His fervent malachite eyes gazed upon the blue sky with an intrigue that mystified her completely. The sun's rays danced over his bronzed skin and soaked into the depth of his bones. His skin scorched and flamed under her touch, the heat of the summer day at its height.

The green pasture beneath them dusted her bare arms and naked neck, a cooling contrast to his fiery aura. Her wide ocean eyes locked onto the pale clouds floating aimlessly in the blue, a blizzard brewing beneath them.

His chapped lips parted as he perched a cigarette between them, taking a long, relieving draw. The embers on the tip smouldered as his eyes closed to the world, reeling in the warm smoke clouding his lungs. Releasing it in a veil of mist, it melted into the summer heat. The scent drifted over to her, the mixture of chemicals pleasing her perked memory. She had always loved the smell of cigarette smoke. She had always loved the way it swirled and drifted in the air, leaving no remains but a subtle lingering scent as it dispersed.

The smoke was much like him, she thought. He rolled in on the breeze, swirling and mixing and changing, providing a moment of relief or discomfort to whoever crossed his path. Then, he disappeared just as easily, seemingly leaving no remnants but the memory of sensations past, tickling your senses in a heart breaking way. She knew that soon enough he would bore of finding shapes in the sky. Soon enough he would bore of that town and place. Soon enough, he would move on; drift like the smoke he inhaled.

It would be as swift as the fire that burned inside him, yet silent as the smoke that fuelled him.

"Do you know what I admire about you?" She asked, turning her head to the side and tracing his silhouette.

His chapped lips turned up in a small grin. "What's that?"

She turned back to the sky and the clouds, imagining that, one day, he would fly away from her too.

"You live differently than everyone else. You live like you don't want to lose a moment." She paused, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. Fresh air flooded her. "While everyone else is sitting on the edge, too afraid to get their toes wet, you're not afraid to dive into the deep end and splash around a bit."

He stilled, his heart stopping its rhythmic beats, and he reached to stub out his cigarette. He watched as the last of the smoke dispersed into oblivion.

"Yeah," he replied, his voice rough as he felt a lump form in his throat, "the only problem with that, is that when you splash around, everyone else gets wet."

Her breathing stopped as she listened to his words. His heart became solemn as he realised then what he had to do.

In the next moment, when she looked to see the one who had floated in on the breeze and swirled and changed everything, she saw that he was nowhere to be found.

In that moment, he was gone; never stopping, never staying and never revealing anything.

His leather bound boot fell on the gravel roads on the outskirts of town. How many times had he walked these paths? How many times had his boots carried him to a new place; a new life? He couldn't count. But, as he looked to those worn boots and saw the fraying edges, all he knew was that it had been a long road, and that there was no end in sight.

He was born of fire and passion. Like smoke, the remnant of that fire, he never stopped changing; moving. He was never solid. And until he faded out of existence, leaving only a lingering scent, he would never stop.

Some admired his mystery. Some loved his fire. Some craved for his passion. Some were mystified by the way he never stopped.

But those people never knew what it was like to be born of fire and passion. They never knew what it was like to move and change like the smoke it created.

He could never stay. He could never be solid.

He was always never there. He was always gone in an instant.

That was the only certainty he possessed.

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