"Fuck," I groan, rolling over and rubbing my hands over my face. I feel like shit right now. My head's pounding and it's pretty obvious that I spent some time puking. And for some reason my jaw feels like it's been hit by a freight train.

Grabbing my cell, I ignore the dozens of texts waiting for me and glance at the clock. Six fucking am. This is balls. The last thing I remember last night is chatting up some girl.

I've really gotta piss so I climb out of bed and stop in my tracks when I see a girl curled up in the armchair beside my bed. A hot girl, if the blond hair and long legs mean anything. I don't invite girls into my bedroom so they can sleep in an armchair. What the hell is going on?

As if sensing me, she sits up. Shit. I recognize this girl. She's Alexa's friend, the one who is totally off limits to me. What did Lex call her? Bing or something?

"Hi. Um, how are you feeling?" she whispers shyly.

Fuck! Shy girls are so adorable. I just want to cuddle them all over the place and then do something else I will definitely not think about in relation to Alexa's off-limits-adorable-as-fuck friend.

"Hey," I murmur back, sitting on my bed. "I feel like shit."

I have no idea what to say after that because my first instinct is to hit on her. Bad, Matt! Don't be a douche and piss off Alexa. Concentrate on anything other than how her hair looks right now, all rumpled from sleep.

"So you're probably wondering what I'm doing here," she says. "I'm sorry. Alexa just asked me to look after you. Well, I offered because I didn't actually suggest that you stop drinking last night."

"You're going to have to help me out. I don't remember much of anything from last night. Did we, um..." I trail off awkwardly.

Her eyes widen, "Oh God no! We danced once. Well kind of. There was this girl hanging all over you."

"That happens a lot," I reply cheekily. "I can't imagine ignoring you though."

Fuck! Do I seriously have such little self-control? Treat this girl like she is Alexa and do it now!

"You didn't have much of a choice," she replies a little dryly. "Especially after her boyfriend punched you in the face."

"Well, that explains my jaw, I guess."

She laughs and then her eyes widen when she sees the time. "Yeesh! It's three a.m.! I didn't realize it had gotten so late. I should call my mother."

"Alright. You do that. I'm gonna piss."

Perfect, dickwad! Tell the super hot girl in your bedroom that you need to piss. She'll definitely be turned on by that.

Wait. I don't want to turn her on. God damnit, this is annoying. Alexa really owes me one.

"Um, Matt?" she whispers before I've made it into the hallway. "May I use your phone? Mine seems to have died."

"Sure," I say, tossing it to her. I notice that she seems to be shivering so I grab a hoodie off of my doorknob and hand that to her as well. "You look cold. Put this on."

She just stares at it and I have to laugh. "Seriously. It's fine."

"I don't know if I should," she mumbles.

"Look, Lex is a softy," I interrupt. She – Sam! That's what her name is! – Still looks apprehensive so I add, "She talks a big game, but she has a good heart."

"Oh, I know that! I'm just covered in beer and cigarette smoke. Your hoodie will probably smell awful tomorrow," she says, glancing at me.

Her eyes are shining slightly in the moonlight and she has this big pouty lips. God and Alexa forgive me. Good behavior just isn't in my nature.

I cross the room and press my nose into her hair. She gasps softly and I seriously have to work at suppressing a groan. She smells like pears and whisper against her ear, "You smell awesome to me."

"Um, thanks," she mumbles awkwardly.

Shit. Must get out of this room.

"No worries," I say, clearing my throat and practically sprinting to my bedroom door. "Be back in a minute."

I pass Alexa's door on the way back and immediately feel guilty. The on thing she's directly asked me to do in my life and all I've been doing is obsessing over it for the past ten minutes. I am the worst brother in the world... of all time maybe.

"I'm fine, Mom. Alexa will bring me home tomorrow morning. No, Mom! I haven't been drinking. I love you, too." Sam's eyes meet mine and she blushes fiercely. "Mom, I am seriously going to spike all of your Diet Mountain Dew tomorrow. Deserved, Mom. Way deserved."

I chuckle to myself and climb into my bed.

"Love you," she says before hanging up. She slowly crosses the room and places my cell on the bedside table. "Thank you."

I stare at her, admiring the way my hoodie fits her. It's about five sizes too big, the sleeves falling over her hands and the bottom skimming her thighs. Fuck, I should give it to her. I should give her all of my clothing if she can make it look like that!

I take it back. I am not a bad brother. Alexa is a terrible sister. Who leaves such a cute girl in their hormonal older brother's room? Seriously, WHO?

"Well, I think it's safe to say you're not moments from puking all over yourself. Do you want me to get you some water or something?" she asks.

"No, I'm good." Except for the fact that I may pull you onto my bed and ravish you.

"Okay then. Good night." She makes her way to my door and panic slices through me.

"Wait," I say, immediately hating myself. Am I really that horny? "If you're not too tired, you mind talking for awhile?"

Good, Matt. Alexa didn't forbid you from speaking to her. That is a totally safe and unbreakable plan.


"I guess," she replies quietly, plopping into the chair again. "Was something on your mind?"

