He's Dedicated to Roses Chapter 2 Draft 2

Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Keith was bored out of his mind as he sat down on Marucho's computer desk. The younger boy wouldn't mind of course, the brawlers had always gone on his computer and he showed no sign of protest.

Julie had successfully kidnapped his younger sister and Runo to who knows where, Gus was probably lost roaming around the mammoth mansion, chances are Dan was brawling in inter-space with the other brawlers and Marucho was probably with him. That left him, alone with nothing to do.

After countless minutes of typing away on the computer randomly, he came upon a website. Curiously, he clicked the tab that boldly stated 'RANKINGS'.

By this time, he would've realized that the website was last updated three years ago and left untouched but he was too busy scrolling up and down to see what these 'rankings' were.

When he came upon Dan's rank (which was surprising number one), he realized that these were the rankings of those who bakugan-brawled all over the world. Frustrated—if only the slightest, he tried to find his own rank.

Where am I? Where….

Unknowingly, he accidently clicked on a link and something caught his eye before he could go back to the rankings. A name, centered and bold, pounced up and held his curiosity.


Keith had heard the original members of the Brawlers talk about him only a few times, and then the conversation would go into the wellbeing of another brawler—Alice Gehabich, whom he never met before. Save the time when he was still the leader of the Vexos and had kidnapped Runo. (The two were over that though)

He wondered what the connection between the redhead and the spiky blond was. Were they family? Were they lost lovers? (That thought was quickly dismissed by his mind upon realizing how silly that sounded) Or were they something different?