ZeeTee-No more will I drop a tear for you

I look at myself and wonder,
How could I have been crazy enough to
Believe every word u said?

You messed with my mind,
Playing me like a toy
But I'm done with your games boy...

Life can be a mystery
But boy you made it a misery
And now your just history

I've been told that love can feel like heaven
But hurt like hell
Oh ohh… how true

So let me put you in your place, so listen carefully,
What if…
What it…
What if I said…
I'm already taken boy, no charm of yours will overtake me
Coz I've better things to do
No more will I drop a single tear for you!

The light turns on… no messages, no miscalls from you
There was a time you treated me like your baby boo
It took me time, bit it don't hurt no-more
Coz you treat me like a nobody… like some kinda whore!
Yeah yeah, you made me weaker by every call
But like every single promise, you let me fall!
I let myself live in a you and me illusion,
You let me believe dis, causing me so much confusion!
Well guess what yo, you won't find another girl like me,
Coz I'm beyond any dream like specialty!
At least when I look in the mirror, I see a pretty face
But with you, it's just a God damn disgrace!

You've forgotten how to trust….
You've forgotten how to forgive…
You've forgotten how to love…
All you know is how to hurt…


What was it about you that made me fall for your charm?
Did you really mean no harm?
Or was it just lie after lie after lie?
Or was it just to mess with my head and say goodbye?