AN: Welcome to Super Vice President Village Monster 2! At first, I wasn't planning on making a sequel but then a few ideas popped into my head and a friend of mine helped add some more. This one is nowhere near as random as the first one, I'm trying to write it to be more serious, though it still has hints of random things thrown in. Reading the first one is optional, but you may understand more of the jokes if you do. I hope you enjoy!

Steve Newsome listened intently to the story told to him by his new boss Chuck. He stood a good foot over most of his new coworkers and always had an interesting tidbit of information, though sometimes its reveal was mistimed. He had short black hair and a trimmed goatee and though he was there to do blue collar work, he was well dressed. He was also one of the nicest guys you could meet and you'll never catch him furious or swearing.

He was just hired by Jeff, owner and founder of his new work: Jefferson's. Chuck, who was a mere bagger at the time, recounted the story of Jim and Richie, the two men who saved that very store. Two years had passed since the two returned as heroes. Many people were hired and many more left or were fired, though Chuck remembered them all as he climbed the corporate ladder to manager (mainly because he took their positions). Things had calmed down since Richie and Jim overthrew Mumbanou and many people long forgot their tale, though those who remained still recounted the exciting story of the store heroes, though some of the details were lost to the passing years.

"So Richie, reunited with Jim, lunged at Mumbanou, beat him to a pulp with the spoon he found on the floor! Mumbanou finally gave up and handed over the store key, but Richie had no mercy as he called in an air strike to finish the evil leader off!" Chuck recounted.

"As illogical as that sounds, I'll just believe you for now. That still doesn't answer how to clock in and out though."

"Well, I apologize, I just feel it's a big part of this company's history and should be covered with all new employees."

"Speaking of covered, my friend once told me about an army practice..."

"Well, I suppose it's time to get started on training you. Where's that other new hire at?"

"She was outside waiting for you to finish last I saw her."

"Well get her in here! We got some training to do!"

Steve ran outside to fetch his fellow new hire and found her reading the Jefferson's training manual given to them by Jeff. She was medium height, with long brown hair and a beautiful face. She was very smart, often catching what other people miss in a situation and had a good wit that was often times sarcastic.

"Hey, Chuck's waiting for us. Let's go."

"Ok Steve."

The two walked inside and found Chuck at the registers, talking to a cashier about how he met Richie and Jim. The two hailed their boss (which seemed to relieve the cashier) and he began to train the two in their new duties at Jefferson's, constantly referring to Richie and Jim the entire training. The two diligently learned everything they could muster, ignoring Chuck's obsession over the two heroes. Finally, the end of their shift was nearing and they had a good grasp of their duties and how to perform them.

"So, that's about it. If you ever forget anything, you can always ask me. I'll be like your own Mary Berry."

"Um...I've got a question. If Richie and Jim are so good, where are they now?" Steph asked.

"Yeah, I mean, if they're store legends you think that they'd have job security and a nice paycheck that would make them want to stick around" Steve pointed out.

"Well, unfortunately, no one knows quite where they went after saving us from Mumbanou. They just sort of disappeared."

"That's quite strange" Steve remarked.

Just then, a man dressed in traditional samurai clothing came through the door, a briefcase in his left hand, a sword in his right. He quietly began to approach the employees, whispering something to them and getting shrugs before he walked to Chuck.

"I understand you're the manager on duty. Is that correct sir?" the samurai questioned.

"Sure am, and you are?"

"My name is Pudntayne, ask me again I'll tell you the same!"

"No really, what's your name pal and what can I do for ya?"

"It really is Pudntayne. Pudntayne Miyamoto. I'm working with the sherrif's department on a case and was wondering if you've seen Richie Silla-Arenosa or Jim Goodman."

"Unfortunately not. I haven't seen either of them in the last two years! Why, did they do something?"

"That is unfortunate. However, I can't reveal any details about the case, aside from informing you that there's a warrant out for their arrest. Any information you have would be helpful."

"WHAT? That's ludicrous!"

