"You're not going anywhere." Trinian grabbed my non-bandaged arm and spun me around.

I figured that this place was the last place I needed, much less wanted, to be. First of all, there were a ton of rich people, Snobby (who naturally I did not want to be around because I was still terribly embarrassed around him), and a couple other people who I knew and flat out disliked them.

"Let me go." I tried to pull my arm away from his and go back up the stairs.

"Be quiet." He whispered and took my arm, placing it in the iron grip of his elbow.

"You cannot take me in there!"I sharply whispered back to him, indicating the large ball room.

"Come on." He pulled me through the door.

"You can't make me." I attempted to draw back.

"Too bad, I already did." He smiled, pulling me through the ballroom.

I scowled at him and every one of the rich, dressed up people who we past.

He pulled me through the huge room and into the front hall where Redd was standing greeting guests as they came in.

"Here she is." Trinian pushed me in front of Redd.

"Good evening." Trinain spoke quietly, yet civilly.

I scowled in return.

"Keep an eye on her," Redd whispered as Trinian led me away. "Don't let her go back up stairs."

"Will do." Trinian answered nodding his head.

He dragged me back through the ball room and into a secluded corner near some odd seafood buffet table. "Look," he said pulling me aside. "There is someone here that I have to go meet. Alright?"

"Who?" I asked.

"None of your business." He said more urgently, and lower. "On no account will you harm anyone, anger anyone, or go upstairs. You hear me?"


"Good." He quickly went away through the crowd. First chance I got, I was going back up into my room, and not coming back down.

I walked over to the stair case, but to my disgust a group of diamond clad young ladies had gathered around there, I almost walked away but to my dismay, I noticed that the girls had gathered around Trinian of all people. I stopped for a moment to stare and then walked quickly back to the stupid seafood bar. To tell the truth the stuff there stank. It really did. I was about to leave to go back to check the stairs, but the one person I happened to really not want to meet, Corrigan.

He saw me, I knew that, but I pretended I did not see him. I tried to escape, but he caught up with me. Dragging my bandaged arm, he spun me around, and rasped out, "So this is where you have been. To tell the truth I was surprised." He smiled cruelly.

"Corrigan?" Redd came up behind him. "What is your business here?"

"Nothing. Nothing." Corrigan turned around. "I was just leaving."

"You'd better be. It is rude" He continued smoothly, "to come to a party, a private party, mind you, uninvited."

Corrigan slumped away through the crowd and into the hall.

"Are you alright?" Redd asked, staring at my arm.

"Yes, I'm fine, thank you." I didn't look up.

He nodded and slipped away. I went alittle time later and quickly ran to the top of the stairs and along through the hall to my room at the end.

I opened up a drawer to put my earrings in after I had taken them off to put them away. In my haste, I reached for the wrong jewelry box and opened it up not realizing what it was. I set the earrings down, while I was looking in the mirror, but after hearing a clink, I looked down. Inside I saw a small necklace, gold with a small red pendent. I reached down, and took it up in my hand and looked at it closely. I stood up; something about this necklace was quaint. I wanted to ask Trinian about it. I thought he might know something.

I walked down the stairs, and noticed that the stupid party was still going on. I looked around through all of the rooms, and when I couldn't find him I checked out on the veranda out in the gardens. As I turned a corner and looked through the closed glass doors, I saw him sucking on the lips of one of the girls I had seen him with before.