Shall and Shall Not
Want is a hungry need; festering
on the gabled horizon; a burnt moon
diddling star shine (I feast on the light)
in the night when you can no longer
see me, but for penumbra and caricatures;
those ever ailing needs…

Those hands
that hold

as I am left
and remain
reminded, reminiscent,

thou shall not
love longer than is
necessary -

thou shall be forlorn,
for thine is the coming
of the lord, of the sword,
of the board of sinners
finger pointing, agrarian
sisters inhaling thin
puffs of chain link words – saying:

I love thee
I love thee not…

And to kill
is to covet, is to
quiver in adultery,
is to steal,

and you and I are
motionless; providence
prudent in harsh times
such as these when
words screech off paper
tongues, fingers disjointed,
double fold, whisper
monochromatic love-made,
saved, erased, eroded
as too many free falling
bodies onto roofs, or just
the rain, rhythm and

wherefore L'amoure, and
what art you use to tempt
me into turned pages, plagues,
pardoned, or simply

though shall;
shall not.

a/n: written for the July WCC.