Getting Comfortable

"Family life is a bit like runny peace pie - not perfect but who's complaining?"

Robert Brault

Nicholas bit his lip, not sure if he should move closer or if he could even turn and run from the room. Everett still scared the boy, but considering it was the only seat open and there were several eyes looking at him in anticipation he finally started to move forward. Chewing on his lower lip the boy let himself slowly take a seat, his eyes focused on his lap rather than on the others.

His bandaged hands fiddled with the shirt, not daring to glance up even as he heard the sound of the plate being placed in front of him.

"Little one, please eat." Daniel stood next to the boy, holding onto the edge of the plate. Biting his lip but still not daring to do much more than take quick glances at the men Nicky took the fork and gingerly began to eat.

He realized with a bit of surprise that someone had cut up his piece of meat so that he didn't have to deal with the difficulty of attempting to cut it with his messed up hands. With a soft sigh he did his best to gain the courage to glance up at the men, first landing on Daniel to whom he gave a tentative smile. Then he settled on Trey, who was trying not to laugh at something.

Everett was the first to break the silence, drawing the boy's attention to his Adam's apple rather than his eyes. "Once we're done eating I have a gift for you, though I don't know how you're going to be able to handle it with those hands."

Nicholas finally looked up, meeting the amber eyes of the other in complete surprise. A gift? What kind of gift did the other think about giving him? It sounded very appealing, and he truly wanted to ask what it was. However, doing his best to restrain his random, unexpected excitement he nodded. Nicky had never been given a single thing!

Pausing in his thoughts the boy seemed to freeze for a moment, recovering from the sudden pause in movement by sticking another piece of meat in his mouth. What if this gift wasn't a gift at all? What if the men were finally going to show their true colors?

Visibly gulping at the thought Nicky did his best to keep eating, a lump having formed in his throat. He only glanced up again when a few papers were slid so they sat neatly by his plate. The large, frightening man grinned at the younger male.

"I think I should give you part one of your gift… if you want it that is?" Everett seemed to be attempting to make some sort of effort.

Looking down at the papers that had been tossed beside his plate the boy's eyes widened, it was piano music. To be specific, it was a beautiful version of the song almost anyone who learned to play could do, Chopsticks.

Dropping his fork Nicky didn't even bother with the food, ignoring the chuckles from the men as he stared in awe at the written notes. It was beautiful, and incorporated songs he had only played once or twice in his life.

Nicky froze, was the male going to take him back to the abandoned school? That old piano that he had truly started to like was very appealing, but the cobwebs and the idea that it was to be torn down at any moment wasn't a good feeling. So what? Was this a cruel form of torture? Providing sheet music when there was nothing to be shown for it?

"Eat," Everett spoke up with a knowing grin.

Frowning the boy once more glanced at the faces of the others, finding nothing but bemusement on their expressions. What exactly was going on? He slowed down on his chewing, listening silently as conversation started up among the friends. They were strange, but at least no one was trying to hurt him.

"Nicky," Hall spoke up.

Looking up at the Native American the boy was a bit surprised that his name had been called at all. He also hoped that they didn't expect him to talk, because it wouldn't be happening anytime soon. Perhaps he would only be asked yes or no questions?

"Have you always been mute? Or are you selecting to not say a word?" Nicholas merely shrugged to the question, obviously not comfortable with nodding his head or shaking it for the first question. It was personal, and he didn't trust them enough to let them know.

"I have a serious question… and I don't want you to be afraid, understand?" Hall waited for the tentative head nod as the boy kept shoveling food unconsciouly into his mouth. "Have you been… abused, in more ways than one?"

Nicholas looked surprised by the question, taken aback as he slowly nodded his head. It was an unconscious movement, something he didn't even notice he was affirming. It was cute, sad, and made half the men tense up as if ready to spring up and chase down whoever had raised a hand to hurt the innocent child.

Nodding his head Hall turned down to look at the food, not really asking anything else. It was Everett who seemed to take up where the other had left off, speaking very lightly as if he were afraid that Nicholas would jump up and sprint the minute he even remotely opened his mouth. "That won't happen again Nicky… no one will ever touch you again."

Big cerulean eyes widened in surprise, getting rather teary though he knew no good would come from trusting the men. The brunette didn't make an action to affirm he had heard the declaration, instead turning his gaze back down to the food.

Memories started to bombard his mind, and soon enough he pushed the plate away, unable to continue eating what was provided. He was no longer hungry, positive he wouldn't be able to stomach the meal without throwing up.

