My smile stops at my lips.

My friendly words stop at my tongue.

My peaceful feelings directed at you,

Stop in my head.

They're lies.

I know what you are,

I know what you've done;

I know how they suffer.

I don't want to like you.

I don't want to be nice to you.

I don't want to smile and be friendly.

I don't want to care about you anymore.

I'm through with all the pretend caring.

I'm through with the lies.

I'm through with the trespasses,

That you think you're getting away with.

I'm through having to hide,

Behind sugar sweet lies.

Take one more look, doll.

Get one last taste.

Because the sugar stops here.

Now you'll see the demoness,

Hiding behind those,

Sugar sweet lies.

NOTE: I'm angry because of my confusion. It's not happy. I don't care. Lol.