Chapter 3 – Skit-daddle

Yeah, so I have no idea why I made a 'pun' of skedaddle x3

I did not mean…to blow your mind! That shit happens to me…all the tiiiimmmme! X3


He tormented me!

Okay, not really… He sat at the table I was sitting at in my art room. And it was awkward. "Why do you keep stealing my book?" he asked with a smirk on his face.

"Oh, you know…I just live for your company…I need to steal something from you to keep you around," I was exceptionally sarcastic…

And I really regretted saying it, considering that was probably the most I've ever said to anyone. Somehow I have the feeling I'll be saying a lot more than that in future references…

Just saying…

He smirked at me and leaned back in his chair, staring at the ceiling while I got the chance to examine him.

He was rather muscular…not like a jock muscular, but you could tell he wasn't flabby or skin and bone…

Then his hair…oh my, God I want his hair…all straight and black and swishy…with those dyed purple bangs…! His hair looks like a masterpiece! I seen his eyes…they were like…amber gems…stones…things! They were all orangey and shiny and his smirk was delish looking.

And this is coming from a celibate, under-sexed, virgin-Mary type person who has probably had little to no sexual thoughts on someone before.

Ooer… I need to stop thinking this way! I stared at the desk, nibbling on my sandwich. It was a sub-type thing my mom threw together for me last night and threw into the fridge. It was pretty good.

When his chair crashed back to its upright position, I jumped and turned to see him watching me.

"What?" was all I could mutter when he turned his head to the side and kept staring at me.

"Is that a rash or sunburn?" he asked, finally!

Wait… See?! "Its freckles, thank you!" I turned away from him and stared at the blackboard.

He chuckled under his breath…the nerve of him! "I'm sorry, it's just…they're so close together," he had an amused smile on his face…which was damned cute…but still…! "Is it really freckles?" he asked.

"Yes, I have them everywhere else, if you must know," I glared at the table, "Just not as badly as on my face." And I left it at that. I realize saying that probably would have left an opening for a sex joke, but I'm going to pretend it was said in all innocence…er…yeah…

He left it alone, thankfully.

"So, can I get my book back from you?" he asked finally.

I swore. "Its in my locker…I didn't think I'd see you until tomorrow," I answered and started gathering my stuff. "C'mon…" I grumbled when my bag was packed and I put the chair back up.

"Wow…you're a real goody aren't you?" he mocked as he stood. I had to push the chair under the desk before following him out of the room.

So what if I didn't like it when people left chairs out? I usually have to push them under the desk so I could get around them! I watched him as he walked. He was rather hunched over, awkward even…uncomfortable? I dunno, but if he was standing straight, he could probably be around 6'? 6'2? Somewhere around there, he was definitely taller than me. I strode passed him and made it to my locker, using the combo before he even reached me. I really look like a nerd right now, I'm sure. I grabbed his binder and took out the notes I had to take for Biology. "I borrowed a couple of papers," I said lamely.

"Whatever," he flipped through his book, "If I run out, I'll ask you for some," he smirked at me and left. I was left there, with a confused look on my face. Yeah…very attractive look…at least I wasn't slack-jawed or all 'OMG Kitty'. I took out my I-pod and listened to I'm on A Boat. I had to find a line or two that could be used in the skit.

I'm on a boat muthafucker, take a look at me. Straight floating on a boat, on the deep blue sea. Busting five knots, wind whippin at my coat. You can't stop me muthafucka cause I'm on a boat.

Take a picture trick; I'm on a boat bitch. We drinking Santana champ' cause we're so crisp.

I nodded my head with a grin and quickly took down the lines.

I was somewhat excited to see him...and I have no idea why...I was excited for first block Drama because of him...and again, I don't know why... He's an asshole, he makes fun of my freckles and then what does he do? He skips class for the rest of the week.

First day he never came, Loren gave me a pitying look. "I hope you gave him a script..." she said as I gathered my things. I didn't...obviously...

When I left the class, I took out my binder to look for the paper with his number but it was gone. I swore quietly to myself and sighed. When I got home after school, I waited for a while and started writing out a mock script. He'd probably come on the day we were supposed to show this—next Monday—and we'd have to adlib. I hate doing that...

