"Opportunities multiply as they are seized."

~Sun Tzu~

Dear diary,

You wouldn't believe it!

I just overheard Nate, MY Nate, make some horrendous, nonsensical, over clichéd bet.

I mean… '….Make the mousy, wall paper, girl fall in love with you by prom'….?!

What is going through his head?

He makes no sense these day!

I mean, who would ever agree to this thoughtless, unoriginal, dried up idea?!

There must have been some kind of a hefty sum involved in the scheme, or I know he wouldn't be a part of it.

Nathaniel Edward Worthington the Third is MINE!

I've read those FP stories and the books, seen the movies!

If this bet is anything like those, then not only will, Charlotte (what kind of a name is that anyway?), no, the girl -who–shall-not-be-named- fall in love, but so will Nate.

I'll be damned if that happens.

Nate, my best friend since pre-school, is MINE. Mine, mine, mine! (You get my point don't you?)

On top of that, I will not share him with some….some….geek! Oh, well you know what I mean diary!

I have thought it through a million times in my head, and I've decided that he must fail.

He must lose this bet! He will not fall for her like in every other story I've read.

She will not turn out to be the 'one' for him!

She will be as dull as the wallpaper people say she is!

I must make him fail!

Diary, you don't understand, the best friends are always supposed to fall in love with each other right?

I mean I did….

My mission: sabotage the bet at all cost.

Make sure he fails.

Make sure he doesn't fall in love with her…


She put down her pen and closed her red, velvet, gold bound diary. She sat for a few minutes, wondering how she would do it. Then a simple idea came to her. Emma pulled out a piece of printing paper and began making a list.

Follow Nate around and figure out his plans.

That was one idea so far, and it seemed foolproof. She would need to pay a little visit to her younger brother, for some important tools. Emma changed into her school uniform- a white button down shirt, black pleated skirt, and black school vest, a white tiger's paw in the middle, and pulled her black hair into a bun. After, she headed to her brother's room.

Her younger brother, Nigel, was playing some video game on his computer, when she entered.

"Hey squirt," she said, while ruffling his hair. He shrugged off her hand. "Shouldn't you be heading off to your first day of middle school?"

"What do you want, Emma?" he asked, abruptly. She sighed and looked around his light blue room with clouds and airplanes splattered all across it, fit for a nine year old. The room was such a contrast with her brother's personality. It showed naivety, something that her brother was not exactly the definition of.

"I can't see how my precious younger brother is doing?" she asked. He gave her a pointed look and she sighed. "Do you have any binoculars?"

"What kind do you want?" he asked, getting up to remove something under his bed. "A basic or an advanced one?"

She was confused. "What's an advanced one?"

He sighed at her ignorance. "You know one that can sense thermal heat, has night vision…" he trailed off his list, with a raise of an eyebrow. His expression screamed 'shouldn't you know this?' Emma smiled, as much as she adored her kid brother, she knew he was a bit delusional. She knew the only binoculars he had was the one he received for being a cub scout, to go on nature walks. Still, she decided she would play along.

"Oh," she grinned sheepishly, "a basic one…" then mumbled, "don't know why I even asked." He opened up a brief case- after pretending to put in an intricate password. He pulled out the binoculars out of its place and handed it to her.

"Now how much is this gonna cost me?" she asked.

He looked at the ceiling as he rubbed his chin. "Since your family, I'll just charge you the usual."

Emma laughed. "Gee thanks." She gave him five dollars and he smiled. Emma put the device in her messenger bag before glancing at him.

"Pleasure doing business with ya sis," he said while putting away the brief case. As she walked away, Emma briefly wondered if his active imagination was something she should be worried about. With a shrug her shoulders she brushed it off, he was just a nine-year old kid, she'd let him have his fun.

"Get to school," she ordered. He just waved his hand dismissively, while mumbling under his breath.

Oh, well, she tried. She headed down the stairs to see her mom, bustling around in the kitchen.

"Hey mom!" Her mother looked at her, a pleasant smile present. Emma grabbed a breakfast bar before giving her mother a hug.

"Did you get your brother ready?"

Emma snorted and laughed. "Like Nigel ever listens to anything I say," she pointed out. Her mother gave her a warning look. "I'm sure he'll be down soon," she told her mom to pacify her.

"Fine," her mom replied with a sigh, before returning to the tasks she was doing. Emma heard a car horn beeping and knew that her best friend, Brooke, was here to pick her up.

Emma fixed the straps of her bag as she headed to the door. "Later mom," Emma yelled as her mom waved goodbye.

Slamming the door behind her, she hopped into her best friend's powder blue Porsche.

