I glare at the blank page before me,

Empty spaces consuming my sight.

My fingers hover over the keyboard,

As I wander somewhere else in my mind.

I haven't checked Facebook in a while,

And I hear there's this show on TV.

Physics can wait for a moment,

I promise I'll get it done, you'll see.

My music is blaring out loudly,

I'm on MSN with my friends,

My bedtime isn't until 11

I'll definitely finish my homework by then.

Oh wait One Tree Hill just started,

How on Earth could I ever miss that?

Physics can wait just a few more seconds,

Peyton just told Lucas she came back!

I yawn as I head to my bedroom,

My heavy-lidded eyes drooping shut.

I glance at the clock beside me,

Oh shoot, it's 11 o'clock.