The next Monday, he was there and a feeling bubbled up in me. I don't know what the feeling was... Anger? Hatred? Excitement?

All very good candidates...

"Where were you?" I asked with a scowl on my face.

He gave me a sheepish smile. I stopped scowling and turned my head. "You're wearing makeup," I said slowly.

The smile dropped and he glared at me. "Get over it," he snapped and then pulled out a paper, "Here," he took out his I-Pod and turned on the song.

I quickly scanned the paper and sighed. He drew out a script for me...great...

"You have to improvise the movements," he turned to me. "Fail me and I will get even," he growled.

"If you came at all last week, or let me keep your number, I could have been ready faster," I growled back and read over the script. It was the words. I deadpanned. "I already know all the words," I said slowly.

"Of course you do," he rolled his eyes.

My eyebrow twitched. I took out my I-Pod and turned it up to maximum volume.

"Aw shit! Get your towels ready, it's about to go down

Everybody in the place hit the fucking deck

But stay on your motherfuckin toes!

We running this

Let's go

I'm on a boat

I'm on a boat

Everybody look at me

Cause I'm sailing on a boat

I'm on a boat

I'm on a boat

Take a good hard look at the motherfuckin boat

I'm on a boat motherfucker

Take a look at me

Straight floating on a boat

On the deep blue sea

Busting five knots

Wind whipping at my coat

You can't stop me motherfucker 'cause I'm on a boat

Take a picture trick

I'm on a boat bitch

We drinking Santana Champ 'cause it's so crisp

I got my swim trunks

And my flippy floppies

I'm flipping burgers

You at Kinko's

Straight flipping copies-,"

He totally cut me off from my proving of the point.

"I get it!" he snapped.

I rolled my eyes. I know…that was totally out of character for me! "I know the song," I said.

"Yeah, good job drawing attention to yourself," he said.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. "That wasn't planned…you pissed me off," I grumbled but turned my I-Pod down and started walking to a corner. He followed me and we sat in silence for a few moments.

"Okay, class!" I groaned to myself for a second.

"Let's go get condemned," I sighed to myself and we went to the center stage. "Oh yeah…and we're first," I sighed dramatically before hooking up my I-Pod to the stereo there. I swore when Last Christmas started playing. I changed it quickly, my face burning. People snickered. I knew what I had to do. I knew what the scene was.

I knew I had to do all the 'talking'…

I knew he was a total jerk…

I also know that that poem was interesting and I wanted to know what it was from…

And the last thing I knew before I fainted was: I was definitely going to have to work on speaking in front of people.


"Hello…" I blocked out the sound for a few more seconds before finally letting my eyes open a fraction.

"What?" I snapped before shielding my eyes. It was so bright…and then I have to go and see Loren? God…my first 'show' and I fainted…I just know it…

Question is: why the hell am I not hurting? Usually I'm hurt somewhere because people don't catch me…yeah…I'm saying it's happened numerous times. I sat up and rubbed my face, "How long was I out?" I asked.

"A few minutes…First Aid is on their way," Loren said.

"I don't need First Aid," I said with an annoyed look.

"Look kid, you fell over in my class. You need it," she snapped at me.

Rolling my eyes, I glared at the surrounding people. "Oh, go suck a dick and stop staring at me," I snapped at them as I stood.

I know…completely unheard of! Me, telling people off! The hit on my head (if there was a hit…) must have knocked some sense into me or something! I stretched my arms over my head and yawned loudly. "A nap is always something I need," I mumbled to myself as I started gathering my things. "I'm going home," I said offhandedly as I left the room. I heard footsteps behind me and turned. "What do you want?" I asked.

"Wanna hang out?" he asked with a grin.

Raising an eyebrow at him, I looked at the ceiling. "I was actually going to go home," I answered him slowly.

"Yeah…well, I was going to skip but there's nothing to do when you're broke," he shrugged easily.

"There's always going to your own house," I said with a deadpan stare.

"I don't go home…ever," his voice dropped a few degrees.

Maybe this is a good opportunity to get to know him? Hm? If I were in a conversation with someone on MSN, I'd have put (star) poke-poke (star). I shrugged at him. "Sure…you can come to my house…we can watch a movie or something," I said lazily as I started walking out the side door of the school, away from the Principal's office and towards the student parking lot.

