Stupid Poem

Did you know, Time is running out?

Just like an hour glass with sand that filters lower and piles on top of itself.

Until it runs out.

It doesn't stop. No, it can't. It won't.

It's trapped. In a cylinder of nothingness.

It's continuous, the gel is. Just like an hour glass.

Time is running out.

It circles and circles and circles. It doesn't know any different.

And the bubbles….they rise to the top.

Which tells me that I need to escape while I can.

Because they can't escape. They have no where to go. So they rise into nothingness.

Slow and sinuous it unravels from…what?

It has to achieve balance. It must pour down. Because gravity says so.

Simon says it must come down. Simon says time is running out.

Time is running out.

Can we make more time? Sure, you say.

We can just turn it upside down, start all over again.

But I must ask, what does this accomplish? Please do tell.

Because all this does is put off the inevitable. Wouldn't you agree?

Simon says time is running out.

Time is runn…

Oddly enough, this poem was inspired by a cylinder filled with some kind of gooey gel that I have. You can turn it upside down and it flows through a hole in the middle. It's very cool looking. I was also kinda depressed when I wrote this poem…Hence the world-is-ending type of tone.