Warning: suicidal thoughts. Hope you like it :)

She peered down, estimating how long it would take for her to fall. The cars rushed towards her, disappearing under the bridge. Perfect. She closed her eyes as the wind blew her hair over her face and leaned forward…

"Hey Megs, have you seen Lena?" he asked, sitting himself next to her.

Megan, sprawled on the grass reading a book replied, "Have you tried her locker?"

"Where's your brain Megs? Where do you think the first place I looked was?" he snapped. Softening, he said "I can't find her anywhere. No one's seen her since first period. And that was a while ago." When Megan gave Luke a look, he added, "I'm worried about her."

"Well, I'm sure she can take care of herself. She's our Lena after all. And if she gets herself into any trouble, people will come looking for us. Don't worry, she'll be fine." Megan was always good at comforting people, but it was hard when she was worried too. Selena hadn't been the same since…well, since Luke dumped her….

Her phone rang, breaking the silence. "Hello?"

"MEGAN!" the caller shouted. Talking normally again, she said "Come quickly. It's Lena."

"Skye? Where are you?" it was hard to hear, through all the static that seemed to come from Skye's end.

"The bridge. I think Lena's going to jump."

"Kay, be there in a tick. Don't do anything that might make her jump" She snapped her phone closed and left, abandoning her book. Seeing Luke's confusion, she told him the situation. "Lena's going to commit suicide. Are you happy now?"

He just followed in silence. What have I done?

She heard footsteps, thinking it was just some pedestrian crossing over. When they stopped, she realised that whoever was coming had stopped just behind her. She turned warily. Seeing her long time best friend, she felt tears flow over.

"Lena" Megan said softy. "Don't do this"

"I'm sorry" Selena whispered. Her eyes, blurry from tears, flicked over to the person next to her. Luke. Memories he had tried so hard to forget, and actually had forgotten, came back at her like a tidal wave. She remembered everything; the day they found out they had been crushing on each other, their first date, their first kiss, the first time she had sex with him, the day he broke her heart and the blackness that followed. The blackness was what scared her. She didn't feel anything in that period – no pain, no happiness, nothing. The sight of his face made her want to jump. She turned, facing the traffic of the day.

"Lena" the voice, so perfect, the one that had caused her so much pain, sent shocks through her.

No. She looked from the cars rushing under her to him. Luke was the same as she last remembered. He was taller now, though, and his blonde hair had grown into his eyes, covering them ever so slightly. But still, they stood out. That was the thing with blue eyes – they stood out no matter what. His nose was slightly crooked, from the time he got caught up in a fist fight. His lips….get a grip Selena. She looked once more.

"Lena, please, just step away from the edge. We won't hurt you" he coaxed.

She scoffed, turning to look at him in the eye. "I don't think it's possible for you to hurt me more than you already have." she croaked, tears welling up in her eyes again.

Hearing more footsteps approach, she jumped. Strong arms caught her around the waist and someone knocked her out. Falling limp in Luke's arms, Megan smiled. She never thought of knocking her unconscious before…

Skye came running up, panting. "You" she said, pointing to Luke. "You're the guy who left her after taking her virginity right?"

"He's got his reasons. Skye. Now call an ambulance." Megan ordered.

"Why me?" she whined. Always the whiner. Skye was the one in their group who loved gossip, and knew everything that's going on in everyone's life. However, she could keep a secret if she had to. Selena was always the one who came up with the crazy ideas, and surprised everyone by carrying them out and succeeding. And Megan? She was the one always rolling her eyes at Selena.

"What happened to you?" he whispered to her unconscious body.

"She was never the same after you left, Luke." Megan said quietly. "But then again, who can blame her? You disappeared for a whole frigging year."

"In my defence, I had to go back to England to take care of….certain things…" his face darkened. "So what happened to her?"

"Luke….I don't think I can tell you…."

"Why not?"

"She…she loved you Luke. Couldn't you see that? She was so insecure, it was scary. She thought you would just leave after…..having sex with her….and when you did, she thought you just dated her for sex."

"I….I'm so sorry…I didn't mean to…" he seemed to have lost his voice.

Skye piped in, her voice soft. "Sorry won't save her from trying to commit suicide, Luke. She crumbled from the inside. It takes time for that wound to heal."

"How would you know how she felt?" he asked.

"I know how it feels to lose a loved one, Luke. And Selena, we've lost her. She's fallen too deep. But there's still hope. There always is." Megan's eyes became shadowed at the thought of her older sister's death. Sasha had lost a fight against lung cancer, and she had never smoked. Selena had helped her through the tough times, and Megan would try her best to return the favour. But it was hard when Selena stopped showing her normal self, only the person she wanted others to see, the one that had no faults.

"But, Megan, remember that time period when she just pushed him out of her thoughts?" Turning to Luke, Skye explained. "She tried to let you go, to forget. And being the over-achiever she is, she forgot you completely."

The ambulance had arrived by that time, and paramedics came running over with a stretcher. Some had gone to set Selena on the stretcher, while 2 of them went checking up on her. Another came towards them with a clipboard. "Only one of you can ride in there, not 3. But the police have a few questions."

Skye and Megan both looked at each other, then at Luke. This would be a hard decision. In the end, they decided Luke and Selena needed to get things straight.

"Remember, she loves you." Megan whispered in his ear before he climbed into the ambulance. They watched as the sirens died out, smothered by the honking and usual traffic noise.

"Now how do we get to the hospital?" Megan asked.

"I'll call my mum to pick us up?" Skye offered.

"Great!" Megan smiled. Things were starting to fall in place…

Am I dead? She remembered jumping, but after that, nothing. Yep, definitely dead. There was a sound though, a muffled sound….as she came closer, she could make out a beeping noise.

Her eyes fluttered open, still blurry. Blinking a few times, her vision cleared. She looked around, taking in her surroundings.

The beeping was from one of those machines that measured your heart rate or something, she wasn't sure. She saw them a few times in Grey's Anatomy….there was a person, a male, sitting at the desk mumbling something. She strained her ears further to hear what he was saying.

"Lena, I'm sorry for leaving, I didn't know you would – No, that's no good. Hmm….what about…Lena, I know you're upset with me, and I just wanted to say that I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything…."

She was shocked to hear Luke's voice, but couldn't help but smile at what he was saying. She was going to tell him that she forgave him, because part of her did. But the other half would never let it go. Battling it out, she didn't notice that Luke had left. In his place was a note.

Dear Lena,

I love you

Always have, always will


Yes? No? I don't know?

I felt the urge to put this up…might not be top quality, but I tried :) There will be a sequel/prequel sort of thing to this, so keep your eyes peeled!