Cantarella Draft One – Jan 3 2010

Percy Jackson, spell checked not revised

Aika riley was going in history as the most stupid person Alice. She was in the AIRPORT waiting for someone she might not even know! Just because she thought she saw her childhood crush's handwriting in the letter she received.

How humiliating was this? Getting STOOD up in the airport?!... Not that this was a date or anything….

Aika blushed and looked around. A mother was smiling at her while her daughter was giggling. Another woman offered her a bag of chips (which Aika accepted gratefully).

While munching on a Doritos and overhearing someone say that the flight was delayed for another hour, Aika decided to head for the food court.

Aika's mind was clouded when she stood up to go and throw the now empty bag of chips in the garbage. If she was getting punk'd, Aika swore to herself that she would seriously flip the jerks that did this to her seeing as she was in a horrible mood.

After getting lost in countless hallways and almost getting trampled over by business men; Aika finally made it to the food court.

Quickly ordering a crepe for herself, she found an empty table to sit. Taking a bite out of her crepe, she glanced over the food court.

The place was PACKED! Probably due to the fact that it was rush hour. There were families trying to find seats for their kids and some who were settling on the ground. Then there was that one dude with 3 happy meals making his way towards her.

Aika paled when she sighted the happy meals—the first thing that had jumped at her. Oh please, don't sit with me… she prayed to herself desperately.

Then she saw his face.

I take it back.

The guy looked gothic—or how Aika liked to say Visual-Kei, in which he looked more visual-kei than gothic. He had messy black hair, a REALLY pale complexion and a bored-frustrated glare played in his onyx eyes,

Holy crap, he's going to sit beside me… Aika thought but then a more important thought broke through her hormonal moment.

Why does he have three happy meals with him?

Aika looked at the other way when he caught her stare. She munched on her crepe as she thought. Great now he's going to think I'm a retard.

"Is it ok if I sit here?"

Aika HAD to look up then, and turned bright red. T-the guy was talking to her!

"Y-yeah sure." Aika quickly stuttered, hoping he didn't think she was weird.

He sighed thanks and set all his things down—his McDonalds on the table and... Something metal against the seat diagonally across from here? That last part didn't sound right.

Aika took a bite out of her crepe. Just by the aura around him, she could tell that this guy—though really sexy, was really dangerous.

She looked away quickly; she really didn't want to be checking random guys out.

Then again... why would a guy like him be at the airport eating a big mac?

"Uh… do you mind if I ask you something?"

Aika jumped, was he talking to her? She was pretty sure of it.

"Sure, what is it?" she answered back, mentally praying to whoever was watching that she didn't squeal it out.

"y-you're a local right?" he asked nervously.

Heck yeah was she a local; she lived here her whole life.

"Of course." An imaginary light bulb turned on in her brain.

Could he be the one who sent her the letter? But why make her wait at a gate for passengers coming back from England?

"Where are we?"

Aika almost fell off her chair. He was in San Francisco airport without knowing it? How can you not know what state you're in when you're in a FREAKING airport?

"We're in san Francisco" she answered back.

He couldn't possibly be the one who sent her the letter.

The dude turned pale—if he could anyway, at the mention of it.

"I'm in San Francisco- of all places?" he muttered to himself.

Aika sighed, her small crush in this guy now gone. Probably shouldn't get my hopes up.

She took a final bite out of her crepe and asked.

"What's our name?" might as well ask for his number too.

He hesitated then answered

"Nico. Nico di Angelo."

Aika paused for a moment, his name sounded a lot like Neko which was Japanese for cat. And now that she thought about it, Nico did kind of look like one of the black cats she used to adore.

"Well my name is Aika Riley. I really had a lot of fun talking to you, Nico. I hope we get to see each other again and maybe hang out. Well cya!"

And with that she left, she swore she could've heard Nico crying out her name but the loud buzz of the food court was in her ear.

Aika felt like a bitch just leaving like that and debated whether or not to go back and apologize. But she had a mysterious letter-writer in her hands and she really did not want to miss him/her.

So now Aika hoped to see Nico again but judging by his tone of voice, she thought he would've caught the nearest taxi out of San Francisco.

And this is why I can't get a boyfriend at school.

Aika couldn't believe it. She thought she was dreaming. She thought she was hallucinating.

The meeting with Nico now pushed to far in her mind as she ran to hug her letter writer.

"I'm back." He said before getting chocked by a pair of arms on his neck

"Welcome home." She whispered, fighting silent tears.

He dropped his luggage and hugged me back.

A cure to my poison now returned to me—Ethan Nakamura was now home in San Francisco. The childhood friend I waited so long to meet again and my only visible 'family.'