Crashed Party

by Lerene

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Chapter 4: Horrible Practice

Alan dropped his swim bag on the locker room floor with a grunt. He ran a hand down his tired face and plop his tired ass down on the bench in front of his locker. He wished he was anywhere but here at school. Sleeping would be the most preferred. Sleeping in a coma like state away from all his problems would be awesome. Not that could happen.

He was too tired. He didn't sleep a wink and he had to crawl out bed . . . out of his cot at a quarter to 5 so he could get to school for his 5:30 A.M. practice. He never thought that was too early than he did at that moment. His body just did not want to work the way he wanted it to. He still felt like he was coming off the drugs his father gave him. He glanced at his hands that were shaking just slightly. His dad must have spiked one of the drug or used something different. He never felt this drained hours after things happened. Dirty, yes, but not drain and unable to make his body work.

"Hurry up Alan or Coach will have your neck."

"Yeah," Alan said glancing over at one of his teammates, but Alan still didn't move to change his cloths. His body was not listening to his mind that told him to get ready.

The black haired male frowned at him and eyed him up and down. "Rough Night," Fabian asked leaning against the locker. He was already fully dress and ready for ready for practice. Or underdressed as the case may be. He was wearing his green speedo and had a black towel draped around his tan neck.

"You could say that," Alan signed. He wasn't going to tell him the truth that he was drugged then raped repeatly by some cheap whore. Alan knew that many males out there that wouldn't call it rape, they would just say he was lucky. He was far from lucky. He was bordering on broken. "You go ahead, I'll be out in a second."

Fabian hummed at him but turned around to headed out of the locker room leaving Alan by himself.

Alan just wanted to be by himself. He didn't want to go to practice. He didn't want to be here at school at all. He wanted to just find some hole and hide in it so no one else could see what a mess he was.

But he couldn't do that or he would get in trouble with his coach. He also feared if he showed up in the state he was in that he would get in trouble with his coach anyway. There was no way for him to win this.

Rubbing his face he finally gave in, he couldn't postpone it any longer. He opened his locker which smelled a bit like chlorine. He removed his cloths and placed them in his locker than grabbed his speedo out of his swim bag. He was fixing his speedo so it was comfortable on him when he caught site of all the scratches the whore gave him. Scratches covered his pecks and stomach, some of them looked pretty deep and probably bleed at the time they were giving. He didn't pay attention at the time because he made his mind numb to the torture. And the worst fact was that the scratches looked like they were caused by sex.

Fuck, this practice was really going to be bad.


Yeah, his teammates whispering around him did not help at all. But at least the guys weren't slapping him on the back, well so far. And the girls thankfully were leaving him alone. As long as things stayed that way he would be happy. But Alan knew better, it would only take some time. He just fucking hope things stayed at practice and didn't follow him around at school the rest of the day.

"Alright, Boys up on the boards. Time to practice and try to get your best time," Their coach called. The man stood at one of the pool wearing a T-shirt, shorts, and flip flops. His normal clothes no matter the time of year and weather. It was a pretty rare sight to see the thirty-year-old in a pair of pants.

Sighing Alan walked up to the board and waited for the whistle from the Coach. Five of the other guys climbed up as well and the last 3 guys waited behind them awaiting their turns. There were more girls on the team then guys.

"So whose the girl and can I get her number?" Jim asked from the board to Alan's left.

So that lasted, what? Five minutes?

"Find your own girl Jim," Fabian said from Alan's right. Fabian stood on his board streaking his muscles and watching as the girls from the team went to the other side of the pool so they could time them. Fabian was the flirt on the team. The girls by now knew the act so they for the most part ignored him.

"Come on Alan," Jim asked.

"No," Alan said. He was saved from talking to Jim by the coach's whistle so he dived in the pool and began to swim to the other side of the pool. His whole body felt like he was swimming through jello. All his muscles aching at being overused. And since he was one of the best on the team he was sure his Coach was going to say something to him.

Alan touched the end of the pool and pulled himself out of the water. His female teammate told him his time with a frown. "Are you alright Alan?" the 10 grader asked.

"Tired, I guess." Alan said removing his goggles and walking away to get out of the way of the next teammates that were about to swim.


He should have made a bet or something. Sighing Alan made his way over to his Coach to learn his fate. "Yes Coach?"

"What happen, boy? You're the best in the team and you just came in fourth, half a body length behind Jim. Normally it's the other way around." Jim wasn't the fastest males on the team and usually Alan was always half a body length ahead of him, if not a whole body length. Jim's short height didn't always help when swimming against the taller teammates.

