Chapter 23

By noon, the entire school was spreading rumours about Kawai and her date with Tanako. Everyone stared at her as she walked by and gossiped about their new findings.

"I don't understand why Tanako even gave her a chance."

"She's probably clinging to Aizawa all the time, they're always together."

She knew it wasn't the truth and if she didn't get hurt enough by Tanako the previous day when he forced a long kiss on her when he dropped her off at her house right before she went inside. He grabbed her by the waist and forced his lips against hers, with her natural instincts kicking in she tried to push him away but only ended up against a wall where he was able to pin her down. After he was finished with her, she slapped him hard on the cheek and ran away with teary eyes. By the end of the day the conversations got worse, and unbearable to Kawai.

"I heard she cheated on Tanako-san with Aizawa-san," said a student in class 2A.

"I feel so bad for Tanako-san," said another.

"That girl should be grateful that Tanako even pays attention to her."

As Kawai walked out the school door she saw Tanako there with girls from Joshibi Highschool. They were comforting him as if he was the victim. "I knew Aizawa wasn't as great as he seems. He's horrible for taking your girl," one of them said. It was okay if they teased Kawai, being used to it from her past schools. But Aizawa's image was being tainted because of her. She hated the idea of his image being wrecked by others, especially when he has done so much for her.

"Look there she is… Let's go before you get hurt more Tanako-san," the girl said.

"Rina-chan you're so considerate," Tanako said as he gave her a kiss, "She's probably one of the worse people I've ever had to share air with."

"Why did you even consider her as your girlfriend? I'm so much better than her," the girl said as she glared at Kawai.

"I know babe. Let's go."

Aizawa walked up behind Kawai, "Don't worry too much, it'll blow over by the end of this week. Tanako is like that all the time, don't let him get to you."

Kawai started to break down again as more rumours spread about her. She thought she finally found a safe place to start over only to find more people like those. She had been trying to keep her tears from rolling down her eyes all day, now that she finally thought she was able to go home quietly she bumped into Tanako and his new girlfriend.

Aizawa asked seeing Kawai tearing up, "Are you okay?"

That blew her top, she ran back into the school, down the halls searching for a quiet safe place she could hide. Aizawa ran after her but with all the crowds trying to stop him to question his motives against Tanako, he lost her from his sight. Kawai finally found an empty classroom with a cupboard that she could hide in and cry for a while until everyone left for the day. This school was the same as the last, no one could stop from gossiping her.

Aizawa checked each of the rooms hoping he would see Kawai in one of them. After twenty minutes of searching he found a room with a small whimper coming out from the classroom. He sat outside of the cupboard quietly and waited till the sobs simmered down. Finally he spoke up, "Kawai-chan…"

No answer.

"Shizuka… daijoubu?" All he could hear was Kawai trying to calm down and take deep breathes. Aizawa slowly opened the door to the cupboard to find a tear stained Kawai looking at him. He helped her move out of the cupboard making sure that she didn't hit her head. They both sat on the floor as she continued to sob. Seeing her cry was breaking Aizawa's heart, he didn't know what else to do but to hold her. First she moved away from his grip turning her back towards him. He tried again, resulting in louder cries from Kawai, but she didn't flinch. She let him hold her for a while then soon turning around to face him while she continued to cry. Aizawa held her close and talked to her in his soothing voice to help her calm down.

He didn't know if it was the right thing to do, but it felt so right at the moment. He kissed her on the forehead. "Everything's gonna be alright. I'm still here for you and I don't plan to leave. We'll get through this, you just have to believe in me. I'll sort things out." She looked up with her tear stained face, but to Aizawa she looked more beautiful than any other. Slowly he moved his hand to her chin and raised her head up closer to his and kissed her softly on the lips. They pulled apart and she looked into his eyes. He made a mistake, he took it too fast and now she was going to run from him. But she stayed still in his arms. "Let's go, I'll take you home."

Without much of a fight Aizawa lead Kawai out of the school avoiding as many students as they could. Luckily many students have either left for the day or are participating in their extracurricular activities. The two walked in silence until they reached Kawai's house hand in hand. "I'll see you tomorrow okay? Don't let Tanako bother you. Call me if you need to talk." He took her hand and kissed the back of it before letting go.

Aizawa let her go and started to walk away. Seeing him walk away was unbearable to Kawai at this moment. He was about ten meters away when she ran up to him to give him a big hug. "Thank you," Kawai whispered in his ear. She let him go and went back into her home.