It's weird if you think about it

Not long ago I never believed

And today I find myself falling in its trap

I can't describe the feeling

But its one that attracts me

The one of loneliness and loss

Faith is cruel when it plays these tricks on us

One minute I find myself laughing at someone else's fear

And soon I'm engulfed in the fear myself

The feeling is forever there no matter where I may be

The kind where I feel you watching me

Only I can't see you but apparently I feel you next to me

I can't hide myself because there's no point

Wherever I go you seem to follow

And at times I think I catch a glimpse of you

Your presence is strong, one that can't be ignored

And time and time again I feel your cold fingers touch me

Not to scare me but to reassure me that I'm not alone

Funny as it might sound

I'm scared altogether and there's nothing I can do

I'm sorry if you fail in your quest to comfort me

But then again you don't exactly fail

You succeed in letting me know that you'll always be with me

And I can't help but smile at that

Your words forever linger in my mind

And it feels as if your memory is imprinted

I'm more than happy about that

I've come to the conclusion of your reality

You're there just like the blood in my veins

And hopefully you won't be leaving any time soon

The truth has always meant to hurt

And I guess I've never been able to accept your death

How can someone so eternal die?

But then again no one was known to live a whole eternity

Even though I would have loved that

But sadly that's not how the world works

I mean what kind of world it would be

If the supernatural were living amongst us

A darn good one, that's what I think.