Alan shrugged not wanting to share the real information. That was a can of worms he didn't want to open. "Didn't sleep well."

His Coach smiled and glanced at the scratches on Alan's body. "I guess you didn't. But next time try and keep your wild ways away from your nights before a practice and especially the nights before a tournament."

"Yes Sir."

"Okay, back to the pool."

Alan nodded his head then headed back to the pool. He ended up doing three more races and by the third one he was feeling a bit better but his time was still no where near his normal time. Alan pulled himself out of the pool and frowned when he noticed Tony sitting at the short bleachers that were in the pool area. But he didn't have time yet to talk to him and ask why he was here.

As he waited for his next race he couldn't help frowning over at his friend. Tony hated mornings and never before went to one of Alan's morning practice. Never. He went to the ones after school and a few of the ones the Coach sometimes did at night when it was close to a large tournament.

Realizing he was paying to much attention to his friend and not the pool he put Tony out of his mind and looks back at the pool. They were practicing a relay race and Alan would be the last one on his team to swim. Fabian would be the first to help get a good time in the beginning and Alan would swim last to pick up the time the other two may of cause. Brian and Ivan where both pretty good swimmer, they just weren't as fast as the other two or as tall.

Ivan was drawing close to their side of the pool so Alan climbed on to the board and got ready to drive in the pool as soon as Ivan was out of the way. If Alan didn't know better he would say that Ivan was pulling a pretty good time, he glanced over to Fabian who was timing Ivan then Alan cringed releasing he forgot to time Brian's time. He would have apologies right then and there but Ivan swam to the side of the pool and he had to dive in.

Alan swam half the pool underwater before he came back up for air and began his stroke. He was at the end of the pool and turning around before he knew it. His muscles were now warmed up and were doing what they should have and his mind was no longer foggy, making Alan believe the drugs were finally flushed through his system. If that were even still in his system in the first place during his practice. It could have just been his head that he thought the drug was still in his system when it really was just trauma that had him playing bad.

Alan smacked the wall finishing the race. Catching his breath he stayed in the pool and waited to hear how he did. Out of the corner of his eye he saw one of the other teams finished their race.

"That's the Alan we love," Fabian joked causing Alan to roll his eyes. "Got pretty close to your normal time there. Not quite there but so much better than earlier," Fabian said glancing at the stop watch Brain was holding.

"Good," Alan said then pulled himself out of the pool. He looked over to Brian, "Thanks for taking my time. Real sorry I didn't take yours."

Brian waved the apology away before Alan had a chance to finish it. "Don't worry about it. You seems pretty distracted today and knowing our Coach he'll make us go another round after the girls are done."

Ivan and Fabian laughed at that and walked over to Hannah who was tracking the whole teams time. Brian followed behind them while Alan walked over to Tony to find out why he was there.

"Come to see all our junk hanging out?" Alan teased. Tony laid on the bench with a fold piece of blue paper in front of his face. That paper was there so he couldn't see the guys hanging in their speedos.

Tony gave a sleepy glare from above the paper. "Your teammates wished."

Alan smirked and stole the paper from Tony. "What's this?"

Tony gave a protest then rolled onto his back. "Keep your junk out of my face."

Alan shook his head. "I'll be sure to keep it to myself," Alan said happy that Tony willing didn't say anything about yesterday. Tony was a good friend to not bring up things Alan had no wish to talk about, yet Tony still was there to help him deal. Alan open the blue paper and smiled seeing that someone was going to be throwing a party. Prefect, just what he need.

"It's tomorrow at one of the footballers house," Tony said looking up at the cloudy sky. He looked all but ready to fall asleep on the bench. "Probably one of the ones were the parents will be at it. Fuck, I hate when the parents act like they are in high school."

"Party is a party," Alan said. He really didn't care, those parents made him laugh and he found them great entrainment. "So why are you here so early?"

Tony pressed his lips into a thin line.


"To check on you," Tony finally mumbled.

Alan smiled. "I'm much better than I was."

Tony then his head to look at Alan but got an eye full of Alan's packed speedo. "Eck, get that out of my face."

"Your the one laying at crotch level," Alan laughed then made his way back to the pool. He glanced over his shoulder to see Tony was flipping him off. Yeah, today may just be a little better now. Ignore his problem like it never happen and things should be fine.

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