My Name is…

Character List:

Main Girl: Kairin Last

Jeff Last (17)

Alex Last (16)

Kyle Last (15)

Jessica Last (15)


[Everyone is a cousin.]

[Curtain is opened. Audience is silent.]

Kairin: This is a room that has been denied the warmth of sunlight because there is no window. The lights are also broken otherwise I would have turned it on. It's a sad room, filled with dust dancing around and discarded boxes filled with forgotten memories. This is a room no one wants to enter, so the door creaks each time it opens from the lack of use.

When you enter, you would only believe it's "just a room". But it's far more than that. It's my sanctuary. I go in when I'm sad so no one will bother me. It comforts me with the smell of loneliness, and the feelings of being alone hits me so hard, I crawl to the corner and just lay my head in my arms. [Goes to the corner of the room.] I don't know why, but it feels like I need to do something; I need someone to come and find me and tell me that they know what to do when I'm sad. But no one goes into this room, so I'm left here. Alone.

[The door opens. A group of people steps in. No one realizes Kairin is in the room. ]

Jeff: What room is this?

Alex: The storage room I think. Look at all the boxes.

Jessica: It's dusty. Let's get out of here. There's nothing here for us to do.

Kyle: But we might find hidden treasure!

Jessica: We're not in first grade.

Kyle: What? We're bored aren't we? I mean, the adults drag us here for the family thing and there's nothing to do.

Jeff: It's not just a family thing; it's a funeral for Auntie Bee.

Alex: I never really liked her. She was always distant, like she was hiding something.

Jessica: You shouldn't speak ill of the dead.

Kyle: Does she have any kids?

Alex: I don't think so. Wait, I think I remember mom telling me that she had a girl once but she disappeared when she was ten.

Jessica: Oh. That's…depressing. How long ago was that?

Alex: Five years ago.

Kyle: So she is the same age as us. I wonder if she is hot? Owe! What was that for Jessica?

Jessica: You're disgusting. She's our cousin! Come on, let's go. This is boring. Where's Jeff?

Alex and Kyle: Dunno.

Jeff: I'm right here. [He's next to Kairin.] Is she okay? Are you okay?

Alex: There was a little girl here?

Jessica: Did she know Auntie Bee? What's your name? Can't she hear me?

Kyle: Let's leave her alone. Come on.

Alex: I think she's sad. [Kairin looks up.] Should we cheer you up?

Kyle: Why?

Jessica: Just try.

Kyle: Okay, fine. Then can we go? Um. My name is Kyle. What's yours?

Kairin: …

Kyle: Okay, so why are you sad? Did you lose your mommy in the crowed?

Kairin: …

Kyle: Do you want to hear a joke? Why did the cucumber cross the road? Because it was attached to the chicken! Hahahaha! What? Not laughing? That was funny!

Jessica: You're hopeless. Let me try. My name is Jessica. See? Unlike Kyle, I'm a girl-sensitive and not as lame. So, will you tell me your name?

Kairin: …

Jessica: Please?

Kairin: … Kairin.

Jeff: what? I'm sorry; I didn't understand what you said.

Kairin: … Kairin.

Jessica: Then, Kairin, why don't you tell me what's wrong and we'll try to help. You can trust us.

Kairin: …

Jeff: Or not. Forget it, she's not going to give me anything.

Alex: Fine, let me handle this. Oh, so Kairin, what are you doing here alone in this stinky old room for? Do you want to hang out with us? It's not good to be sad. Come on; cheer up! [Grabs Kairin by the arm and pulls her.]

Jessica: Hey, Alex! That's not cool.

Alex: What? She isn't doing anything. Fine, let's get out of here. This is pointless.

Jeff: [Looks at Kairin.] I think we should-

Parent [from off stage]: Jeff, Alex, Kyle, and Jessica! Where are you? Let's go home.

Jeff: [Looks at everyone and they all look confuse and shrugs. He looks at Kairin and sighs.] Let's go home.

Alex: Finally.

Jeff: Kairin, we'll come back tomorrow, okay?

Kyle: You don't have to promise her anything.

Jessica: I think we should see her tomorrow too. Just to make sure she's safe.

Alex: Fine. Whatever. Lets go now. [Exits.]

Jessica: Okay. We will see you tomorrow! [Jessica and Kyle exits.]

Jeff: We promise. [Exits.]

