The wind howled into the night, causing the students at Remirad Academy to stir in their deep slumber. The huge campus looked deserted, as if no life was ever there. All of the lights were out, only darkness walking the streets along with two other figures. They were treading through the main walkway that led to the rotunda at the front of the academy. The two were meandering around, hand in hand. They went past the water fountain that rested in the center of the walkway. It was off, the water waiting to be poured out once the sun rose. At the top of the fountain were two stone angels, their wings reaching towards the sky. Their faces were carved with expert precision and care, their bodies wrapped in robes. The two figures didn't even glance at the fountain as they quickly dashed past it. They headed for a series of archways where the girls' dormitory area was. With a few more steps, they were inside the archways.

Then, the two figures went around a corner and came across a stair well. As quietly as possible, the two nearly sprinted up it and stopped at the third floor. They entered onto it and walked over to the first door on the right.

"Thanks for walking me over," One of the figures, a girl, mumbled.

The other figure smiled, the moonlight shining onto his face. His blonde hair fell over his eyes, which were gazing at the young girl leaning on the wall in front of him. "Anything for you, babe," He replied in a seductive tone. Then, slowly, he leaned in and planted a passionate kiss on the girl's lips. The girl put her hands on the boy's shoulder and added more intensity to their growing kiss. The boy grinned underneath of itand slowly began to trace his hands up the girl's stomach.

The girl, swiftly, grabbed his hands and pulled away from the kiss, "Not now, Bill. Okay?"

The boy, Bill, only chuckled, "Sorry, you know how hard it is for me to resist you." He gave off a devilish grin, which made the girl immediately blush. The two were about to kiss one another again when they heard some footsteps from the end of the hallway.

"You better go before someone catches us," the girl whispered into Bill's ear.

"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow then," Bill said, kissing the girl one last time, "Love ya Miranda."

"I love you too," The girl, Miranda, replied before quickly twisting open the doorknob to her dorm and stepping inside, glancing back at Bill before he disappeared into the night.

It would be the last time Miranda would ever see her boyfriend. Alive, at least.

Bill sped down the stairs, his footsteps softly padding against the stone steps. Finally, he reached the bottom of the stairwell and began to head towards the water fountain yet again. On the other side of the huge walkway was another dormitory, all of the lights out as well.

Calmly, Bill walked across the walkway towards the fountain. His hands were in his jean pockets, jingling a set of keys while he trudged past the fountain without any interest whatsoever.

Until he heard the sounds of trickling water.

Bill stopped in his tracks. Slowly, he turned around and faced the fountain. The water wasn't pouring from the pipes like it was supposed to. Instead, a dark liquid was spilling from the two arc angels sitting at the top of the fountain. It was trickling down their cheeks, dripping into the empty pool at the foot of the fountain. Bill narrowed his eyes in curiosity, treading towards it.

Taking a quick look around, Bill decided that it was safe to step inside the fountain. He walked across the empty pool towards the two sobbing angels. He grabbed onto one of their feet and pulled himself onto the ledge in front of the two statues. Both angel's were still shedding tears, rushing down their face non-stop. Curiously, Bill stroked one of the angel's eyes and held it beneath his nose.

"Blood?" He whispered to himself upon smelling the liquid.

Just then, he heard a low growl erupt from behind the two angels and a pair of frost bitten eyes. With horror, Bill scrambled off of the ledge and fell on his butt into the small pool. It wasn't empty.

Bill gasped out as he felt the same thick liquid from the angels drenching his pants. Clumsily, he got to his feet and took a step back, banging into the edge of the pool. He was up to his knees in blood; creamy, rich blood. It was a deep crimson color, churning around Bill.

He was too frightened to form words on his lips. All of the color from his face was flushed away upon seeing the blood. He let out a heavy breath, his entire body trembling as he heard the sound of someone else's breathing. Looking up, his eyes grew wide as he saw a dark figure sitting on top of the two angels. Its legs were hanging over the edge, swinging back and forth casually. Its crystal blue eyes were gazing at Bill, who just stared at it for a few seconds, hypnotized.