"I'm sorry, this is no time for rap. I have one final question. Do you know a Chuck Ryanson?"

"That would be me. Perhaps I could offer you a basket or help you find something?"

"Well, Jim and Richie for starters."

"I'm sorry, I can't help you there."

"That's too bad. Captain Lulu, I guess this is your entrance call.

In walked a short, Asian man with a police captain's uniform on, which contained numerous medals. He had short black hair, a thin black mustache and talked in a soft, barely audible voice.

"So really, I'm not joking right now. Do you know where they are?"

"Really Lulu, I don't know."

"Then you're under arrest for concealing criminals and for not following the Antiterrorism act of 2007, section F, clause VII: locking the doors when terrorist activity is known in your area. I called in a bomb threat and these doors are still unlocked! Come with me."

"This isn't right! Steph, Steve! Go get help!"

"No, you really f*&ing shouldn't."

"Someone do something!"

Unfortunately for Chuck, no one had the guts to step in. They were too confused and shocked at this turn of events to do anything and Chuck was taken away in cuffs. Steph and Steve stood there, mouth agape and confused as ever. Suddenly, Steve shook out of it and approached Steph.

"Steph, we really need to tell Jeff about this. Perhaps he knows something."


Shaking her back into this dimension, the two ran up the stairs to Jeff's office, who was putting on his coat and shutting off the lights, about to leave for the day.

"Jeff! Chuck got arrested!" Steph shouted.

"WHAT? What for?"

"Chief Lulu said for concealing Richie and Jim as well as failure to lock the doors on a terrorist threat" Steve reported.

Jeff was aghast at the news, falling backwards into his chair, mouth agape. He had no idea what to do. He sunk deeper into his chair, finally shaking out of it and began thinking hard about a solution. After what seemed like a massive amount of silence, he finally took a deep breath and leaned forward on his desk. Steve and Steph leaned closer, curious to what his plan was.

"...Well, I've thought it through and I have no choice. I have to send you out to search for them."

"WHAT?!" Steph screamed.

"Um...I'm about to clock out and go home, so..." Steve started.

"Unfortunately not Steve. Of course, I'll have to pay you for this, but I must send you out to find the two heroes. It won't be easy, especially not since the police can't even find them, but it's your new assignment. If you refuse, I'm afraid I have no choice but to let you go."

"...So, in other words, you're hiring us to be detectives or nothing at all" Steph recounted.


"Well why don't you send out one of your other employees? We don't even know what the two look like!" Steve asked.

"Well, I thought about that too, but there's too much work to do around here anyway, if I sent two experienced people out, the store would become overwhelming and we'd have to close down for a while. You two hardly know what you're doing regardless, why not send you out on another job that needs to be done?"

"Why not just hire a new manager?"

"Steve, unfortunately the deal is on the table. If you value your new job, you'll take this assignment. If not, it's insubordination and you will be terminated."

"...Well, I guess I have no choice. I need the money. I'm in. How about you Steve?"

"I guess I'll go too if it's between this and getting fired."

"Great, now get started please. We're short on time as it is" Jeff announced.

"Uh...OK, we'll start by questioning you. When was the last time you saw them?" Steve asked.

"After giving them the medal. Unfortunately, I haven't seen them since. I don't have anything else I can tell you, but I'll give you this book which contains their picture in the back. It's the novelization of their adventures two years ago. Maybe you can go to some of the places they went to and get some clues on where they ran off to."

"No way! This is Super Vice President Village Monster! Did you know that when Jerry Martin was writing this, he..."

"We'll get started now Jeff thanks."

The two new detectives began by reading the first chapter of the book. After discussing it, they decided the first logical place to search would be the Compton store. Sights finally set, they left the store and started walking off into the sunset when they realize they should have drove. Rather than continue, they walked the five minutes back to Jefferson's, hopped in Steph's car and began to drive towards the Compton store.

A.N.: I hoped you enjoyed. Like I said, the story is going to have some random parts to it, though I'm trying to make it serious this time around. See you in chapter 2!