The Changer Prologue

I was standing at the end of a long damp alley in the middle of the night; the stars glittered like jewels in the sky. I turned to my right and saw a boy with black hair and green eyes that shone like emeralds in the dim lamp light. If I reached out I could have touched him, but I stood there, almost frozen.

The screech of tires sounded, echoing off the damp walls. I looked towards the sound and saw a large blue sedan, several people dressed in black jumped out with guns, they and raced toward me and the boy, they pointed their guns at us. The boy's eyes went wide with fear, he began to back away slowly, he was trapped in the alley, no where to run or hide.

Behind the blue sedan there was a loud crash, everyone turned around, momentarily distracted. The boy took advantage of the moment and snuck by them. I held my breath, please let him get away, I prayed silently. A man from the group with the guns look back down the alley to see him gone, he looked both left and right. He barked orders at the others and the group split in two, going in two separate directions.

A murderous evil laugh sounded behind me that made my skin crawl, I spun around, there was only the brick wall.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

My alarm clock sounded and I awoke with a start. I looked around frantically, all I saw was the bleach white walls of my room. There was no boy, no van, it was all a dream. -I hoped. . .