"W-what do you want?" Bill murmured, licking his lips. For a second, the figure just sat there watching the teenager. Then, its mouth spread across his shadowy face, revealing a row of sparkling razor sharp teeth. Bill's breathing began to quicken, sweat escaping from his face and falling into the sea of blood beneath him.

Finally, the figure raised its head and let out a malicious cackle. Bill gripped the edge of the fountain even tighter, his knuckles turning white. The cackle kept on echoing in Bill's mind, the laughter completely horrifying and malevolent. The figure's shoulders shook back and forth, and he raised his hand and ran it through his slick hair. Then, the shadow composed himself and set his frosty eyes back onto Bill.

"What do I want?" It asked, pointing a long slender figure at its chest. The shadow's voice was full of sin and wickedness. It sent chills down Bill's spine, and not only that. It struck fear into his heart. It was so deep and dark, so low and terrifying, that Bill couldn't say a single word as the figure landed into the pool in front of Bill. The figure slowly drifted over to his prey, blazing eyes locked onto him. His long, sleek hair trailed behind him in the blood, causing ripples to move through it. Bill's heart began to pound in his ears, as if it was crawling up his throat. Then, the shadow grabbed the back of Bill's head and drew him closer. Bill's chest kept on heaving heavily as the shadow's curved nails dug into the back of his head. Now, Bill's ear was right next to shadow's lips, which formed into a long grin. "I want death."

An elderly woman walked down a sidewalk, hands clasped behind her back and eyes wandering around the campus. Off in the distance, the sun was beginning to rise over the rolling hills, sending streams of light towards the academy. The woman had a smile etched on her face, happy to hear the birds chirping and the comforting breeze blow by. She exited the rotunda and began walking down the main walkway, heading straight for the fountain at the center. She was gazing upon the girls' dormitory building, to her right, when she heard a slow, steady, dripping noise reach her ears.

What is that? she thought, narrowing her eyes towards the source of the noise.

What she saw would haunt her for the rest of her life.

Hanging from the two angels was Bill Wess, a junior and excellent student; or he used to be those things. His arms were obviously broken, since they twisted around the angels' wings in an unnatural way. His tongue, fingers, and every other body part was swollen, as if they were balloons that were blown up. His skin was a pale blue color at the parts that were bloated, but that wasn't the most unnerving part. It was his eyes. They were still wide-open, veins of red shooting into his dull pupil. His mouth hung open, blood slowly dripping out of it. Then, the woman's eyes went down to his chest. It was torn up, four long, deep gashes engraved into the remains of his chest. Dark crimson organs, or the pieces of them, were barely hanging onto his chest. The threads that were holding them together were straining, and soon one snapped and a bloody blob bounced into the fountain beneath him. The fountain held the blood of Bill Wess within it, which was halfway full.

The woman let out a blood-curdling scream, falling to her knees and gazing at the remains of Bill Wess. Tears began to gush out of her eyes, splashing onto the pavement and mixing in with the specks of blood that spotted the ground.

Watching with sadistic pleasure was the dark figure with icy blue eyes. He was standing on top of a building in the distance, clinging onto another angel statue. Blood dripped down the angel's face and onto the ledge which he was standing upon. Grinning gleefully, his teeth shone in the dawn light and glittered, like stars. Then, he let go of the angel and spun back around, wrapping his long black coat around himself. Then, within the blink of an eye, he disappeared just as the sun woke up from its sleep.

Author's Note: Yes, I know this is really creepy, dark and dreary compared to my other stories, but I've had this in mind for a LONG time and I just needed to write it all down. And no, I am NOT ending RFTA. I probably will continue with this story, since I have most of the plot in my head, and I'll juggle both this and RFTA at the same time. Anyways, PLEASE REVIEW! Thank you!