Crashed Party

by Lerene

Summary: Tony and Alan like to party every-so-often. It's their way of dealing with their crappy home life. Tony has parents and siblings that wish he wasn't around. Alan's life is so bad he won't talk about. When things get bad enough they party until they can forget, they always try looking for a local party.

Then Tony gets the stupid idea to throw the "It Party." The "It Party" being the party that everyone will talk about forever. Tony plans to break into a stranger's house to throw the party and Alan should have put his foot down and refused. Looking back, Alan wishes he had because now they're screwed. It seems the owner of the house is a sorcerer and the guy is not going to let them go. Not ever.

Genres: Fantasy, Angst, Drama, Romance

Rating: M

Note: The later part of this story will be slash (Relationship between two males)

Warning: This story will have mention of dark themes; there will be language, violence, dark topics, and depressing topics.

But to keep it from getting too depressing my wicked humor will also be found in it. I just don't know how to write a story without there being some humor in it. And well, I don't want it to get too depressing.

Chapter bata by Purplehost. Thanks so much for your hard work!

Story is copyrighted to Lerene. No reposting whatsoever!

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Chapter 1: This house will work

"This is a very bad idea," Alan said simply.

"Will you shut up?" Tony hissed. He turned, giving his friend a sharp look. His long strawberry blond bangs partly covered his left eye in an annoying fashion as he did so. His hair was cut short in the back and his bangs were grown longer in emo-like style. His step-father called it a backward mullet. But if anyone dared to call him an emo he'd yell and curse until their ears bled. He didn't think he was an emo at all, then again he wasn't really sure what an emo really was. "Stop being such a loser. Don't you want to find the new hot spot for the next big party? I think this place may be it."

"But nobody from our school lives here."

"Exactly." Tony grinned as he watched the house in front of them. The two of them were hidden by large bush that grew next to a fence that divided the two property lines. The long driveway in front of them led to a large two-story house that looked like it had at least ten bedrooms upstairs and many large rooms downstairs. Out front there was a large lawn with a few bushes near the windows and a large tree with large hanging limbs falling from its trunk. It was a perfect place for a party. A party everyone at their high school would remember forever. "This house will be prefect!"

"But isn't it illegal?" Alan whispered in a hiss.

Tony glared at his friend. "For someone who greatly enjoys these parties I find this nervousness hard to believe."

Pushing a leaf out of his face Alan glared at the shorter male. "Yeah and all the parties we went to before were at someone's house when their parents were out of town."

"But a party at this house won't have the police breaking down the door and busting us for underage drinking."

Alan gave him a disbelieving look. "You seem pretty sure of that." Alan didn't believe it at all. The police would be called but instead of being arrested for underage drinking, they would be charged with breaking and entering. Tony was nuts for having this plan. As much as throwing a party in a big mansion would be great, jail time wouldn't.

Alan eyed the house; a party there looked like it would be a lot of fun.

"I'm very sure. Now stop being a loser." Before he could say more he was interrupted.

"I'm not going to jail," Alan snarled.

"You won't," Tony said with a roll of his eyes. He shook his head at his friend causing his bangs to fall in his face again. He blew at his bangs so he could see again. "This guy is always throwing parties late into the night and police never come. Heck, I bet he bought the police off so they wouldn't come out if a complaint was made. And I highly doubt anyone in this neighborhood would call the police because of the noise any way. This neighborhood is far from clean and probably every house has a skeleton in their closet. The rich crowd is not so clean." He waved his hand out at the houses across the street.

Alan raised an eyebrow at Tony's claim and glanced across the street at the other large homes. "You've been stoking this neighborhood for a long time I take it." He turned back around with one brown pierced eyebrow raised. He never thought of his friend as the stoker type.

"Well a course," Tony said with a large grin plastered to his face, taking pride in what Alan said. Although given the things he knew he probably shouldn't be so proud. "Across the way there's the fifty-year-old pervert that brings home underage prostitutes," he said pointing at said house. Then he started point to other houses and began airing their dirty laundry. "Over in that house I'm pretty sure there's a drug lord. And in that house the father that beats his wife and kids. That's just a few of the houses. There's more if you want to know." He waved a hand carelessly at the houses. Every one of the houses had something dark going on in them. Heck he was pretty sure the owner of the house they were looking at did some illegal things during the parties. It made him wonder again which house it was that made the porno. He frowned and glanced at the other houses; he couldn't remember which one it was anymore.

