I was miserable. I had a headache and the concert hadn't even started yet. Just think once they came on stage and started playing. The only reason I was here in the first place is because my best friends sister had bailed on her. Couldn't she have found someone else to go with her? I hated this band, I hated concerts, and I hated headaches. Yet, here I was and Shaina is screaming right along with the other fans. She has like a million sisters and a brother, could she really not find a single one who wanted to go, or who she could drag along. I mean, her sisters she couldn't drag, but she could try dragging Reese along. He usually had a hard time saying no, and so what if he was only 12, and was 5 years younger than us?

Jock Monkeys, that's the bands name. I think it's the stupidest name ever, but somehow, they captured my friends interest. Their first hit was one of those songs like, Nsync, Backstreet Boys, and stuff like that. Now they have songs like good bands, such as, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Paramore, bands like that. I still hate them, mostly because, I will admit, I'm close minded, I refuse to like/listen to them since their first song sucked so much. You may think it's stupid, but I would beg to differ. I will also admit that the members of the band . . . all of them . . . are extremely good looking, which might explain why girls like them.

"Claire! Aren't you so excited!?" Shaina shrieked.

I smiled, I hadn't told her I hated concerts, I didn't want to ruin it for her, although she did know I hated the band. "Hell yeah!" I yelled back.

She hugged me, screaming. She had gotten front row tickets, we were standing right next to the stage, if we wanted, we could climb up onto it. I had to give the fans credit for not trying it. "I just can't believe we're act—"

"Hey everyone," the band was finally out, wow, what a greeting! *sarcastic voice*!

Cue piercing screams. I flinched. They played, people screamed, I started getting a migraine, it went on like that. It had been 1 hour when they took a break to talk.

"Everyone, please quiet down." The lead singer was the one who had done all the talking, but now the drummer got up. No one had listened to the singer, or rather, no one but the front row people, seeing as we were the only ones who heard.

The drummer tapped on the microphone, "Everyone, SHUT UP!" he yelled.

It got quiet, slowly, but surely. "Thank you," he said, walking back to his drums.

"That was Damon Moon!" Shaina whispered to me, "Do you know all their names?"

"Uh, no."

"Kay, the lead singer is Ash Rudd, the electric guitarist is Ty Steele, and the lead guitarist is Even Winter." She said quickly.

I smiled, she would know all that.

"Alright, we had some questions, or one question really. Now please answer truthfully, who hated our first song?" My hand shot up. Shaina gave me a look. The guy, Ash, looked at me and smiled, I raised an eyebrow. "Just one person?" He asked.

My eyes widened, I looked around, my hand still up. No one was raising their hand, no one was doing anything, except looking at me that is.

He laughed, "You can put your hand down."

I put it down, oh my lord, how could all these people like that song? Wait a minute, I knew for a fact that Shaina hated that song. I looked at her, raising my eyebrow. She shrugged.

He laughed again, "Now, can you tell us your name please?"

I sighed, "Claire," I said.

"Seems I can't hear you from down there, why don't you walk on stage for us, so we can hear?"

I shook my head, "MY NAME IS CLAIRE!" I shouted, if he couldn't hear that, then he was deaf.

The rest of the band started laughing behind him, he shook his head. He walked towards me, holding out his hand, "Come on, just walk on stage, you're making a bigger seen by staying down there."

I put a finger to my chin, as if thinking, "Umm, how 'bout not." I said smiling.

He hopped down from the stage, grabbing my hand and pulling me. I didn't budge. He smirked, "It would have been better f you just came," he whispered in my ear, then he leaned down, picking me up.

"What the hell!?" I yelled, shit, I hope my mom didn't see this, what if this was on the news. Oh my gosh, please don't be cameras. Lord, this was going to be all over the internet. He lifted me onto the stage, and hopped up after me.

He pulled me up, bringing me over to the microphone. "Give it up for Claire . . . what's your last name my friend?" he asked.

"I am not your friend, and my last name is Blackwood." I told him.

"Give it up for Claire Blackwood, everyone." he said.

People actually cheered, just because he said to. Lord, fans get stupider and stupider.

He turned away from the microphone, "Why don't you go backstage, my friend Anita will show you around."

