the it-crowd

if popularity is affected by the clothes one

wears, how do nudists distinguish the it-crowd?

how do you form an opinion on someone if there

isn't a brand name plastered across their chest, but rather a

garden of hair? do the cool kids twist and twirl the short hairs

into patterns, or braid them to show off the length? or is it

preferred that it is left to grow into a mane, a savage

connection to the natural way of living? and

if a girl is judged based on how little

clothing she wears, how do you judge

one who wears none at all? do the conservative

nudists grow their hair long? long enough to cover up

what all the others seem so keen on sharing with the world?

or does she keep her hair cropped short because long hair is

the sign of a wild girl or simply because the long hair

sticks to her back when she sweats after rushed and

silenced and embarrassed sex in the bushes and

she doesn't like to be reminded that she

gave in and let the it-crowd get to her?