"You have your own car?" he asked.

"Yeah…pretty crappy but it gets me from A to B," I said with a shrug. "What do you want to do?" I asked as I got in.

He followed suit and thought, "Let's just go to your house," he suggested with a grin.

"Just cause we're going, doesn't mean I'm going to hook up with you…I hope you know that," I told him, very seriously.

Smirking, he shrugged. "I know…you seem like too much a prude to do anything like hook up," he was baiting me!

"Ah ha, ah ha," I rolled my eyes and left the parking lot. "You seem like too much of a dumbass to actually get me to hook up with you," I grumbled under my breath as we drove.

"It took you that long to come up with that?" he snorted, "Weak, dudette, weak,"

I glared at him, "I thought of it as you were talking…I just didn't want to give you a fuckin' reason to try to get me to hook up with you," I clamped my mouth shut, face flaming hot. "Just forget it," I glowered.

He smiled and patted my head, "You're cute when you're mad," he said with an easy going stretch.

"And you're cute when you—wait…what am I saying?" I snorted, "You're not cute at all," I gave him a side-long glance.

He grinned at me. I knew it was a lie. He knew it was a lie…

Hell, my mom would know it was a lie if she was home when we got there…

Shit…my mom. I stared at the house as we drove closer to it. When I never seen her car, I let out a long, long, long sigh of relief.


"My mom isn't home," I said as I drove up to the driveway and got out.

He followed suit. "Why is it so bad that your mom might be home?" he asked.

"How would your mom react to you coming home before school is out with a girl?" I asked.

"I don't have a mom."

"Your dad then," I felt bad for bringing up the mom thing—even if I didn't know—but still…

"He wouldn't give a shit," he grumbled darkly.

"Oh." I was stumped for a few seconds before I grabbed his hand and dragged him to the front door. "Well, we'll just pretend that I never put my foot in my mouth, shall we?" I grinned at him.

"Whatever," he was still surly as I brought him to my room.

I dug around through my drawer before I found my sweats. "Did you want anything to drink?" I asked, "Eat?" when I looked back to him in my vanity mirror, he shrugged. "Alrighty…sandwiches and pops on the way," I left to get my pants on and to get the food.

Why…why did I allow him in my house, in my room…to eat my food?! Why?!

Oh yeah, the stupid, insatiable need to know where that poem's inspiration came from…and the excited, angry, butterfly feeling I get when he grins at me. That is why he's currently upstairs, probably looking in my drawers, closet and everywhere else I'd look if I were curious or nosey…which I'm sure he is.

Finishing my masterpiece of a sandwich, I split the foot long baguette in half and brought it upstairs with a couple of cans of rootbeer and my case of DVDs.

When I got to the room, he was lying on my bed, staring at my ceiling. "Where did you go?" he asked, a grin on his face, even if he was looking up.

"Oh you know…" I was sarcastic as I handed him the plate of sandwich and a pop. "What do you want to watch?" I asked.

"Anything's fine with me," he said boredly.

"Alright…tell me when to stop," I started flipping through my DVD case. When he told me to stop, I nodded and started rotating my finger in a circle, "Tell me again," I closed my eyes and started doing it in a random motion. When he told me to stop again, I looked down at the DVD and grinned. "Ever watch Night at the Museum 2?" I asked with a grin.


"Good, cause that's the one you picked," I pulled it from the casing and pushed my DVDs under my bed before running to my DVD/TV and pushing it into the slot.

"Do you always change into sweats when you come home?" he asked as I hummed a song from the previews.

"Only when I'm wearing tight jeans," I retorted. Of course, it was true…but that's besides the point.

I fell onto my bed beside him and got comfortable…or rather, as comfortable as my double could get with another person on it. He didn't budge though, so I got a bit of bed and had to hold onto his shirt to keep from falling off.

I don't think he felt all too comfortable, but I don't think he wanted to give up any of the bed either. "Ya know, if your fat arse would move over, then I wouldn't have to hold you," I said with a grunt as I pulled myself onto the bed again.

"I'm good," he said.

I let out an exasperated sigh and just as I was about to climb onto the bed again, he used his index finger to push my forehead. To put it shortly, I fell off and…weirdly enough, I starting laughing my ass off.

