Chapter One

Darkness enfolded me in its thick cloak and hid me in its shadows. A cold breeze blew all around me and whispered secrets in my ears.

I stood at the end of a long corridor, lit dimly by a single lamp on the wall. The walls where decorated with paintings the landscape that surrounded the estate I was in. As I began to walk down the hall it was dead silent, save the sound of my boots on the carpet of the floor. After a few minutes I reached my destination at the end of the corridor. There stood a large oak door covered in intricate carvings of ivy vines and trees, birds flitting all about it. The knob was made of solid gold with a golden skull-key lock underneath it. I reached into the pocket of my black cotton pants and removed a heavy gold skull key. I inserted it into the lock and turned.

A loud click resounded through the silent hall, signaling the door was now open. I opened it up and walked into a large suite. On the left side of the room was a large canopied bed with red silk sheets embroidered with gold. Next to the bed was a small plain cherry wood dresser. On it was a complicated brass lock that besides requiring a key required a combination of three numbers. On the right was a large dresser made of oak wood, carved with vines similar to those on the door. Directly in front of me stood a set of doors that matched the one which led to the room. I assumed that they led out to a balcony.

Forming a strategy quickly in my head, I walked over to the large dresser and hid in its shadows. Once there I pulled out one of my stilettos that I kept in my belt, also pulling out a vial of my fast acting poison. I dipped the tip of the thin stiletto into the poison then recapped the bottle, putting it back into my belt. After a few minutes of just standing there waiting, I heard footsteps coming from down the hall. The footsteps got closer and closer and then stopped, as the sound of a key turning in a lock and a door opening took their place. Who stepped into the room was a man who was perhaps in his mid thirties, with dark brown hair, dark grey eyes, and skin tanned from the sun. He turned his back to me as he walked over to the small plain dresser. First he put in the key, then he put in the series of numbers it required. The drawer opened, revealing a large packet of letters tied together with a blood-red ribbon. Taking advantage of this I stepped out and threw the stiletto straight into the small of his back. It made a sickening sound as it hit a bone, and then he fell. With a slightly muffled thud he fell to the floor. His eyes open in a look of surprise, the dark gray clouded over with death. A small amount of blood flowed from the stiletto still was. I walked over to him and shut his eyes, never to open again. Sighing I began to complete my mission by taking the package of letters. Wondering why my employer had wanted these letters so badly, I opened a few of them, taking a look at their contents. They held evidence that my employer, the duke of this estate, had been helping a notorious band of thieves to smuggle out weapons to our enemy country. Quietly I returned the letters back into the ribbon and slipped them into the large pocket of my trousers. Then I took my knife from his back, cleaning it on his coat, and walked over to the balcony doors.

I threw the doors open and a slight wind ruffled my hair. The balcony was large, the railing being made of carved marble pillars in the shape of leaves. I walked over to the railing and stood on top of it. Below me the estate was green with grass, and flowers, huge pine trees scattered sporadically all over, on the far side stood a wall, probably about 60 feet tall. Then I jumped. Air rushed past me, blowing my hair above my head and into my face. I landed smoothly in a half crouched position, one hand on the ground. A noise sounded behind me and I drew my dagger as I spun around to face the noises origin. As soon as I turned I found my employer. He was a rather tall man, being a bit over six feet, with golden blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail and dark blue eyes. He was considered rather handsome, except his problems? He was overly ambitious, selfish, and arrogant.
"Do you have the letters?" He asked, his voice was nervous sounding. Though he may be arrogant, he wasn't ignorant enough to know that if he was caught, he would be killed. No matter how high his rank. I nodded; I preferred not to speak to my employers if possible. I handed him the letters and he grabbed them eagerly, counting them to make sure that they were all there. "Well," he said when he finished counting them, "with that done there is but one last thing to take care of." With a snap of his fingers four guards rushed out of nowhere and surrounded me. He seemed amused by my surprise. "Now, now, now, you didn't think I could let you get away did you?" He scoffed, his voice dripped with arrogance and venom. "After all, you could have read the letters. I couldn't let that happen now. Could I?" He continued to talk on and on after that, telling me his plans. I however did not listen. Instead I used this time to formulate a plan of my own, spotting the openings.