If she were any other girl I'd probably say, Yeah. You're on my mind, baby. That type of shit works on most girls, but, for some reason, I don't think it would work on her. And even if it would, I'm not trying to work anything on her.

Finally I settle on saying, "Sorry if I was a huge dick during the party or anything. It was sweet of you to look after me."

"You weren't a huge dick," she says, chuckling. "I really did feel a little responsible. Alexa warned me that you might let things get a little out of hand. I should have paid closer attention."

"That's not your job," I say, turning to face her.

"Maybe, but I'm Alexa's best friend," Sam replies. "And she was worried about you."

"I do tend to get a little out of hand after Dad's been in town, but I'm sure Lexie's told you about all of that shit."

"She hasn't, actually. Alexa keeps a lot of things close to herself, I think. Up until this year, we really didn't talk that much," Sam admits. "We spoke in classes and we ate lunch together, but a lot of this is a new development."

I think about that for a long time. Has Alexa ever really had any friend's to speak of? Not that I can recall. What is it she said? Something about never bringing girls home because of Andy, Doug, and me. I think over the last half hour and how impossible it's been for me to keep my thoughts straight. No wonder Alexa has no friends. I'd probably try and fuck them all.

"That's probably my fault," I reply guiltily. "I'm not always the most trustworthy person."

"Yeah, I've heard of your reputation, obviously. I do go to the same school as you. A lot of what goes on with Alexa, I think, is her deal though. It's not necessarily fair for you to completely blame yourself."

If only you could read my mind.

"I'm not trying to say anything bad about her, though," Sam adds quickly. "I love her and I'm so happy that she's opened up to me. It just makes me sad that she's so scared to show herself to people - like this thing with Dominic, for example. I think he really likes her, but she refuses to acknowledge anything."

"Dominic Connor? That guys a tool bag! She doesn't need any guys in her life! Andy, Doug, and I will look out for her!" I snap. "He obviously only wants one thing!"

She shoots me this look that says You really have room to talk? and says, "Maybe, considering everything, you should let Alexa make her own decisions. She might disagree with your, um, lifestyle, but she does try to accept what you want."

"I can see why Lex likes you. You're all about the blunt truth, aren't you?" I reply a little dryly.

She laughs, "Maybe, but I never tell people things they probably aren't already thinking on their own."

I shrug and examine her. Who'd think that an adorable little girl might actually make me think about my relationship with Alexa? Actually, this might be the longest conversation I've ever had with a girl that wasn't completely driven by sex. So what if I can't sleep with her? It might not be so terrible to have a girl around every once in awhile.

Then she bites her bottom lip and begins absentmindedly twirling a piece of her hair. Nope, it would be fucking terrible. Hopefully I'll never have to be alone with this girl again.

All right, Lex. You've asked too much of me. I can't possibly be this saintly. Maybe her words were more of a suggestion than a warning. Yeah, that's it.

"So Sam," I say. "Maybe you and I should –"

Her hand slowly falls from her hair to rest on her knee. Soft, deep breathing fills the silence. Saved by the clock; she must be sleeping. I sigh and grab a blanket off of my bed, laying it across her sleeping form. For a moment, I consider moving her to my bed, but decide this is the universe telling me to leave her be. There're dozens of girls – hundreds, even – in the world. My sister only asked me to stay away from one. I can handle that.

She is fucking cute as hell, though.


The next morning I wake up to find she's gone. A glass of water and bottle of aspirin sit beside my phone on the bedside table. The hoodie I'd lent Sam is folded on the chair with a note placed on top.


Alexa gave me a ride home. Thanks for the hoodie... and for the talk. You guys might have a bad reputation at school and everything, but I don't think you're all that evil! If you ever need anyone to talk to – someone who isn't related to you or trying to sleep with you, give me a call. My number is 555-0999.

Sam Samantha=]

PS – If you don't remember, Sam Samantha is what you called me last night.

PPS – Also, if you'd like me to wash that hoodie for you, give it to Alexa.

I chuckle to myself and pull the hoodie over my head. It smells just like she did – like pears and cinnamon. I consider adding her number to my phone, but decide against it. No way will I avoid drunk texting this girl. I toss the note in a draw, down a few aspirin, and collapse into bed. I lied before, Alexa owes me so much more than she could even imagine.

And I really need to get laid like yesterday.

God Damnit!

A/N: Hey guys! This is a one shot about Matt Malone and Samantha Tingor from my story The Youngest Malone. I've planned almost from the beginning to write a story about Matt once I finish Alexa's story. It would pick up after TYM ends and Ting would definitely play a huge role in it. I think he needs an influence outside of his family and I like Ting in that role. She's like kryptonite for the Malone siblings – none of them can manage to ignore her 'words of wisdom'!

Anyway, this is what happened between Ting and Matt during the party in chapter 12. I think it was chapter 12. Let me know what you think of Matt's POV. I've never written first person for a guy before. Mainly because I have no idea how their minds work! Haha I think this is how Matt would sound, though. Anyway, enjoy! And if you're just stumbling upon this one shot, check out The Youngest Malone! I'd love to hear from you!

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