Thanks for reading this everybody. It was fun writing this. Especially since I usually don't write romances.


Everyone head great artwork to share when we were in Italy. People were slightly upset with Aly for getting away with a blown up, framed photograph, but it was good anyway.

Zeke and I came home happily best friends and happily together. Tabetha was obviously mad but it didn't surprise me nor bother me when Tabetha didn't speak to me during the last two weeks of school. I was happy anyway. Graduation came and the ceremony was long and boring but something interesting happened right after the ceremony ended.

"Hey Tawnie," I heard a voice call from behind me while I was talking to my friends wrapped in Zeke's arms. I gently let go and turned around.

"Tabetha?" I was surprised to see her looking so shy. My heart softened. Surprisingly. She pulled me to the side.

"I'm happy for you," She said, genuinely. I just stood there. "For you and Zeke."

"Oh!" I said, still surprised.

"You two deserved to be together and I shouldn't have interfered. I saw how happy you two were together and I wanted to see someone else miserable like me," she said quietly. "Forgive me?"

"Tabetha," I smiled. "You're already forgiven. I don't hold grudges. You shouldn't rush to find love. Let love find you.*"

She hugged me and skipped away.

"Well that must've been interesting." Zeke said, taking my hand.

"Yea," I responded.

Zeke and his family were going off to Spain and South Korea for the summer so I was kind of sad. At the same time I was content. We were going to the same college anyway.

So as I sat on the porch, playing Robot Unicorn on my iPhone, all I cold do was smile. Then my phone buzzed.

"Hello?" I said into the phone.

"Guess what?" It was Zeke.

"What?" I asked standing up for a stretch.

"My flights been delayed." He said, happily.

"And you're happy about that, why?" I asked a little confused.

"I want you to come with me." He said and I walked to the front door.

"Really?" I said, cheerily.

"Yea!" he said. "My parents what you and your family to meet mines."

"Cool!" I said, running up the steps to my parents room to give them the news. "I'll let my parents know and we'll see you."

"Let us know what?" My mother asked when I reached their door.

"The Vamos's invited us to Spain and South Korea." I said with a big smile.

That, my friends, was a permanent start to a relationship that will last forever.