. "I almost want to believe it's triplets. I'm about to topple over. Lucian would you be a dear and pull that chair out for me to sit down?" Lucian moved without a second's hesitation and provided his mate with a chair. "Thank you dear."

"I'm going to go see how much longer the cook is going to take. You need to get back to bed," Lucian said. He took off toward the kitchen, not waiting on a reply from Shayla.

"He is a worry wart. I had a case of the dizzies and about fell this morning. Ever since he's been hovering around me and won't leave me alone. It's crazy. I can't wait until this child is out in the world. Speaking of children, how is Kalli?" Shayla asked her friend, motioning for her to take a seat too.

Brittney pulled out a chair and sat across from her friend. "She's good. Mateo has had so much time to play with her, leaving me to take over the books and finances. You have no idea how messed up they were. I'm glad that we've had such a peace since the war. Though I'm kind of worried because there was sightings of vampires the other day in the woods."

"Hey, just because you see a vampire does not mean that we want to kill you and suck your blood," Kato's voice came from behind Shayla. Brittney's eyes met Tamara and Kato as they walked over to where the women were seated.

"I'm going to go see what the other men are up to, you can go back to your girl talk," He said leaving with a kiss on the cheek from his mate. Tamara rolled her eyes.

"Sorry about that. What were you two talking about?" She pulled up a chair and sat down, leaning forward ready for some gossip.

"I was saying that it's been peaceful since the war and I'm wondering if those sightings of some vampires will lead to trouble. What do you two think?" Brittney asked. Shayla answered first.

"I think that they won't attack us. Do you remember what happened last time? With the help from the elementals, the shifters, and the dragons, we outnumbered them. They won't chance it again. I think we're safe."

"I agree with Shayla," Tamara commented. "I don't think we have anything to worry about."

"I hope you two are right. I don't want to worry about the children." She put her pointer finger in her mouth and started chewing on her nail. It was a nervous habit and one she had started since the birth of her lovely daughter.

"When are you due Shayla?" Tamara asked, directing the subject away from war. Shayla smiled at her before answering.

"In the next two weeks I hope. I feel like I'm about to explode and I have to wobble from place to place. You're lucky that you're not pregnant," She teased Tamara. She didn't miss the envious glint in her eye though. "Don't worry, you and Kato will have one of your own one day." She patted her hand and smiled encouragingly at her. Tamara smiled and nodded.

"Dinner is served," A loud voice called out. The women all laughed as their mates came out of the kitchen dressed as cooks. Kalli was on her dad's shoulders and wearing an apron of her very own. It was adorable.

As the men set the food on the table the king closed the door behind him as he walked out of the kitchen. He had been checking in on the families and had smiled when the men came out dressed as cooks. He shook his head. Those families were exactly what this castle needed.

He walked down the stairway and out the side door and toward the tomb. He stopped just outside the tomb door and removed the withered flowers. He then put the fresh flowers from his hand into the vase and then stood up. All of the talk about families and children had him missing his wife and he had to see her before eating.

"All is well in the kingdom and I think it will be that way for a while. I miss you, my beloved, but our sons and daughter are doing well. Love is in the air and it makes me miss you more." He kissed the tomb door and then started back to the castle. "I'll see you tomorrow." He called as he walked, already anticipating the dinner that awaited him.


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