Kairin: … [Stands up and picks up a book off of one of the boxes and blows off the dust.] Mama. Mama. Mama. Mama! Mama! Where are you? Where are you? Why can't you find me? Mama! I'm alone. I'm alone. Why is all my stuff in here in boxes? Why am I alone? When are you going to come back and get me? Will you still come in this room and pet me? Will you remember me and come back?

Mama. I meet some people just now. I think they are my cousins. I remember them. They look different, older. You told me to never talk to anyone or see anyone or anything because they would go crazy. They would go crazy because everyone will say they are. They would go insane because they can't possibly see me, because I'm…but they didn't go crazy. They said they would come back tomorrow. But…would you come back? Did you leave because you told someone you saw me and now you're "crazy"? Mama. Mama. When is tomorrow?

[Lights turn off. Kairin goes back to the corner and the lights go back on.]

Jeff: Is everyone here?

Alex: Sadly, yes. Why are we here again?

Jessica: That little girl, remember?

Kyle: But why do we have to do this six in the morning? I don't have to wake up for another hour for school.

Jeff: That's precisely why we are doing it now. We don't want to be late for school.

Alex: You're going to school? Just tell your school that you'll take a week off because of a funeral like I did. What? I'm depressed from it all.

Jessica: Right. That's just wrong. You just didn't want to do your science project due today.

Alex: Science is not my subject that's for sure.

Jessica: You're just retarded.

Jeff: Here she is. So she's still here.

Alex: You know, I've been thinking. Doesn't she look sort of familiar? Like a ghost from our past?

Kyle: What are you talking about?

Alex: Well, I was just thinking ever since we meet her yesterday that she looked like someone we knew when we were little…that passed away. Like a ghost.

Jessica: And like I said, you're retarded. There's no such thing as a ghost.

Jeff: Jessica is right. Come on; let's talk to her. Hi, I didn't introduce myself yesterday. My name's Jeff. You're Kairin right? Did you go home yesterday?

Kairin: … [shakes her head.]

Alex: You didn't? So you stayed here the whole time?

Kairin: … [shakes her head.]

Jessica: You don't talk much, do you?

Kairin: … [shakes her head.]

Kyle: We don't know anything about you besides your name. What do you like?

Kairin: Cats.

[Everyone looks at each other, shocked.]

Jessica: Cats huh?

Kairin: … [shakes her head.]

Jeff: Is that why you have a cat tag around your neck?

Kairin: Huh-uh. My mama gave it to me after the accident five years ago.

Jessica: It must be precious to you for you to keep it with you for five years.

Kairin: Huh-uh. My mama said it was a sorry gift.

Jeff: A sorry gift? How old are you?

Kairin: [Holds up her fingers indicating she's ten.] I'm fifteen.

Alex: How is that possible? You held up ten fingers but you say you are fifteen?

Jessica: Maybe she just doesn't have enough fingers.

Kyle: Even if that is true, she looks ten. Not fifteen.

Jeff: What did you say your name was again?

Kairin: Kairin.

Jeff: And your last name?

Kairin: [Shuffles around]

Alex: Are you still sad? It's not good to be sad for more than a day.

Kairin: …

Kyle: Don't tell me you won't talk to us anymore.

Kairin: …

Kyle: Ugh…Jeff, you handle her. I'm leaving. [Exits.]

Kairin: My name is…

Jessica: Don't worry! You don't have to tell us! I have to go too. School…ugh. Bye! [Exits.]

Alex: I still think I knew her from somewhere. Like when I was little.

Jeff: You're right. I get the same feeling. It's vague though. I think…She was with Auntie Bee though.

Alex: Same here.

Kairin: My name…

Alex: Why can't I remember?

Kairin: My name…

Jeff: Maybe it was too long ago to remember.

Kairin: My name is…

Alex: But that isn't right.

Jeff: Let's just concentrate on making this girl happy.

Kairin: My name…

Alex: But how? We barely know her.

Jeff: We saw here on the day of Auntie Bee's funeral right? Maybe she's connected somehow.

Kairin: My name is…

Jeff: I feel like, as soon as I entered this room, that she…

Kairin: My name is…

Jeff: That she knows why Auntie Bee committed suicide.

Alex: How would she know?

Jeff: Because I just remembered. She looks exactly like…

Kairin: My name is…

Jeff: A girl we met often…

Kairin: My name is…

Alex: Don't tell me she's…

Kairin: My name is…

Jeff: That's right. Our cousin…

Kairin: Kairin Last.

