"Let go of me!" I tried to pull my arm from my captor's grip

"Shut up, you stupid girl." He renched my struggling arm behind my back until he heard a small crack and a searing bolt of excruciating pain shoot up my right arm.

"Get me that money!" He demanded, as he dragged me from the dark alley into a strip of woods.

I screamed and sobbed, flailing my free left arm, trying to hit the man.

"What money?" I tried to keep my voice steady.

"The money you owe me."

"I don't owe you anything."

"You don't but your dead parents do." He continued, turning me around so I could smell the beer on his breath, and see the scratches on his face. "Then will you accept my offer."

"Never! Not if you were the last man on earth, Master Corrigan." After I said this, I spat in the drunk man's face.

"Get me that money!"

He let go of me and pushed me weak body into the mud, so that I was thoroughly caked in the mud.

I tried to stand, holding my arm. I turned to run, away to the west, and as Master Corrigan turned to the south, towards town, he spoke for the last time.

"Get me the money, Falcon Armorial."

When I could not see him anymore, and I was deep in the forest, rain started to fall, decreasing the already cold temperature down to freezing. And with a short, small cry, I fell down onto a path of dark brown mud, and my eyes and mind went blank.