The Pagemaster's Apprentice

The rustle of the pages, the smell of old ink,

I'm in a different world, or so I'd like to think.

Full of magical charm like trolls, wands, and spells,

Oh, the stories books can and do tell.

There's visual reading, Braille, and even tapes,

With anyone's imagination they can take shape.

Imagine the characters climbing out of the pages,

Wouldn't that be a sight for people of all ages?

The characters good and evil, come alive,

I'm in awe of what these authors can contrive.

Eragon, Inkheart, Tanequil, and Straken,

Into these fleeting dreams I love to be taken.

Only in books can you find pity, comfort, happiness, love,

All of these emotions on my heart do tug.

The words echo, whisper, rustle and roll,

Into my mind they will tumble and stroll.

So now you can see reading can be,

All of these things, especially for me.

The words italicized are books that I've read. This is probably my favorite poem.