Hell found me. That's the first thought that entered my head while I lay there lifeless breathing my last. The flames had engulfed me and I had found it hard to breathe, yet I felt no pain and my body was free of burn marks.

I could tell my eyes were failing. They probably were going to roll back into my sockets, never to see again. But my hearing was as sharp as ever. It seemed no matter how much I wished for the cries of my mother to leave my ears, the just happened to get louder. Why wasn't I dying?

The paramedic pumped my chest continuously but to much protest, I knew I wasn't going to come back, no matter what. I couldn't feel him rubbing my wrists to warm me, I couldn't feel the pain that was evident from the cries of my mother but strangely the only thing that I felt was heat, emitting from the core of my body. Why was he rubbing my wrists when I already was burning from inside?

As if in queue to my question he stopped, put on the best possible sad face and turned to face my mother. There was nothing that could be done. I lay there while my mother sobbed at my side and that's when my eyesight returned. The first thing that I saw was the clear dark sky, stars winking at me and grey orbs. At least that's what I thought when I saw them. But that's not what they were. They were grey eyes, his eyes. He was staring back at me and at that very moment I knew. I knew there was more to this life. More to everything I knew.