A heart is beating somewhere underground
with a thousand others, but there's not a sound.
Fed by the captors, only food and lies,
they'll be replaced when they finally die.

A child born from a transparent womb
becomes an adult with a hidden tomb;
they are the lost ones for whom no-one cries
because their existence is denied.

A separate generation,
a spur of the world.
A hidden congregation
curled underneath our feet.

Will they ever escape that evil den?
Have they any sense of rebellion?
Maybe one day they will finally rise;
their captors' deaths will be realized.

Our hearts are beating here above the ground,
now creating an unstoppable sound.
Off to the rescue we will soon go;
the universe will finally know.

Save the lost and the fallen
spread the rumors like deadly pollen.
There are victims and there are villains,
but heroes died from ignorance.
Beneath the surface is a rotting core.
If this progresses, be prepared for war.