"It depends, can I bring my friend? I only have one here." I said.

"Uh, why not, what's her name?" he asked.

Oh thank god. "Shaina Lane." I told him.

He turned back to the microphone, "Shaina Lane, you're wanted on stage."

I looked down at her, her eyes went super wide and she scrambled on stage, running to me, "Oh my gosh, Claire I love you!" she squealed in my ear.

I smiled, "Come on, he told me to go backstage."

We had just gotten behind the curtain when Shaina shrieked, "Oh my gosh, you're Anita Slick!"

I faltered, Anita . . . Slick . . . where had I—oh no.

"Claire Blackwood? Oh tell me you didn't win the contest thing. Actually I don't doubt it, you would be rude enough to say you don't like there song." Anita said, oh fuck her.

"Come on! You knew me when I was ten, how could you know how I act, or if I'm rude? Especially when all you ever did was be a bitch." I spat, okay here's the story: She married my dad, they got divorced, she was young, blah blah blah. The typical, father marries evil young lady. Only she was young, and, as reluctant as I was to admit, pretty.

She narrowed her eyes, "At least my dad doesn't marry girls half his age."

"At least my mom doesn't marry guys twice her age, cause frankly, that is just gross." I retorted.

"Oh you and I both know I didn't marry him for his age."

"And you and I both know he dumped your sorry ass, bitch!"

She rolled her eyes.

"Uh, Claire, why is it you're yelling at my sister?"

I spun around, there, standing about a foot in front of me, was Ash. "I, uh, that's your sister!?" Smooth Claire, very smooth.

"Yeah, and I know she can be rude, but still, she is my sister." He smiled.

I turned back to face Anita, or as my dad called her, Nini. Bleh, hey, is that a shiver I feel going down my back? Why yes, I think it is. "Oh my, well I'm deeply sorry that you have a lying scheming, whore, for a sister." I told him.

"Claire!" Shaina exclaimed.

"Well, it's true!" I defended.

"What do you have against her?" he asked, curious.

"Well first, after my mom left, I had no need, or want, for a step mother, although my dad thought differently, so he married an under aged whore. That under aged whore is—" I was cut off when Anita slapped a hand over my mouth.

"That girl, was a friend of mine, and when I met Claire, she was extremely rude to me. She kicked sand on my brand new clothes, and—ow!"

I bit her, hey! It's what had to be done! "You think I'm going to lie for you!?" I asked, incredulous. "Dude, you ruined a year of my life, and you want me to lie for you!? You almost had us going broke, because you wanted my dads money! And now, your trying to get me to lie for you!? You, my ex-step mother, are mistaken, because you were a bitch to me. Oh, and for your information, I only kicked sand on you, because you told me you were stealing my daddy, and his money, from me! The worst part, you didn't lie, that one time, you told the truth. Oh, I forgot to say congrats! My dad hasn't spoken a whole sentence to me or my brother, since you came!" By now I was almost crying. My dad had loved my mom, and she had loved him. Only . . . love fades. My mom fell out of love, and she took my brother with her when she moved. She tried to take me, but I had always been a daddy's girl. I now lived with my mom, which is how I met Shaina, a year and a half after Anita came.

Ash was sitting there, staring at his sister.

"Nita . . ." Ash started.

"It's over! Now where are our lucky two?" The drummer, Damon, walked through the curtains.

Shaina instantly took her chance to leave. She walked over to him, whispered something in his ear, and they walked further back stage.

"So let me get this straight, Nita was your step mother, she made your dad stop talking to you, and she used him, and his money?" Ash asked.

"You got it, now I'm gonna leave y'all to talk, if she tries to deny it, I have pictures, and paperwork." I said, walking away just as Evan walked through. He was about to talk to Ash, but I grabbed his arm, pushing him down the hallway. I then peeked out the curtain. Ty was out there, the main curtains were closed, so I stepped out. "Uh, just for a warning, don't bother Ash and bitch." I told him.

He smirked, "Are you referring to Anita?"

"Yes, yes I am. Did you know she's mean to ten year old's? Well she is." I told him, walking backstage again. Ash and Anita were shouting at each other, I quickly walked back stage, that is, until I heard what Anita said.