He let out a soft chuckle.

The door creaked open and I froze. He did too before falling off the bed beside me. "Beck?" my mom opened my door a bit wider.

I poked my head out from behind the bed. "Oh…hi, mom," I let out a pained groan as I climbed onto my bed gingerly. I felt him slip under my bed…which I'm glad was rather high for once…

Usually I'm paranoid because of that urban legend of the escaped convict licking my hand—er…yeah… Anyways, my mom gave me a quizzical look. "What's wrong?" she asked, "And why are you on the floor…or rather, why are you home?" she asked.

"Nothing…just bruised my back," I gave her a wobbly smile. "I fainted in Drama today," I said embarrassedly.

"Oh, poor," she sat on my bed and pulled me into a hug. "Are you okay?" I nodded. "I'll call the school and get you taken out of that class, okay?"

Panic took over me, "No!" I froze in her arms as soon as the brain retook control.

I felt her tense. "Why…?" she asked slowly.

"I…er…I think it could be a growing experience…maybe…I won't faint…or vomit…or stutter…if I stay in that class," I had to choose my words carefully. I didn't want to tell her that the only reason I wanted to stay in that class was because of the boy under my bed at the moment.

He was interesting…

Get off my back…monkeys…

"Well…alright," she sighed and got off my bed. "I just came to drop off the stuff I need for after work…I'll need you to bake some cookies tomorrow for Wednesday's bake sale at the hospital…okay?" she asked as she started walking towards the door.

"Alright," I said with a small, weak smile.

When she reached the door, "And Beck?" she smiled at the door.

"Yeah, mom?" I heard myself stutter again…fuck…

"Tell that boy, next time he wants to hide, to not let his shoe show?" she turned to me and smiled again, "And remember…I tru-,"

"Yeah…you trust me," I kicked the side of the bed and he slowly climbed out, an embarrassed glow on his face. "You don't have to worry-,"

"I'm going to talk to you when I get home," my mom interrupted.

Great…she seen how he looks…now she's worried her little Virgin Mary won't be one anymore…ARGH…

But it was nice to see him blush for once…it was cute. I gave my mom a deadpan look as she left the room.

"Great, bloody brilliant…" he muttered.

"At least my dad didn't catch you here…then again; he'd be so oblivious to everything around him…"

"Why, is he always busy?"

"No, he's usually home for dinner…he's just very 'in a bubble' kind of mood when it comes to my life," I shrugged and went to the window. My mom waved at me and I waved back lamely, suddenly embarrassed he was found.

"I don't get why I hid in the first place," he said with a chuckle.

"Automatic response for a man-whore?" I tried. It was rather easy to tease him, to be honest.

He laughed. "Not quite…" when he smiled at me, I felt myself straighten and I sat back onto my bed. "Not to be rude or anything, but your mom is hot," he said.

I smacked his arm, "Shut up!" I glared at him.

He grinned again, "I'm just saying…" he flipped the bangs out of his eyes and gave me full on stare, "Nothing compared to you, though," he said.

"Oh, please," I rolled my eyes, "You mistook my freckles as a rash…that is not what I call attractive," I said and pushed his face away.

He grabbed my hand and pulled it away, pulling us nose to nose. "Don't."

I froze and he let me go. Well…someone has an issue with…whatever I just did… I think I should start making a list of things about him…

Starting with the list we had to do in class. "Can I get that list back?" I asked.

"What list?" he tried being oblivious.

"Oh, bullocks," I rolled my eyes, "The list you took from my binder so I couldn't call you," I glared at him. "And yes, you are that transparent," I added.

Sighing, he pulled it from his bag on the floor. "Here," he shoved it into my hands.

I looked at it. "Alrighty," I finished looking it over and stuffed it into my sweater pocket. "Wanna finish the movie?" I asked.

"Sure," he laid back onto the bed and we rewound it to the part we were interrupted at.

"Don't look now, Mr. Daley, but you're flying an airplane," I mock quoted. It was a good movie…I liked the chemistry between Larry and Amelia…they were cute together and it was funny how she was like… "I feel like I've been awoken after a hundred years…blah, blah, blah," I grinned and looked up at Anderson.

Gotta love that name…

I found him sleeping…



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