When I arrived

I wandered but in a dream

For nothing could be

As perfect as this seems.

I heard the echo

Of water from the stream

Following until it

Could be seen.

And slowly gurgles echoed

In my ears

Drowning the voices

Of my fears.

I slid into the cooling depths

And washed away the dawning tears

Wondering what it would take

To have this comfort always near.

Birdsong started

Startling me

A joyous song

That set me free

A chorus

Of serenity.

And I wondered

How it could be

That everything

I heard and could see

Touched within

And spoke to me.

Eventually I had to leave

I gathered up my cool and calm

I walked away reluctantly

Goosebumps running up my arms

But I kept a copy for in my dreams

To save this healing stressless balm

A memory of summer days

And this haven of trees and palms.

By Starfire17

Written 10/4/10