Mrs Noah

Well, I hope it floats.

Honestly! Just after you make an effort to do up the house,

Boom, Crash, Aaaah

There He is:

I'm fixing the plumbing upstairs – it might get wet for a bit.

Well that's just lovely, isn't it?

And me without my parapluie!


Not an argument from you, either – checklist drafted.

Your nursery rhyme itinerary.

I'll tell you one thing for free?

I'm not sharing with the goat.

I want a private cabin – views of the water, ensuite, bar.

It's my way or the highway.

Me or the sea.

And I get sick on a camel...

God help you when He asks you to count them again.

I'd like to see you try -

At six hundred you're lucky you can see!

If you leave out the odd midge and mozzie, I'll not tell Him.

It's not like they'll all fit with the way you've built that thing.

A drunken armadillo's attempt at a backflip.

Should've let me get a man in.

Bang, bang, bang. Saw, saw, saw. Screw, glue – That's you!

Pleasant sailing!

Yes, thanks! See you...when I see you!

Now we'll be stuck on the HMS Misfit for over five weeks.

Still – at least you're sober and the cloak's still on.

And that's the way it'll stay.

When he said take two bucks, I don't think he meant in bottles.

Anyway, time to start counting sheep,

Think I felt a spot of rain.