A/N - For once exam time was actually productive in terms of getting some poems done. They aren't all that great but they definitely helped me stay awake in lectures :)

A Sleepy Lecture Night

A murmuring drone

Fills the cold winter air

A lecture in faded old tones

And students no longer there.

A vivid bright landscape

Of dreams opens up

A silent escape

When teachers just won't shut up.

To block out the words

Of stats and of tests

See instead a shower of birds

With softer feather pillows lining the nest.

A fantasy to dream

To keep awake in the night

Stifle the urges to scream

In the face of bright lecture light.

Try all of the tricks

To keep on the topic

All dream and data to mix

But groan when the info just doesn't stick.

Eyes slowly droop down

The drone a soft lullabye

Watch it all with a frown

As it all goes goodbye.

No matter how hard

You try to fight fate

Take these words to heart

You won't stay awake.

Some lectures there's nothing

That you can ever do

Just make yourself comfy

And make sure they can't see you too.

By Starfire17

Written 27/5/2010