"No that's fine; I don't need to hear more." It was more along the lines, he ratter not hear any of the darker things that he was sure Tony has saw out here. Alan had enough dark crap at home; he didn't need to hear other peoples.

Alan glanced back at the house. "So what makes you think this house will work and that the guy will be gone long enough for us to have a party at his place? I'm pretty sure with how we are hiding in a bush that we aren't going to nicely ask the guy if we could use his house."

"Why ask?"

"Why indeed," Alan said with a sigh. He dug a hand into his brown hair messing up the spiked look. A normal short spiky style, not an emo version of spiky hair. He had a hard time not laughing at the kids at school with the over exaggerated emo look. Tony's hair was the only emo look he was okay with, not like he would ever style his hair like that. Tony's hair was the only one he thought had style while all the others just looked like they came to school with bed hair and a horrible dye job. Alan was still waiting for the day that Tony dyed his hair and put on makeup. Because when that day came Alan was going to have fun making fun of him.

"Like I said I've been watching this house for a while, that's the main reason I've been sleeping in class," Tony shifted as he talked. His legs were slowly falling asleep. His calves were starting to feel like needles were poking him. He hated that feeling; his legs would always feel like jelly when he tried to walk afterward. He began to massage his calves to get the feeling back in them.

"And here I thought it was because you hated the subject," Alan added dryly.

"That too," Tony said with a wave of his hand. Tony had the habit of talking with hands without realizing it sometimes. "But this guy is always throwing parties or else he's out partying. And when he's out he's gone past midnight."

Alan blinked at his friend in surprise, "You've been out here until after midnight?"

"Well duh, I did say it was one of the reasons I slept in class." Glancing back at the house Tony slowly creeped through the bush to get to the street. The only reason he was here tonight was show Alan the house. He needed to get some sleep every once in a while otherwise he wouldn't be able to drive around because he was so tired. And it wasn't like Alan could drive him around; the other male didn't have a car and still only had his permit. It was kind of hard to take a driver's test when all you had was a bicycle. And it wasn't like Tony was going to offer his car.

"What, you're not staying in the bush until midnight tonight," Alan said dryly following behind Tony. After a branch smacked him in the face he put more space between the two of them. He had reason to believe the jerk did that on purpose. After they were out of the bush the two of them took a left, walking down the street in silence. They didn't talk again until they were back in Tony's car. Tony had parked next to a park that was about a quarter of a mile away from the house. They didn't want to park it in front of the house because that would be just stupid. "That was a weird walk."

Tony frowned and stopped his movement to turn the engine on. "How so?" He looked at his friend with a curious look. Oddly, he felt like a bird with his head cocked at an angle.

"We were the only ones out."

Tony glanced at the car clock after he turned it on. "Well, it is after ten." Looking over his shoulder he backed the car up then headed toward the highway for the twenty minute drive back to the neighborhood they lived in.

"How'd you learn about this area anyway?" Alan asked the windshield. It was a long drive from their homes and he couldn't think of any reason why someone from their school would want to get onto that particular off-ramp of the freeway. Nothing was out there that any of them would care about. They were at a large park, but there was an entrance closer to where they lived, conveniently enough. The only other things out there were the large homes; no students that went to their school lived in the area. If any students lived in this area they were going to the large private school half way between the large homes and the average homes that Alan and Tony lived in. If anything, the kids from their school came out here to steal things from the nice houses.

"I don't really remember any more. I just went for a drive one night to get away and some how ended up taking that off-ramp."

"Where you somehow learned about that one house?"

"Yeah." Tony frowned while he drove in the dark. Not that many cars were out at this hour. He really couldn't remember how he came to find that one house in the first place. It was pretty weird when he thought about it. Why did he take that road? He could not remember anymore. Maybe he just took the wrong off ramp. What was it about that house that drew him to it?

"Can I stay at your house tonight?"

"Of course," Tony said with a small smile. He knew his friend had a horrible relationship with his father. The guy's dad was a mean mother F when he wanted to be and Alan had bruises to prove it. It was hard to believe someone as large as Alan could have bruises from being beat up, but he did because his father was just built stronger. Alan may have been 6'4 with a swimmer's body, but his dad was 6' and built like a quarterback. Alan's dad was the reason his mother committed suicide.