"Are you done?" Everett asked, ignoring the way Nicky flinched before nodding.

"Alright, guys, let's go?" He turned to gaze at the rest of the people around the table, almost all grinning from ear to ear. They had a present that might just make the little one trust them all a bit more. Hell, it would be better than seeing Nicky so frightened by them all the time.

Standing up Everett reached out a hand for Nicky, again noticing the way the boy winced as if he were about to get severely beat up. He was adorable, but there were obvious signs of a terrible life.

"Come on, we're going to go to your gift now."

Daniel moved ahead of the group, ignoring everyone as he basically ran to two french doors that were shut. Nicky followed after hesitantly accepting help from the larger male.

Clutching the music to his chest he waited until they stepped back and motioned for him to go through the french doors. Expecting the worse Nicky nervously chewed on his bottom lip and opened the door very slowly. What he saw inside made his entire being shake.

A grand piano sat on the middle of the wooden floor, the room was huge, with windows that overlooked all the large fields and trees surrounding the house. They were double paned, so that no one could get in or out of them, and there were heavy curtains to close off the light or any other activity if the person inside didn't want the light filtering inside.

The walls of the room were littered with book shelves, all holding books from new to ancient. There was a large shelf just between two windows, piano sheet music. Black, comfy couches covered part of the wall as well, near a large fluffy carpet and a fire place. It was a room where the men obviously hung out when they wanted to simply be in quiet. The television was located elsewhere, which meant it wasn't a place for movies.

There was no holding back the injured creature, basically sprinting towards the piano. His hands moved over the instrument, delicately touching the black and white ivory keys as if to make sure they were real. His hands were injured, but it seemed everything took a backseat as he put the Chopsticks music on the stand.

The men had basically become invisible to the little male, who instantly ignored how badly his hands hurt as he started to play the song with only a glance. It wasn't until a hand gently landed on top of his that he came to the realization that his bandages were red.

Music was something that Nicholas always could lose himself in. And when he glanced up to see Everett hanging above him the boy moved on impulse, jumping up and hugging the male. Of course, he pulled back quickly, flushing in color at his own actions.

The alpha didn't attempt to withhold his chuckle at the shy manners the boy exhibited the minute he stopped playing. It had been a good suggestion on everyone's part about getting the piano, and seemed to relax Nicholas somewhat in the company of so many men. Nodding towards the door Everett started to lead everyone out.

"Hall is going to wrap those hands again for you, and then you'll meet us downstairs for the movie, alright?" He was being surprisingly gentle, but it was an effort.

Nodding his head Nicholas followed after the Native American, not sure how to thank them for something he had surely missed since he had arrived at their home.

Hall led the boy into the bathroom, sitting him on the toilet before grabbing the medical supplies. No words were spoken, but the silence seemed welcome by both males. Each felt at peace, which was strange as Nicky normally would have run away at the idea of being touched by a larger man.

Finishing the bandages rather quickly Hall picked the boy up and set him on his feet, leaving the supplies on the bathroom floor. When he noticed the look of concern on Nicky's face because of the supplies he simply shrugged, telling him that they would be taken care of later.

Back on the first floor the men had all settled in the large room they had designated the movie room. There were no windows, and the sofa lined the entire back wall of the room. The carpet had been especially made so that anyone could lay on the floor and relax. A fireplace sat in the corner, where someone had grabbed logs and set them ablaze.

Nicky moved inside after Hall, straying in the doorway as the man moved forward and settled beside Daniel. He chewed on his lips nervously, not sure where to sit. He hadn't really ever seen a true movie, not like the way the men intended to watch it.

Noticing his distress Trey, who had been sitting in a single love seat sofa, stood and sat next to Everett. "Take my seat Nicky, its nice and warm now." The blond winked after he spoke.

Slightly blushing the boy did as he was told. The cushions sunk a bit under his weight, but nonetheless felt absolutely wonderful. He gave a silent sigh of content and turned his attention to the screen, curious to see what the men intended to watch.

A scene flashed in which a woman was in an elevator, a coworker asking her forgiveness. Immediately he didn't like the feeling that rose in his gut, though he chose not to do anything.

Soon enough, the movie P2 was rolling though the screen. Most of the men had been laughing at the stupidity of the victim, cheering for the murderer, but Nicholas had buried himself in the cushions of his sofa. At some point one of the men had thrown a blanket over him, so he could use it to hide from any of the gory scenes.

The night moved on, movie following movie.

Nicholas didn't know when he fell asleep, only that someone had moved him to a bed. He had never been so warm in his life.


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