As quickly as I could I lifted up my right hand and threw the stiletto in my hand straight into my employer's heart. The guards stood there, frozen in shock. My employer gasped for breath as blood came up his throat and he tried to speak a last command, but it came out garbled. He fell then, his body hitting the ground as his surprised eyes sightlessly stared at the sky. Then the guards came out of their shocked stupor and began to charge at me. Realizing the stiletto wouldn't be enough to kill several guards I jumped above the guard's heads, spinning and landing a few feet away from them. This gave me the time to sheath my stiletto and draw my sword. The guards took a few moments to untangle themselves, and then ran at me in a rage once more. One ran to my right while another charged my right side. I spun about and cut each of their throats along the way. They fell to the ground beside me choking and sputtering. Two more came up behind me and I jumped into the air flying over them. They stood there for a moment in confusion, in that one moment I was able pull out two of my stilettos, throwing them straight into their backs. They fell to the ground lifeless and I went over there quickly, taking them out of their backs and returning them back into my belt.

That's when I began running. Though no one chased after me, I knew someone would quickly discover the guards, and I would rather not get caught. I ran towards the wall, as I ran a plan formed in my head. I jumped up into the branches of a large tree and began scaling it, weaving in and out of the long thick branches. Finally I made it up to the top of the tree. About four feet away was the top of the wall. I jumped. Taking the long leap and landing gracefully at its top. Now the question was how to get back down. I heard yelling behind me. The bodies had been found. I whistled loudly, a few moments later my horse, a white stallion, galloped over, standing at the bottom of the wall. I jumped off the wall, using the jacket that I was wearing over my black cotton blouse to help soften my fall. I landed right beside my stallion and then jumped onto my stallion. I dug my heels into his side and we where off, we flew across the land, dirt striking up behind us. We rode past a small sleepy town and eventually made it to the edge of a large forest. My horse slowed slightly as we rode through the forest, as he was trying to avoid the trees. We made it to a large clearing, in the middle was a tall, thick oak tree, it had been struck by lightning and was now hollow, its bark black with ash, and its trunk rising from the ground diagonally. . Where there must have once been large branches, now stood small stumps, sticking out of every side of the tree a few small holes where in the tree where birds had once lived. I dismounted my stallion and walked over to one of the small holes in the tree, pulling out a brush and brushed him down. As I brushed his hocks I began to think. About what I would do with the money that my employer had given me, as I required that all of my employers pay in advance, as I had been cheated before like I had been tonight. I decided that half of it would go into getting new weapons, while the other half would go towards food and other such necessities. Once I finished brushing him down he walked away, disappearing into the thick group of trees.

After he had gone I began to scale the tall lightning struck tree. At the top it had a circular opening that went down, deep into the ground. I jumped in sliding down, wind rushing past my face and blowing back my hair. I landed underground, in a dimly lit limestone cavern. The walls dripped with water at a steady rhythmic pace. From the cavern, several different tunnels wound around. I chose one directly to my right. I walked down the winding tunnel until I reached another cavern. Rushing water flowed over a ceiling made out of clear, icy, crystal, which let in the faint light of the moon. On the walls I had put up wall mounts that held glowing torches to help illuminate the cavern. In a small nick in the side of the wall stood a tall stool that had a washing bin on top of it along with a mirror hanging over it. On the far side was a small cot with a pillow and wool blanket over its top. This was the place that I had called home for the past two years. I sighed and walked over to the wash basin and mirror. Once there I removed my gloves and my mask from my face and placed them next to the washing basin. I dipped my fingers into the cool water and splashed it onto my face. I looked up into the mirror and saw a very different reflection then I had seen only two years ago. My reflection was that of a girl with violet eyes, long black hair that fell down to my waist, and pale skin. A reflection that was beautiful, or would of have been, had it not been for the long scar that ran down my right cheek. The scar was an angry pink red color and ran from my cheekbone to my jaw line. It was a symbol that helped me remember. Helped me to remember what I had lost, though the reasons I knew not. The scar was a symbol that reminded me of everything that had transpired two years ago, the night that I had lost my family.


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