Our Place in the Universe: Chapter 1


Every day, we hear stories of UFO sightings, alien abductions, and strange creatures such as Bigfoot or the Jersey Devil. Some people dismiss them as hoax, some people think that whoever believes these stories are crazy, but most people believe in their existence. Some people have even sworn to have encountered these phenomenal beings. But whatever anybody says, they are real. And they do exist. The cultural clash and confusion of ideas has brought people to ask the age old question, are we alone in the universe? Is it just us or are there more of them out there? Top scientists are doing their best to answer this question. They are monitoring space for radio transmissions, they launched a gold record into space for alien races to discover. They send out mass quantities of radio signals containing greetings from Planet Earth. What Earth doesn't realize is all this is attracting their attention; and it already has. Right as this is being written, an alien race has set up base deep under the ocean, trying to answer our calls but no ones listening. This is the story of one man who changes the human race forever, the story of the Sukronians; a alien race that has been with us for years, and the story of how he discovers our place in the universe, as Humans. It all begins with 32-year old Robert Lannings, a high school life science teacher who has a mysterious connection to the Sukronians.

This is an introduction to set the stage for the story that I will be writing. I don't necessarily have my ideas formulated yet. :) So review on how this story sounds so far. Bye guys!