Chapter One

It was as if the sky was mourning my death too. You know those clichéd funerals that you see in movies and read about in books; well that's what was happening here. As relatives came up to say a few parting words, the sky wept with them.

I died in a tragic accident. One that involved the burning down of our house and me with it. It had been two days after that now they were finally going to lower my casket into the ground and bring my soul to peace. Only my soul wasn't there. And my soul hadn't flown towards the sky, towards hell or heaven. I was still down here, wondering what was to happen next. This wasn't supposed to happen. I was supposed go into the light and receive what I deserved. But no something went wrong and now I was stuck in the middle. Ironic how it might seem I had read dozens of books that featured stories of those who were stuck in the middle – not alive and not fully dead. But apparently they spoke of nothing that would help one lost soul find the light. I was doomed.

I had seated myself on a tablet not far from my own. From where I sat I could see the expressions of all those around me. Sadness was evident in their eyes but I found it hard to understand why. I was sure that half of them didn't even know me well enough. What could they be possibly sad about?

Approximately an hour later everyone was back at my grandparent's house. Since my father had died a few years back and the house had recently burned down there was no where else to go. My memorial was going to take place there in a few minutes. I seated myself next to my picture that sat majestically in the middle of the living room. There were about a dozen candles all around but none seemed to affect me or vice versa. This was far better, though. Familiar faces surrounded me except there was someone missing. As I hungrily searched the crowd, I realized that the face I longed to see was of my mothers. She had not been present at the burial but I understood why. I was all she had and suddenly it was like faith had played a cruel joke on her. I got up from my seated position and scanned the house for her. She had to be here somewhere, I knew this much.

My name is Natalie Callaghan.

I was sitting on the edge of her bed; waiting for her to find me. It'd be easier that way, I thought. From the moment I saw her die before my eyes I knew she would be different. Heck, I was different too. Only not in the same sense. As if on queue she walked in. The smell hit my senses hard I knew it was her. I didn't even have to look at her. If you're wondering what kind of ghost carries a scent, I'd say every kind. You just have to have known one to find out. I turned my head in her direction and was surprised to see her reaction. Her expression was that of sadness and if she were alive there'd be tears rolling down those cheeks of hers.

From the minute she walked in I knew that she knew that I could see her. But how was I going to explain the rest of it? I threw her a sheepish grin and scratched the back of my head nervously.

"Hey…um." I couldn't find any words to say. Before I could make up for my idiotic behaviour I was tackled to the ground by a strong force. I looked up to see my attacker and found that it was her. Her eyes were wide with horror. My mind went blank. This was all new to me too.

Let's just get one thing straight. Ghosts can pass through anything; from inanimate things to humans. Then why was it that this girl just attacked me and I felt it? Something was definitely not right.

"What the hell did you do that for?" I asked her as I tried to sit up.

"You're telling me that you can see me? Oh my god! How is that possible? Can everyone else see me too?" She asked, still not making any move of getting off me.

"Will you get off me? I'll answer all your questions in due time. Just get off." I stated. She really was in no position to ask me any questions when I myself was trying to figure things out. I was going to have a long talk with my grandfather about this later. Apparently he hadn't informed me about everything.

His name was Sebastian Reynolds. My name was Ryan Reynolds and things were not going as planned. Crap!