The atmosphere's thick, cloying and sweet, almost liquid in its intensity. The music pulses, thrives, as the crowd moves in sync, jumping and bouncing together to the primal thrum of the bass. The guitar deafening to all who can hear…

Hands, arms, stretch up to the sky, reaching, grasping for something they could possibly get – all searching for love, hope, recognition from the quartet of musicians, playing and screaming into the night sky.

I'm moving too, taken by the current of writhing bodies that sway and jump and move to the thumping of the music which is mirrored in everyone of their heartbeats. The music is liquid, fluid, pulsing through everything, flowing through my veins, taking over everything, rewriting values and the very essence of heart and soul.

Suddenly, I stumbled, the crowd becoming too compact for my tastes. I tripped on someone's foot, and bashed into the person next to me.

"I'm sorry" I mouthed, as I looked up at the most gorgeous man I had ever seen. He smiled in response and nodded.

Suddenly, I felt his cheekbone brush over mine. "I should know you," he said. "Why don't I know you?"

I blinked, confused at his strange allure… but ignored it, passed it off as yet another drunken man in the sea of festival-goers.

As I turned back to the stage, my favourite song burst on, a twisting, cascading melody, that made me forget everything around me. Just me, and the beat.

Eyes closing, the music takes over, mixing with the heat of everyone squashed together, I feel it writhe and gyrate inside me, taking me to a different place.

Suddenly, soft lips pressed hard down on mine. With deliberation, he slid his moist lips back over my cheek and covered my mouth.

Immediately my eyes flew open, to meet a deep brown gaze. His eyes were smiling and twinkling in mischief.

His lips pressed harder against mine, as the crowd surged forwards, pushing, pressing me into him. I wouldn't be able to break the kiss now. I could feel him smile against my lips. The shock of the intimacy was startling, as was the savage urgency with which he grasped the back of my neck and held me there. I was expecting to taste alcohol but there was nothing but a mild tang and the faint scent of violets.

By the time my brain was working well enough to realize what was happening – which included a plan, like pushing him away and yelling "What the hell do you think you're doing?" – My lips were already parting, and my body was leaning into the kiss as if it belonged to someone else.

Rough yet warm, tough but soft, the kiss merged into something else. The tempo changed, the music slowing, causing the crowd to sway, carrying us along with them. His teeth gently nibbled at my lower lip, grazing it, begging for entrance.

There was nothing but his mouth; the lips that plucked at mine, sealing at the corner of my mouth, sucking softly and then, like a slow obscene intrusion, pressing the tip of his tongue against it and trailing it across the slit of my half-parted lips. My body pressed against him, curving up alongside his taut, chiselled muscles. I could feel his groan, the deep throaty grumble, vibrating in his chest.

I felt him laugh. His breath condensed over my skin. Then those cherubic lips engulfed mine, sucking so hard that my tongue slithered into his mouth like it needed to be there.

The kiss deepened.

Better than loosing yourself in the music; this was magical. Exhilaratingly claming, carefully reckless, anonymous familiarity…

My heartbeat raced, pumping blood 'round my body at an unhealthy pace. My lungs went into overdrive, deprived of oxygen, my breathing got deeper, heavier. Who was this man who could do this to me?

A delicious frisson of fear traveled along my veins. How could a stranger, in a matter of moments, change me from enthusiastic audience member into one who can kiss a randomer so easily? Then he lifted his head, his warm, wet lips disengaging…

And it was over. His hands released me

He'd broken the kiss whilst grinning mischievously, in a way that made his face seem round and childish. His blonde-brown hair was tousled, his pale skin illuminated by the strobe lighting, his chest heaving up and down in excitement. His grin transformed, merging into a soft parting smile, as he whispered "Good bye"

He melted into the crowd, amazingly moving through the swarm of people with gracious ease.

As I watched him leave, I lifted my hand to my lips. The slightest pressure of my fingertips made them tingle in remembrance.

A gift from an anonymous lover I'd never forget, or meet again…

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