"Hey Emma," Brooke greeted. Emma gave her best friend a hug and then they were off. Pop music blasted right throughout the ride.

Ten minutes later, the school came into view. There was a large stone fixture placed right in front of the imposing brick building. The words 'West Forest High Preparatory founded in 1875' were engraved.

Brooke parked her Porsche right in front of the building, and Emma hopped out. Brooke on the other hand took her sweet time to put her right leg out of the vehicle, much less her entire body. Emma rolled her eyes, exasperated by her friend's antics.

People, particularly boys, stopped and stared as the queen bee made her entrance.

Yes, that's right, Emma was best friends with the queen bee, not her enemy.

"Bugs bunny!" Nate exclaimed before dragging her into a hug. It was his nickname for her before she got braces and fixed her overbite. She slapped him lightly on his arm, before flashing him her now perfect smile.

"Stop calling me that!" she demanded, to which he just pouted. They continued their banter, not noticing the crowd, which was divided between staring at the queen bee and king of the school.

"But, Emz!" he whined, "it's my love name for you. How dare you not like it!"

She smacked him over the head, used to gasps that came from her fellow student body when she did this. He grinned sheepishly. She was the only girl besides Brooke, who could get away with hitting him-the most popular boy in school- without some consequence.

"Nate my love," Brooke crooned and Emma put her arms possessively around Nate's waist. An imperceptible smile passed between Emma and Brooke. Nathaniel rolled his eyes, as he knew what was about to happen.

"Nate is not yours. Get it right Brooke."

Brooke smirked relishing in the attention she was receiving. Her blonde hair shining in the sun's rays; her blue eyes sparkling as she said, "Emma, Emma, Emma," with a shake of her head. "How many times do I have to tell you? A guy like Nate would never be with someone like you."

Emma smirked and stepped closer to Brooke. "Funny, this is coming from a girl, who can only get a guy because she's willing to spread her legs for less than a dime."

Gasps and murmurs and oh's broke out among the crowd. Brooke stepped closer.

"At least I have boys at my beck and call," - to emphasize, she snapped her fingers and five guys scrambled over- "and I'm pretty sure that no boy in his right mind would ever touch you. So Nate please tell that thing, before you hurt its feelings even more that she needs to understand something. She could never, ever have someone like you and you must be feeling sick today, which is why she is touching you and you are allowing it." Emma moved closer to Brooke ready to retort.

Nate ran into the middle of them and proclaimed, "Ladies, Ladies there is enough of Nathaniel Worthington to go around. There is no reason to fight. Besides I hear threesomes are fun!"

They both slapped him on the arm and laughed. Brooke sauntered to where Emma was and looped their arms. Freshmen and other new students were confused by her actions, but Brooke waved it off. The returning students already knew this would happen, but liked to watch their banters anyway.

Nate put his arms around both girls but they shrugged him off and walked inside. Nathaniel, looking hurt, got five other girls to run to him. He chose two and headed inside, smirking. If Emma had seen this, she would have shaken her head in disgust at how easy girls were at her school.

Trenton lockwood, shook his head at what he just saw specifically remembering the black curly haired, 5'4 caramel toned girl named Emma. He was going to have a challenge on his hand. He looked forward to it.

Emma laughed. "The part where you snapped your fingers and five guys came was pretty cool."

Brooke smirked. "Not as cool as your comeback. I mean it even kinda rhymed."

Emma laughed. "Well…." she trailed off and Brooke smacked her on the arm before leaving her to go to her locker. Emma was glad that Brooke was still her best friend, even though according to social hierarchy they weren't supposed to be. She was glad Brooke didn't up and ignore her like those girls in those stories and movies, just because she became popular.

Emma opened her locker, putting in and taking out books needed for class. After spying the binoculars, she remembered her task for today. Maybe, she thought, Nate would listen to reason, before she did anything drastic.

Speaking of Nate, she saw that he had a bunch of girls crowded around him and his arms around two. A small slither of jealousy coiled around her, but she shrugged it off. She pushed through the crowd of girls, before grabbing his arms.

"C'mon Nate, time for Calculus." He shrugged the other girls off giving them an apologetic look.

"Sorry ladies but my one true love calls and I cannot ignore her," he said while flashing a grin. Some of them sighed, while the rest of the girls shot daggers at her. But she brushed them off. Emma was used to it after all.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and after seeing her nibble on her lips, he asked, "What's wrong bugz?"

She sighed, wondering how she would pose her question. "I overheard you last week, making a bet." He tensed and she looked up at him.

He narrowed his eyes at her. "How much of it did you hear?" he asked, hesitantly.

