AFather's Love

Underneath that bitterness that swallowed you years ago

It lies sleeping, peering out of the darkness

When I least expect it, It holds me safe and warm

Protects me from others that may do me harm

It doesn't appear often, not that I care so much

I'm older now, wiser and smarter

The time, where my need to be loved as surpassed

I do not mind, if you have no faith or hope in my dreams

Nor does it bother me, that your distain is obvious in your eyes

I am a young woman, struggling to find her voice

To find her being

And I will be heard

I will not allow the mistakes of yesterday to cast a shadow on tomorrow

For you shall not be there tomorrow

I will fly away

Then you won't be catch me, contain me, trap me and kill me

With your so called love

And then there will be nothing that you can do, daddy