I cannot believe my life. Not because it's busy, or that there is so much drama around me, no. It's because NOTHING happens. I, Georgia Bailey, have one of the most boring lives...or so I think. Well here's a little biography. I'm 14, female, brown hair that's shoulder length, hazel eyes and am 5ft something. I am pretty plain as it goes, compared to the fake tan, blonde bimbos at school. I don't have a boyfriend, don't have any male friends and am part of the 'geek-y group that's got people who are friends with popular people'. Anyway enough of my shit biography.

Opening my eyes I peered over at my alarm clock trying to make out the number's, ugh 6.00 a.m. I crawled out of bed slowly dragging myself to the bathroom, after washing myself I pulled out my phone to text one of my best friends, Vivian, telling her I was on my way. See every morning I take the bus to go meet her at her house to get another bus to school.

Getting to her house I open the door, out of habit, to see her hopping down the stairs slipping a heel onto her foot.

"Oh, your here already?" She quickly picked up her keys and backpack and pulled me out of the house.

"So what's got you in a hurry?" I asked.

"The new guy is arriving today, don't you want to check him out before the populars flock?"

"Not really, what's the point of getting another crush on another guy you don't stand a chance with?" I glanced down the road as the bus pulled up.

"Are you kidding me? I could get a head start in there!" I turned to her and burst into a mini fit of giggles as the bus driver gave us strange looks.

"Your joking! You always say you have no interest in guys!" She started smiling.

"Yeah, your right." We then went on to laugh about the jokes we read and the new fictionpress stories we'd read lately. As we walked into school we noticed someone, no, two someone's sitting on the bench just outside school. Vivi and I shared glances and tried sent each other telepathic messages. This is the new guy and...who? We walked passed them towards the entrance but were stopped.

"Hey!" One of the guys called out to us.

"Uh, yes?" Vivi turned to them, as did I, and approached them as I followed like a lost dog.

"We're sorta new and can't get in." He blushed, and as I glanced at Vivi I noticed she did too. Well, well.

"Hehe, the school has passes for the pupils and staff so they can get in and out on early mornings or late nights depending on the circumstances, did yours not come in the post?" Vivi explained while emitting a cool aura. I looked at the guys, they were hot. But I am already bored. I walked away towards the entrance with the other guy in tow and the other two to close behind.

As I entered the school I turned around, "Vivi come on!" She excused herself from the conversation she was having. We walked away from the guys out of earshot. "So what's going on there?"

"Well, he's called Joe Hample and his brother is called Trevor Hample, and Joe is...quite nice." Once again she blushed.

"So you like him?" Wow I never actually thought that Vivi would take an interest in a guy.

"Well...ok I'll admitt it...I do like him."

Sitting there watching them silently like stalkers was really wierd, we'd never done anything like it. But we stayed and watched no matter the awkwardness although I just sat there staring into the space above the two who had populars swarming around them.

Eventually the bell went to signal registration-homeroom. Vivi and I seperated (different homerooms) and I trudged off to homeroom feeling fairly depressed. I took the seat at the back furthest away from everyone as usual until everyone else filed in. We were only about two minutes into registration when Miss. Galing (our homeroom teacher) went to introduce us to some 'new classmates'. I raise an eyebrow to this.

"So everyone I hope you will welcome the new students happily," she approached the door and, with a big flourish, opened the door to reveal the two guys from before," these two are just transferring schools so probably live around which means that some of you may see them around. This is Joe Hample and Trevor Hample who are brothers."

Oh great it was decided that they're in my homeroom. Somemore people to be blanked by. Joy.

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