CARRACI and the little flower

Carracci, a young girl with a heart of gold and blonde hair like her father to match , loved playing outside in the wild garden outside her house. It was during the middle of spring time when Carracci's chocolate brown eyes landed upon the most beautiful thing she had ever seen!

She observed it carefully so she would not harm it, It had a green stem with a small yellow ball, the size of a pebble at one end. There were leaf-like shapes attached to the ball but they were way more fragile and delicate and were a pinkish colour that reminded her of her baby sister's cheeks. It resembled a painting and it looked oddly familiar.

"it's a flower!" She gasped and dashed back inside the house and dragged her brown-haired mother out.

"What is it dear?" her mother asked concerned.

"You'll see mama" was her only answer as she pulled her mother through the wild garden growing beside the village until she found where it was.

They finally came to a stop with her mother panting. "Look mother!"She exclaimed pointing a finger to the flower "it's a flower!"

"Well, it certainly is." Her mother agreed looking down at the pretty form of life "What're you going to do with it?"

Carracci shrugged. She thought for a second, "I'm going to take care of it!" she declared "Can you please ask Nanabush if he can bring me some warm water for it, because it seems as if it's going to die."

Her mother nodded and started walking in the direction she came from desperately trying to get away from the wind.

Carracci turned her gaze from her mother back to the flower. "You're going to be safe with me now" she said noticing the weather and how the flower would not be able to survive alone without warmth.

After a minute or two, Nanabush came dashing out trying to juggle the water while running quickly and almost tripping over Carracci " Whoa, Sorry!" he breathed. Her brother handed Carracci the water and focused his hazel-green eyes on the magnificent plant immediately. "WOW!" he exclaimed.

His lovely sister giggled "I know!"

"Carr, CARR, CARRACI!" her brother yelled shaking her by the shoulder violently.

"What? Huh? I'm awake, I'm awake" She yawned. The wind was so loud, she had to yell! Wait…Wind? The Storm! Her eyes widened in realization "W-what happened?"She squeaked.

He yanked her up using her arm "No time to explain right now Carracci" They raced through the garden and her body stiffened and she stopped at the sight ahead of her.

There was dirt and dry mud taking over the floor of the village. The animal hide was ripped and falling apart on the little houses .Her hand tightened on Nanabush. Little kids were crying and racing out of their houses. It was still dark and Carracci knew what had just happened. The Storm; every year they would avoid the wind and move to a place before the storm hit that area. They must have not noticed it coming because it had hit their little village of peace.

She ran inside with her brother by her side into their little house made of mud and rock. She found her mother trapped behind a giant rock holding her baby sister , Rose, tightly to her chest. Nanabush and Carracci used all their strength to push the rock aside and dodged falling dirt and roofs to their mother. They came beside their mother and Carracci took the baby quickly while Nanabush helped their mother run back outside.

They made it to the door and ran outside, Nanabush trailing behind them making sure they have everyone. Everyone made it through the door but a big rock fell right behind them and Carracci heard a grunt behind her. She turned around and saw that Nanabush's leg was scraped by the rock. She gasped and handed the baby to her mother "Mama, take Rose and I will meet you near the flower, please get to safety."

Carracci grabbed a torn piece of animal hide from the floor and quickly wrapped it over her brother's wound to stop the blood. She then asked him if he was okay and let him hold on to her arm so he wouldn't fall on their way back.

They made their way to the flower and had heard some news from the others on the way. "Mother, the others told us that the storm is past us and we need to stay, but, we need to find more stable homes because from now on there is no way we are going to be able to tell if a storm is heading out way. The weather's been changing."

"Indeed, Come up with anything and tell us" and with that they fell into a comfortable silence.

Nanabush arrived with more news " They can see a storm heading here in a little while mother, We cannot move anymore and we need to find shelter for at least a couple of days".

The flower had been listening and had a brilliant idea. Carracci would talk to him and hear it. After she had listened to his great idea she agreed. The flower took all of the love and care he had been given from Carracci and tried as hard as he could. Finally, a miracle happened and the first tree was born!

Carracci was so happy she could never go two seconds without grinning. From then on, trees were used and they had reproduced all over the place! Carracci would visit the flower ( she would always call it that) like it was her oxygen. Nanabush then grew up to be the boy who bought fire to the Indians.

So there was never a problem with making/securing houses again! There was no more moving for them and Carracci's family was recognized and she lead them into history.

The happy ending