"The part where you said you want Charlotte to fall in love with you by prom." He was still tense, as he searched her face for something. He soon relaxed though, having not found what he was looking for.

"Oh, yeah, nothing for you to worry about care bear. I mean have you seen me, it's not that hard."

She hit him on his arm playfully, and he smiled. She looked at his crystal, clear, blue eyes and his wavy, brown hair. The familiar butterflies flew around her stomach, causing it to twist.

"You have such a big head. God, I can't wait for a girl to come around and deflate it." What she didn't say was, she hoped that girl was her. He smirked and opened the door, allowing her to go in first. They headed to their usual seats and continued what they started.

"But Nate don't you think it's a bit unfair to her?" she asked.

He shrugged. "Who cares? If I win I get five thousand dollars."

Her eyes widened at the amount. "Why is it so much?"

"It's not a lot Emma. I have more than that hidden in my couch, "he explained simply.

She rolled her eyes. Oh the life of the filthy rich, believing that five thousand dollars was chump change.

He grinned."Hey, when I win, I'll even split it 50-50 with you."

She narrowed her eyes. "Oh, that makes me feel so much better," she replied, sarcastically.

Their conversation stopped there as the teacher entered and they focused their attention on the board. That is until she saw a note on her desk.

why do u care so much anyway?

Emma stared at the note, she couldn't tell him why she really cared and so she wrote:

Because wat if she does fall in love with you? Hav u ever suffered from a broken heart? It hurts Nathaniel and she doesn't deserve it.

She slid the note back over to his desk. She wrote that, but what she meant was: I don't want you to end up falling in love with her too and then what about me and my broken heart?

Don't worry about it bugs bunny. I know what I'm doin…

She didn't respond as she glared at him to which he flashed a grin. Therefore, she was going to have to do this the hard way. She figured not only would she save this, Charlotte girl a future heartbreak, but also herself.

After class, she headed to her locker. Emma was so focused on her thoughts that she was surprised that she ran into a very muscular… wall?

She rubbed her head as she glanced up. She quickly noticed that, the wall was actually a person; one she's never seen before. He grabbed her arms to steady her, all the while glaring.

"Watch where you're going next time," he grumbled, before walking around her and stalking off.

"Well he was rude," she muttered to herself. Ava, one of Emma's friends rushed over to her after seeing the incident.

"Who was he?" Emma asked, remembering the guy she bumped into. He had raven black hair, which, had that I–just-rolled-out-of-bed look, dark forest green eyes; a lip ring on his full lower bottom lip. A nose, which looked like it had been broken one too many times, but instead of hindering his looks, it just made him strangely more attractive. She shook herself of those thoughts.

"That's Trenton Lockwood. He's new here."

Oh, that's why she didn't know him. She'd make sure to stay clear of him. That guy did not look fun. Emma continued to listen patiently as her friend chatted her up, until she reached her locker. Classes flew by until it was lunch. She headed to her usual table, sitting beside Brooke, whom she hadn't seen since morning.

"It sucks that we don't have any classes together before lunch," Brooke told her.

"I know right. But at least we have Spanish next."

Brooke nodded. "Yeah but I wish I was taking French. It's so much sexier and think of all the French guys I could talk to."

Emma laughed as she rolled her eyes. " Oh Brooke. France would not be able to handle you."

Brooke hit her friend lightly on the arm. "I'm not that bad Em!"

Emma chuckled as she looked around their lunch table. The table was set up like this: the queen bee (Brooke) and king (Nate) sat at the top along with Emma, then all the people they considered cool enough sat down next, then at the bottom were the people who wish they could sit beside Brooke, Nate and Emma but settled for others. Yes, people were that pathetic and shallow at her school.

That's when Emma noticed something. "Where's Nate?"

Brooke smirked. "Said he had business to attend to, something to do with this girl named Charlotte." Brooke looked at her intently. "Why?"

So, he really wasn't backing down after all.

Fine then!

Emma Wilson was reporting for duty.

Operation F.O.N.P: figure out Nathaniel Worthington plans and all conspirators too. Maybe if she found who was rooting for him to fail, i.e. the person who was going to lose five grand if Nate won, then they could help her out.

Brooke, mistaking her friend's silence as jealousy, whispered, "Oh please don't tell me you still have that pathetic crush on him." Purposely not saying Nate's name, in case anyone was really listening, and of course, they were, or at least trying to.

Emma looked around to see most people's attention on them. "It's not pathetic," she hissed. Brooke rolled her eyes and gave her a pointed look, which meant 'we'll finish this later'.

"I'll be right back. Bathroom," she told Brooke.

Brooke raised an eyebrow before mouthing, "Are you sure about that?"