The thought of the bruises on Alan had Tony flinching in pain. Where Alan had an abusive parent, Tony had parents who didn't care about him or at least that was the impression he got from them. They would say they love him, but he knew with the way they treated his younger sister and brother that they wished they didn't have him. Or that his mother wished she didn't have him. He knew he was the mistake son his mother had with a boyfriend she had in college. He sometimes wondered if he went missing if they would even care. In all the nights he was out late his parents never said anything at all and neither did his siblings.

"I still have a bit of studying to do on the house before I figure when we can have the party. But in two weeks time I think we are going to have the hot spot." Tony said to get his and Alan's minds off their sucky home life.

"I guess we'll see in two weeks time then." Alan still wasn't sold on the idea but knew he wouldn't be able to change the dork's mind. When Tony had a plan, he didn't stop until it had been played out; and then there was no going back regardless of whether or not the plan was good, bad, or just plain stupid.

"I'm thinking Friday will be the night we do things," Tony said. "The guy is always gone on Friday. I'll check on this coming Friday if it's still true. I want to be 100 % sure on things first. The guy has been gone on Fridays the most. Other nights it's very iffy."

"You're rambling," Alan smiled as he leaned his elbow against the door.

"What?" Tony took his eyes off the road to look at his friend but Alan reached out and pushed on his chin to get him to look at the road again.

"Don't worry about it," Alan laughed. "Just get us safely to your house so I can go to bed."

"Well you're not stealing my bed."

"Yes I am. I'm bigger and I can easily push you onto the floor if you think of overtaking me." Alan said with a big smile. He glanced out the window as they got off the freeway.

"No you won't."

"Want to bet on that, Little Man?" Alan sang.

Tony grumbled from the driver's seat as he turned onto his street. Yeah, he knew Alan was going to steal his bed. But after many nights falling asleep in the dirt behind the bush or falling asleep in the car before he even left the house he really wanted to sleep in his comfy bed and not the floor, or worse, his computer chair.

"What ya say?" Alan laughed.

"I said you better buy me another bed or a comfy couch to put in my room."

Alan laughed, "I'll add it to the list of things to buy after a car."

Tony just pouted as he parked his car in front of his house and started stoking to his front door. That meant never. When he heard Alan shut his car door he hit the clicker on his key. Finding the front door he frowned realizing that someone was still up, probably his mother or his step-father. He rolled his eyes at the thought that they stayed up to yell at him for being home late.

"Where have you been Tony," A curious male voice called after he walked through the door.

Tony turned a glare at his step-father who sat at the kitchen table behind his laptop. A large smile was on the man's aging face. "None of your business," Tony snarled causing the man's smile to fall into a sad look. A look Tony missed as he turned to climb the stairs.

"Hello Mr. Cathmor," Alan called in hope of making the poor man feel better.

"Hello Alan. How are you tonight?" The man's smile lifted a bit but it looked forced.

"I'm nowhere near my father," Alan said knowing the man would understand. It was the whole reason they let Alan stay was because Mr. Cathmor understand what a horrible man Alan's father was. Mr. Cathmor went to school with Alan's father so he knew first hand what type of guy he was.

"You are always welcome to come here," Mr. Cathmor said with a sad smile.

"Thank you Sir." He turned to go back up the stair but stopped.

"I put a cot up in his room so to two of you can stop fighting over who gets the floor."

Alan laughed. "Sorry if fighting for the bed woke you and the Misses. Good Night."

"Good Night."

Alan sighed as he walked up the stairs. He just couldn't understand why Tony hated the poor guy's guts. He was a pretty nice dude and was always trying to buy Tony's love. But Tony only snubbed the guy.

Walking into Tony's bedroom Tony was already curled up in the bed with the blankets wrapped around him. Alan rolled his eyes and then looked for the cot. It was sitting folded up under the window with a pillow and blankets next to it. He went over to it and set it up.

"So that's what that stupid thing is."

Alan looked over his shoulder at the sound of his friend's voice. He wanted to laugh when he noticed that Tony wrapped himself in the blankets so tightly that the only thing Alan could see were his friend's sapphire eyes. "Are we cold," he joked.

"No," Tony replied. "I wanted to make sure you didn't steal my bed."

"Looks more time you were trying to make sure I didn't take the blankets." Alan put the padding on the cot then lay down. Cots were so not made with someone with his long frame.

"That too."

Alan laughed. "Oh go to bed, you idiot."

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Story is copyrighted to Lerene. No reposting whatsoever!