THE DAY IS FINALLY HERE! (a day early for all my fictionpress readers)

From Harvard to Whoredom is officially available for purchase in the Amazon Kindle Store. It will be available on the website fromharvardtowhoredom . com at midnight!

Please stop by today and leave a review(or copy and paste your old one if thats easier for you!)! The link is on my profile and I will try to post it here but we all know how fictionpress is with links :)

www. amazon dot com / review /create-review?ie= UTF8&asin= B00T1FFO24&channel= detail-glance&nodeID =133140011&ref_ =cm_cr_dp_no_rvw_e&store =digital-text#

Hopefully that works! Just take out ALL the spaces (they are before or after the equal signs) and change the dot com :)

Thank you so much!