Emma glared at her friend, who smiled sweetly at her, before turning to a girl to speak about winter prom. With a sigh, she headed out the cafeteria. She walked through the practically deserted hallway, not noticing the few people staring at her. As she continued passing the many Lockers and classroom doors, Emma wondered where her best friend might be.

Suddenly, she paused as she heard his voice. Emma moved closer, pressing herself against a classroom door, hidden beside lockers. After she peered in, she found it was empty. Good thing too, just in case she couldn't make a quick getaway. She patted her bag; the binoculars would be used for another time, as she didn't need it now.

"She cannot know at all cost. If she found out she would castrate me!" Nate's voice came playfully, but a hint of caution tinted his tone.

Emma hoped somebody would…

"Where is he anyway?" another voice came. She tried to match the voice to its owner and quickly realized it was William, Nate's best friend.

"I don't know, but he better keep up his side of the bargain." Their voices were getting closer. The quick getaway was needed.

"Boo," the word was whispered into her ear.

She flipped around only to slam into none other than Trenton Lockwood. Again.

"For crying out loud, why do you have such a hard chest?" she whispered hotly.

She quickly grimaced at her words. She hadn't meant to say that. She could already see the smirk starting to form on his face. However, she didn't give him time to react before she opened the classroom, dragging him inside.

She cringed as the door slammed behind her. Damn, she knew Nate would definitely have heard that.

"What the hell?" he asked as he glared at her.

Instinct told her that her friend was going to check inside and if that happened and he figured out she was eavesdropping…who knew how mad he would be then? And she needed to get some more info out of him. If he became cautious around her, it would make her job that much harder.

She knew she had to do something before Nate came in.

Before Trenton could say anything else, Emma smashed her lips against his. She fisted his shirt in her hands, pulling him closer. She hoped his tall frame would tower over her body and shield her. Emma heard the door open and a chuckle before it was closed.

Okay coast was clear.

She meant to pull away, but instead Trenton expertly teased her lips open and deepened the kiss.


He lifted her on the table and stood in between her legs, gripping her hips tightly. A sound escaped her as she pulled him closer, clutching his raven black hair. She nibbled and licked his lip ring and he groaned, the sound snapping her back to reality, causing her to pull away.

Her breath came out in short gasps as she briefly glanced at him. "What was that?" she asked.

He shrugged, looking calm and composed. His green eyes sparkled in amusement. "You started it," he reminded her.

"Yeah, but I didn't expect you to actually respond," she told him and he shrugged, again.

"What were you doing anyway?" he asked.

"That is none of your business," she told him, curtly.

"Well it seemed like you were running away from that guy."

"No, I wasn't….I actually umm, dropped my umm, pencil and when I went to pick it up, I hit my head on the lockers," she said while clutching her head as if to remember the non-existent pain. The lie sounded convincing enough, to her at least. Okay, it was horrible, but she hoped he would just let it go.

"You are such a bad liar," he smirked.

Or not. "That's fine if you don't want to believe me," she told him and then she realized he hadn't moved and was still standing in between her legs.

Talk about an intimate position…

"Trust me, I don't," he told her simply.

She glared at him. Ignoring his response, she asked, "Can you…I don't know, move?"

He smirked. "Why? Is this making you uncomfortable?" he asked, before putting both hands on either side of her and leaning in; successfully trapping her in. Oh, so this was how they were going to play.

Emma brought his head down, before she brushed her lips across his cheeks until she reached his ear, where she whispered, "Very."

She let him go and he seemed surprised. Trenton moved without a word and Emma hopped off the table and began fixing her uniform.

"Don't tell anybody about this," she ordered, surprising herself by what she said. She wasn't usually a bossy person. However, desperate times called for a complete change in attitude.

He looked amused by her request. "And why shouldn't I?" he asked slowly as he crossed his arms.

"Just don't," she repeated, and then added softly, "please." And we're back…

"And what do I get for not telling?" he asked as he cocked his head to one side.

"Are you blackmailing me?" she asked incredulously.

"Maybe…" he trailed off, his green eyes boring into hers, challenging her.

She crossed her arms. "That's nice, but it won't work," she told him simply, before heading out the door, slamming it behind her.

She would just have to tell Brooke to do some damage control after he let loose what just happened in there.

Great, another thing on her plate. Just what she needed.

Trenton stared at the closed door as if she were coming back. He clenched his jaw as he remembered the feel of her full lips on his, her curvy body hidden beneath the uniform, her light brown eyes and the splatter of light brown freckles on her caramel toned skin. Trenton needed to get to know more about her.

He needed to break her.


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