Jeff: The one who suspiciously disappeared five years ago.

Alex: You can't mean that she died here in this room the whole time and nobody knew? Not even Auntie Bee? And now she's a ghost?

Jeff: Kairin, you mentioned an accident five years ago. What was it?

Kairin: Mama…mama said she was sorry.

Jeff: What happened?

Kairin: Mama said she didn't mean to. That's why she gave me the present. She told me that she would give me the present as long as I never cry anymore so I said I wouldn't. And she gave it to me. It was a sorry gift.

Jeff: Kairin, you have to tell me the truth so I can help you. What happened five years ago that made Auntie Bee tell everyone you ran away?

Alex: She was murdered.

Kairin: Mama was just sad! She was sad and gave me a hug! Mama found me in this room, playing. No one was home, just mama and me. Papa was at work and I was bored so I came up here and played. Mama said she was looking all over for me when she found me. I said I was sorry and she gave me a big hug, but she wouldn't let go. I told her I couldn't breath but she wouldn't let go. And then…

Alex: So you suffocated.

Kairin: It's not mama's fault. After she realized what happened she hid my body and cried. I watched her cry and held her tight. She saw me and said I was a good girl and told me to stay here and not to talk to anyone otherwise she will go crazy. So I stayed her like a good girl. But mama died in this room a week ago and yesterday she had a funeral.

Jeff: They said she died by hanging herself.

Kairin: Mama said she loved me and stepped off the box…

Alex: …

Jeff: And you have been here the whole time?

Kairin: [nods]

Jeff and Alex: [looks at each other.]

Alex: You've been a good girl. [Pats her head] It's just too bad it ended that way.

Jeff: You can cry now.

Kairin: Huh-uh… [Cries.]

[Lights dim. Everyone is in the room besides Kairin.]

Jessica: Now I remember. We used to go over to this house everyday. Auntie Bee didn't want Kairin to be by herself because she was always sick and couldn't go out much. Wasn't Kairin sickly since she was born?

Kyle: Yeah. She had a hard time breathing, so we only played with her inside.

Alex: But we would always get bored and leave her alone to play outside.

Jessica: We sucked. We should have stayed with her. Then we could have protected her that day.

Jeff: We told the police what happened.

Alex: I can't believe they laughed at us.

Kyle: Well…saying you saw a ghost is pretty…

Alex: but it's true!

Jeff: They said that it doesn't matter even if it's like what we said. Auntie Bee is dead now too. They can't question her.

Jessica: I wonder where she went.

Kyle: I don't know. Maybe she finally found peace in telling someone?

Jessica: Maybe.

Alex: She said she didn't cry the whole time because her mom told her not to. Even after having to go through all that.

Jeff: Maybe she didn't find peace in telling on her mother but by finally being able to cry about it.

Jessica: I wish I could see her again.

Kyle: Why don't we? We could go to her grave.

Jessica: but I won't be able to see her face. Even though it has only been two days with the ghost version of Kairin, I think I got attached to her.

Jeff: Same here.

Alex: Should we go?

Jeff: Where?

Alex: To her grave. Even though we won't be able to see her, I'm sure she's there. Waiting for us.

Kyle: That's sort of creepy.

Jessica: Okay, lets go.

Alex: Good plan.

Kyle: That was my plan to begin with, but yeah let's go. I can tell her a joke! What?

Jessica: She didn't even laugh at your other joke. Why would you want to torture her with your other lame jokes?

Kyle: Hey, they're not lame. It's creative!

Alex: Come on, are we going or not? You guys can fight on the way there.

[Alex, Kyle, and Jessica exits. Jeff glances at the corner Kairin usually sits at and turns to leave.]

Jeff: What? Did some one tap my shoulder? [Turns around and sees Kairin.]

Kairin: Thanks for letting me cry. I knew I was sad, but I couldn't cry. You let me. Thank you. [Smiles.] You're going to my grave, right? I'll go with you.

Jeff: Okay.

Kairin: Okay. Don't tell them I'm here though. [Holds Jeff's hand.]

Jeff: Whatever you want. [Both exits.]

[Curtain close. Applause.]

Author's note: This is my first time writing a play. This was written when I was a freshman...when I was getting into drama. Hope this one-act was enjoyable to you! Tell me what you think. Reviews are always nice. :)