She sails towards him in her wispy primrose dress, her voice of rain and scent of summer seducing his eager heart. He tries to gather her in a ribbon and hold her tight. She breaks free and blooms. She cannot be restrained.

She speaks of worlds and winds and waters. She dances in the breeze and blossoms in October. He tries to catch her and hold her tight. He brings her blue blossoms and sees her at night.

She yearns to trace the constellations and skip across the milky-way. He wishes to keep her close to his heart. He dreams of having her as his star in the cold and the dark.

She holds the drops of Mercury in her palm. She spreads adoration and passion when all else is dark. Her wispy primrose dress is always streaming out behind her.

He tries to wrap her up and hold her tight. She breaks free and soars through the night. She cannot be contained.

Sometimes he looks upon her with grief, his eager heart yearning for her touch in the deep. She purely smiles and glows, but never returns. She cannot be contained.

She whirls around the world, always in a different direction than the others he has met. She runs through the winds and whistles in the trees. She cries tears of ardour and sings in the breeze. She drifts through his heart like a ship set sail. She changes like the water and moves with the gale. She glows bright and solitary in the sun's rays. She dances in his dreams for days upon days.

He wishes he could hold her, if only once.

I love you, Venus, he says with an eager heart.

She spills scarlet sunsets and smoulders in his presence, but never hinders.

Love must be shared, she replies with a whisper.

Author's Note: Yeah... I don't even really know where this came from. I don't even really know what it's supposed to be. I just got... inspired, I suppose. Anyway, constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. Please review!