Note to all FP readers: this isn't story so please don't comment on my lack of proper punctuation or grammar. Hope you enjoy reading this anyway. Oh, and certain euphemisms are colloquial to us, so you may not be able to understand them. But do feel free to ask me what they mean!

Sunday afternoon, 21 March 2010.

Um, hi? –waves- Okay. So I'm staring at my blank Microsoft Word right now wondering what exactly to write. At this time, random ideas keep flowing into my head so I honestly don't know where or how to begin. But I'll write this anyways. So it's a rainy Sunday afternoon and I'm sick of doing math all morning when this random idea popped into my head and I suddenly thought of what to get you for your birthday, 'cause I just can't seem to find special-enough items/things to get you each year :( And since it's your eighteenth, I thought you might like something rather special from your retarded/weird/crazy/epic/knocking-into-retarded-things-like-dusbins-and-cones friend of four years.

These were the best memories of our friendship that I remember, be it from emails, random notes secretly passed in class, gmail emails (it rhymes!), boring Physics lessons, swooning over drool-worthy FP characters, talking about God, going to church, discussing The Perfect Boyfriend, Tuesday Talks(3) at class benches… And.. I just wanted to say that, no matter where our paths lead us, no matter if we get separated by thousands of miles and seas, our friendship will last. And I thought I'd write these memories down, so that I won't ever forget. :) That I had a friend named Deborah in school, and a good friend at that. And, I definitely couldn't ask for a better friend.

So here goes… (uh, I hope you like it 'cause this is my first real attempt at writing a "story" )

(For the sake of FP readers, I will be addressing the general audience/readers.)

We Could Be Friends Forever

(Cheesy title much? Hope you won't be too cheesed out HAHA.)

#TAKE 1: Why my life is never boring.

One afternoon the phone rings. I pick it up.

"Hello?" I ask inquiringly.

"Qing wen ming hui zai ma? (Is Ming Hui –my Chinese name- there?)" says the voice.

-Cue guffaws-. I laugh hysterically.

"Hey!" the voice suddenly changes, "How did you know it was me?!"

"Your voice duh." I say smilingly.

"Oh right."

#Take 2: I have evil friends.

We were exchanging emails, and these were taken from the 78 emails we exchanged.[punctuations and bad grammar (!) were edited] We stopped though. (Uh, my fault actually –ducks from chainsaw-)

Me: …But it'd be kinda weird right, like you guys go from good friends to boyfriend-girlfriend so the feeling's kinda hard to adjust to. I don't know, but that's just my opinion. You don't have real guy friends? I have a few, not a lot, whom I can call real friends. I mean, they'd help me with stuff and I'd help them back, and we do share secrets/personal stuff with each other.

Deb: I wonder what love feels like. Really. I think I will go really floaty and stuff, considering that's how I get when I read those AWWWW stories. i pity my future boyfriend. I agree with your 'analysis' on the diff cultures, but still I think I'd rather Chinese not be so... stick-in-the-mud-ish.

WAHSEH you added in the part about your friends to make me jealous right! Nope I don't have any. Sadly. Rawr where did you get to know them you LUCKY FREAK! Rawr. You'd better stay far far away from me tomorrow 'cause I might bring a chainsaw to school and SAW YOUR HEAD OFF MUAHAHAHHA.
[See, this is why I secretly think my friends are scary and evil.]
Gah. Bah. Pah. LUCKY YOU. I feel so envious and self-pitying now.

[this just happened today, 30th June 2010]

I'd just knocked into a huge bright orange cone without looking. (Definitely further proof of my innate clumsiness.)

Deb: -laughs uncontrollably-

Me: -shoots death glares at said meanie-

#TAKE 3: Where I get crazy ideas from.

My archnemesis had just added me as a "friend" on Facebook and I was telling Deb that I didn't want her to be my "friend".

Deb: Don't accept. The facebook thing I mean. Why have unpleasant people on your list?! Oh to send rubbish to, yeah, maybe. –insert evil smirk-

#Take 4: Why we are such weird people.

Me: I guess I would probably date to get married or get experience? HAHAHA okay. HMM. Hah no I can't see myself with any guy please. HAHA. I'm considering staying single for the rest of my life. unless I can find a guy who totally sweeps me off my feet (and out from my rock, of course) then yeah.. I'll probably marry. Or else, I'll just rear four cats, three dogs and five goldfishes. Or worse, retreat to my rock and when I wither and leave this place on earth forever, no one will be there to collect my decomposed self. HAH ok never mind.

Deb: How can someone sweep you out from your rock? He needs to be like a bird or something; and have a long something to poke you out. Or hey maybe he could light a fire at the entrance and FORCE you out AHHAHA. Why are we talking about such weird stuff. [my sentiments exactly.]

#Take 5: Discussing THE Boyfriend.

Deb: I think neurology is scary. Do you watch miao4 shou3 ren2 xin1?! YOU SHOULD TOTALLY WATCH IT it's SO cool. I think it'd suck to have a bf in A&E. Can you imagine if you're doing something together, like having a candlelit dinner or he's about to propose or you're having sex and then BEEP he has to leave. So anti-climatic.

#Take 6: We talk about random stuff, like rocks.

Me: …I will be slaughtered and sent to the electric chair.. or something! Or if I'm lucky enough, I'll get to retreat to my humble abode under my favourite rock. (HAHAHA) Okay, enough about my humble abode. I'm sure you're sick of hearing of it already.

Deb: What's wrong with your rock! I like your rock. Even though I haven't seen it. And no it's okay i don't want to visit. AHHA. I'll send you some moss to brighten up the place. Do you want yellow moss, pink moss, multicoloured moss or just original green moss?

Me: HAHAHA hello my rock is cool okay. Don't insult it. Hmph how could you not want to visit my rock?! Do you have a death wish or something? Anyway sure! Send me some moss then, thank you. Hmmm I want moss. Yellow/pink moss is disgusting.

#TAKE 7: Craziness is our normality.

Deb: HELLO you're leaving tonight. MUAHAHAH SINGAPORE SHALL BE DOMINATED BY ME ALONE! Ahaha I'm a bit nutty. [So she realised.] I realised my differentiation is TERRIBLE. My product rule can kill.

#TAKE 8: We're dinosaurs. (Yes, they're extinct but whatever.) No, really.

[We were texting.]

Me: (confidential stuff)

Deb: Awww, thanks saur. :)

A/N: Yesss. Glad I finished this on time!

Okay so I read your lj a few days ago, on how you wanted to be reminded of how the sixteen year old you were like because of reasons I won't announce here. So I hope this might help. But no matter what, you always have my support yeah. Always.

And.. I just want to end off with a little note (IGNORE ALL CHEESINESS): thanks for being such a wonderful wonderful friend :) really appreciate you and I love you! Je t'aime (: And if the above isn't proof enough, remember the time when you were upset and I bought a chocolate bar for you? Well, that was the last dollar of my allowance for the month, so I had nothing left to spend after that (save for a 5-cent coin). So I really hope that dollar was well-spent (; Haha.

So.. happy 18th birthday :) okay this proves that being a literature student totally does not guarantee excellent expression of thoughts and emotions. But.. I guess this sums it all up: I love you. : )

All the best for bio tomorrow! (I'm so freaking screwed. As usual.)