A Drabble

He laid on the hard ground immobile and stared up at the trees. The ground under his back was ice cold being the middle of winter. There was no snow, but it was so cold everything was frozen. For a few minutes, he could hear faintly, the soldiers moving through the woods. But just barely. He tried to think of anything other than the pain. Anything to get his mind off of it. Like how damn cold it was. Why did we have to have a war in the freaking middle of winter? The idiots could have at least waited until it got warmer. Yes, and everyone knows why I don't, can't, and won't have anything to do with politics.

"Oh GOD," he thought, "let me die damn it." And then he blacked out, for how long he didn't know. The next thing he remembered was a face looking down on his. Just staring at him. "How peculiar," he thought. There was something in his eyes...was it sympathy for him? Or were his eyes showing no emotion, whatsoever, for the wounded soldier on the ground. And he was clearly the enemy. At least, he was pretty sure.

"You're probably going to die, you know," the standing soldier stated. It hurt the wounded soldier to speak, so he said nothing, only wincing slightly. "Hm..," the standing soldier murmured. "Should I end his life for him? Put him out of his stupid misery?" he questioned himself. He looked down at the soldier on the ground and looked into his eyes. Those eyes said they wanted to live. They were scared to death, but nevertheless, they wanted to live.

The standing soldier looked around him and even to the sky because if anyone saw him do what he was about to do, he'd surely die for the act. There was no one around for now. He knelt down next the soldier and said softly, "I can take you somewhere, where you can be safe. For now, at least...what do you say?"

"Wait a minute...why the hell am I helping an enemy soldier?" he whispered more to himself than to the other soldier. "I could get in so much trouble doing this. Oh well, screw them."

"So whaddya say?" The wounded soldier only nodded, not having the strength to talk. The other soldier nodded also, believing that the man on the ground had many questions he really wanted to ask. "I'll explain in due time," he told the injured soldier. He looked around a second time to make sure, then pulled out a walkie-talkie device out of his coat pocket. "Ray, this is Ze," he talked into the walkie-talkie. "Go on Ze, I hear ya," Ray called out. He sounded rather busy. Oh well. "I'm coming there with something...be ready, over and out," Ze said. "Got ya, load and clear," Ray answered back. Ze clicked off the walkie-talkie and turned back to his new subject to deal with.

"Okay, where you hurting at, so I'll know not to make it worse. Ray will fix you up once I get you to him. Shouldn't take too long, maybe twenty minutes from here." He looked up at the sky, studying it. Trying to calculate the time, he said, "It's probably around 4:15pm—so show me where you were shot at." The wounded soldier slowly lifted his hand and pointed at his backside, above his left hip. "Oh, nasty one there. The grandchildren'll love that one," he said, smiling. "Alright, I'm going to pick you up and if you ca, put your arms around my shoulders, so it'll be easier for me. And don't say a damn word. By the way, I'm Ze. I'll worry about your name later on, when you can talk."

He grunted softly when Ze picked him up. Ze studied the soldier in his arms. He must have been maybe a few years younger than himself. Dark brown hair and light brown eyes complimented his slightly tanned complexion. Months of training had made his approximately 5'4" stature much more toned.

That's the end. Here's a little kissy scene that just came to me. It's cliché though.

"Wait..isn't this against regulations?" he mumbled.

"Hmph..regulations are gay," he smiled at the irony of the statement.

"Yeah..screw them I say.." Ze smiled yet again, his eyes growing wide at the thought.


This is terribly written. Oh well. And, as you can tell, I have no idea how soldiers actually communicate with each other...so overlook that.