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Prologue: False Light

Awareness returned to him in one merciless wave, leaving him dizzy and disoriented even with his eyes shut. The first thing he noticed when his senses had returned to normal was the coldness that encircled his wrist like a band and the similar feeling surrounding his ankles. A flick of his fingers made the metal chafe the skin of his wrist and he sighed wistfully. He was bound in steel; suspended above the ground. Finally, he dared to open his eyes.

Light assailed his senses, flooding his eyes with brightness. He blinked several times and couldn't suppress a quiet groan. When his eyes adjusted, he realized that he was in a room, if one could call it such. As it were, he couldn't see any walls or anything else that would define shape or space. The only way he found to describe it was a white vastness, infinite as the heavens, yet as enclosed as a room. It was altogether odd, and yet not wholly unfamiliar.

The soreness of his limbs indicated that he'd traveled the lands of sweet oblivion for a while, and when he tried to move his bones creaked. Inwardly he laughed at himself. How he had fallen again to this dimension of bondage evaded him. And though the whiteness seemed as heaven, he was not as easily fooled as he had once been. The space, though full of brightness, lacked a certain brilliance that made true light. The pureness spread out before him was false.

"Hello, Nathan."

Nathan lifted his head and gazed down on the man that had seemed to materialize without a sound. The man was tall and almost regal in his baring, his chin held high and his jaw set. His hair, which was straight and went down past his shoulders, was pure silver, glimmering majestically in the light. He was in every right beautiful, but Nathan knew better. Like the light of the room, the man was false and his beautiful merely a fa├žade. He reeked of hidden malice that not even all of his radiance could completely conceal.

"Will you not greet an old friend?" the man said. The words rolled off of his tongue silkily like poison bathed in honey. Nathan found the power to grin despite his current predicament. He had been there before and escaped, and life had been good. But things had begun to go wrong; life had taken its toll again, and now he had returned, again bound in the surreal world of whiteness.

Nathan locked eyes with the other man and suppressed an involuntary shudder from the darkness that he saw swirling in the depths of the two orbs. And with a tinge of defiance and strength that few men possessed, he spoke:

"Hello, Satan."

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