this is a song fic one shot written to the Perfect Two by Auburn.

so i've been lonely lately. i'm out of the country, away from my friends, and single. i heard this song and well, i guess the story explains the rest. its kind of my ideal couple and moment.

those of you who know me, the names are significant, it's not just me being bored.

"Stop, stop, stop! Rhett, please!" I gasped, squirming on my bed, trying to get away fro his tickling fingers. He reached my side, my most ticklish spot. "No! Rhett!" We were both laughing as he grinned and kept going.

"Come on, Atalya, just say yes and I'll stop," he said, leaning in to say it in my ear, his breath tickling my ear. I could only giggle breathlessly and he knew it. I tried shoving Rhett, who had draped himself over my legs so I couldn't run away, off me but he only moved more firmly onto me and I was weak with laughter. "Just say the word."

"No!" I cried and shifted away from his moving fingers only to fall halfway off the bed. Rhett began to laugh until tears came to his eyes.

I tried to pull myself up but my abs burned and I fell back against the side of my bed. Luckily, my shirt had an elastic band at the bottom so it didn't fall. But it was loose and the folds fell over my face. I tried to blow them out of my eyes but they only lifted for a moment before returning to the same position.

"You're something else, you know?" Rhett's hand reached into my vision and I grabbed it, allowing him to pull me up as he shifted off my legs. I rolled onto him, crossing my arms over his stomach and placing my chin on them. He shifted around a little so he was comfortable and wrapped his arms around me.

"I know." I finally replied. Rhett's eyebrows rose.

"Late much?"

I grinned at him. "Just a little."

He smiled back, a hint of sadness in his expression. Reaching up, he gently pulled my wavy thick brown hair out of its pony tail. It fell along my shoulders and my bangs swept across my face, hiding my chestnut eyes behind a curtain. Rhett loved to play with my hair and now, he ran his fingers through it. I closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling. It was contenting, what with the late California afternoon sun shining in from my window onto us, feeling the rise and fall of Rhett's chest as he breathed, and listening or feeling each other's heartbeats. Rhett sighed, running his hand through my hair and down my back, a change from his usual hair brushing. Sleepily, I glanced up from my place on his chest in time to receive his kiss on my lips.

As always, when Rhett kissed me, I was suddenly wide awake and alive, breathing in his amazing jasmine smell mixed with a touch of something Rhett, like laundry on a summer day. It was a heady scent that always made my body shiver and tremble with the anxious need to be with Rhett. I wasn't so touchy feely, that was Rhett's job, but sometimes, just catching a whiff of jasmine made me want to kiss Rhett like crazy. His hands, with those skilled fingers, knew just what to do. They ran along the bony parts of my body, following the curve and leaving behind a trail of goosebumps and slow heating fire. Opening my eyes as we parted, they met his almost glowing blue ones and then we were tongue tied again, literally. He caught my lower lip between his teeth and nibbled on it gently as his hands, on my waist, pulled me even closer, as if if he pulled hard enough, the gap of skin between us would disappear and we would sink into each other. Thriving on his kiss, I moved my hands from his chest to the back of his head, cradling it gently but firmly between them. My legs slid off him to land on either side of him s I was straddling him. We moved together, breathing together, kissing together, living together.

We were the perfect two. If Rhett was the captain of a ship, I was his first mate. If I was our first date, then he was the chills that tingled down my spine. If he was a paper, I was the pencil that wrote our love. If he was a shoe, I was the laces holding him together. If he was winter, I was the cold that came with it. If he was peanut butter, then I was the jelly.

nd if he was a hero, I was the sidekick that was always there, no matter what.

"Oh god Rhett," I moaned as his hands shifted and suddenly I was the one on the bottom and Rhett was on top of me, eyes smoldering with lust - I mean, come on, he is a guy - and an enormous amount of love and passion. He bent down and tugged my shirt away from my neck, running his lips along my collarbone, my weak spot. My knees went all quivery and my gut tightened pleasantly. My breathing began to come faster as he neared my neck and then he broke off. In revenge, I pulled off his shirt and ran my nails against his six pack. I could feel them tighten and I grinned, leaning up and nibbling on his earlobe, Rhett's particular weakness.

"Atalya," he groaned. I grinned and moved away, too kindhearted to tease him anymore. He caught my lips with his and it was a long moment. Neither of us wanted to part and both of us wanted to taste each other. To me, Rhett tasted like a sweet lemonade on a summer afternoon with a hint of Tic Tacs - he loved the orange ones. Finally, we needed air and I was the first to break it, feeling lightheaded.

"I love you, genius," Rhett said, looking down at me with those amazing eyes.

"I love you, street fighter," I replied, slipping in a smile with the nickname. He called me genius because I actually did my school requirements and I called him street fighter because he used to get into fights all the time.

Without needing to speak, we both shifted until we lay side by side, hands clasped loosely in between us. We lay in silence for a while, both of us content with the stillness and unwilling to break it.

"Atalya?" I turned my curious gaze to Rhett, eyebrows quirked in question. His mouth twitched but he remained mostly serious except for one corner of his mouth that remained up. "I have something I want to tell you."

"You better hurry before I fall asleep," I murmured, struggling to keep my eyelids open. Rhett smiled this time and leaned in. The kiss he gave me woke me considerably. "Or not," I said offhandedly. Rhett's face grew serious and he sat up. I propped myself up on my elbow, not willing to pull myself into a sitting position. I wasn't really worried that this was a break up or cheating confession but feeling some concern.

"You know how I told you about my life before I came to Crossby? How I was part of a gang and there wasn't all this love and allowance to be who you wanted?" I nodded, realized he couldn't see me, and confirmed it verbally. "Well, do you also remember what I told you when we first started going out?"

"You told me that in time, you'd tell me what you thought of me and if what you've read or heard was real." It was a day that was kind of seared into my memory because I had been crushing on Rhett for a really long time. Rhett looked over his shoulder at me.

"I've decided."

I sat for real as I cocked my head, an old habit of questioning without words that had yet to desert me. "Well?"

"I didn't see it at first but I realized, we're all we need. And that I love you." He leaned in to give me a kiss on the forehead, wrapping an arm around my shoulders. "If I was a piece of paper, you'd be the heart drawn on it." He laughed and then said, "You're like the smoke to my high." He grinned as I gave him a half hearted shove. "You're like the butterflies I feel when I get nervous. And I love how you smile and I know now that I'm the one for you," he smiled cockily, "but I know you're the one for me. I think about you all the time and I can't doubt you and I most definitely can't live without you anymore. And," he brushed my hair away and gave me a long kiss on the side of the neck, "I think, in a while, I can see you walk down the aisle to me." Now he slid off the bed onto the floor and knelt in front of me. In shock, I watched him pull out a small box. "Atalya, you're the one I want to marry." He opened the navy velvet box and I gasped as I saw the delicate gold ring adorned with a dark red garnet, my birthstone. "Well," he said nervously when I didn't respond. "What do you say?"

I slipped off the bed to get on my knees before him. Taking his face in my hands, I made his worried eyes meet my steady ones. "I say that I don't know I could ever be without you because, boy, you complete me. I say that you can be as cold as winter weather because I don't care as long as we're together." I took the ring and slipped it onto my finger. "I say that we're the perfect two."

well? did i freak you guys out? do you love it?

song was gorgeous wasnt it?

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