Test On Organic Chemistry

Time: 20 mins

15. Increasing pKa values of o-, m- and p-nitrobenzoic acid:

A. p, m, o

B. o, m, p

C. o, p, m

D. m, p, o

(+3, -1)

The benzoidal structures, scribbled in the margins, spiral into smileys and stickmen. Screw Chem.

Freak. He's finished the test in half the time. Freak. Like you expected anything else from the resident teragenius.


Wait a sec... he's drawing yin-and-yangs on his arm. Someone's into Taoism. Um, How? Isn't he supposed to be this Diophantine-equation-loving alien-y detached-from-reality science geek? You've seen so many of them. You know their type.

Taoism is for artsy people. Like you.


A/N: IIT is the most prestigious engineering college in India. Only 2 percent of applicants - out of four million who give the IIT Entrance Examination every year - make it in. That's less than for Harvard or MIT.