Dominance Over What?


By third period, I was seriously considering just walking out the building and heading home. The day wasn't even half gone yet and I felt like having a nervous breakdown. Already a lot of people were asking me to give numbers to my father, and girls pushing past me in the hall like I'd done something horrible to them.

I walked into English, sitting in the first seat I saw and slamming my books onto my desk. Who the hell do these people think they are? Ever since my father became known as famous in the business world it's been impossible to make real friends (which is probably mainly my fault), like I care, and it was impossible to go a minute without being physically or verbally abused by some dumb broad that has jealousy issues!

"Um, you're in my seat." Came a masculine voice.

I snapped, "Find another seat."

"Hey, are you okay?" His voice sounded worried and I couldn't help but look up.

I sighed, "No, I'm fine. Sorry, I'll move."

"No, you can stay where you are." He plopped down in the seat next to me. "So, you new here?"

I nodded miserably, "Yeah. Unfortunately."

"I'm guessing your day isn't going to well." He laughed; probably at my pain. "It gets better, want a peppermint?"

I smiled which gradually began to fall, "Suuuuu…"

He took out a huge, when I say huge I mean HUGE, bag with different types of peppermints. I tried my best not to laugh,

"Don't tell me you don't like peppermints!?"

I let out weird, painful squeak. My voice tended to pitch whenever I was desperately trying not to laugh. I mean, seeing that bag coming out of his overly sized pocket was just too much.

I looked at him incredulously, "Dude, you're carrying around a bunch of peppermints."

"Oh, hah." He scratched the back of his head, popping one into his mouth. "I love peppermints, one of my weaknesses. I mean they're delicious, how could anyone go a day without have a good, refreshing peppermint?"

I put my other hand over my mouth; he wasn't even paying attention to me anymore. I really didn't want to be rude to the one person that'd been nice to me all day.

"Adam!" A girl yelled, walking toward him. "Are you trying to kill a person of boredom with your a peppermints solves everything speech."

He blushed, "Was I?"

"From the look on her face, I say you were." The girl nodded her head towards me.

I quickly dropped my hands from my mouth, pulling the best smile I could,

"I'm really, really sorry. I don't mean to laugh but this is a bit weird. Take it from my perspective!"

Adam grinned, "It's fine, I'm use to it."

I smiled back. I must say, I've seen a lot of attractive guys in this school for the time I've been here but he, by far, has been the second most eye catching. He had short, choppy dirty blonde hair and penetrating emerald eyes. I could smell his sweet, peppermint-fresh breath a mile away.

"Is there something on my face?" Adam asked.

I blushed, "Oh! No, there's nothing on your face."

Gosh, I'm such a loser. The girl was looking at me amused, probably knowing why I was gawking at him. She took my hand and shook it,

"Hey, I'm Sanura Dyani and this is Adam Miller."

"I'm Aimee Sharman. It's nice to meet you both." Introducing was way better than them seeing my binder, which had my name on the cover, and trying to pronounce my name.

Sanura was a naturally beautiful girl. She looked like she was of the ethnicity Native American. She had thick back-length black hair, dark brown eyes and tanned skin.

"Aimee Sharman?" She tapped her chin. "Why does that name sound so familiar."

I sighed. Here we go, might as well get this over with.

"My father's a pretty well-known lawyer and businessman." I said. "You've probably heard of him. Caleb Sharman."

She snapped her fingers, "That's it! He's pretty awesome; I heard he's lost only like one case when it comes to him being a lawyer. You're lucky."

"Didn't you guys live in Pennsylvania? Why'd you move here?" Asked Adam, looking more interested than I wanted.

I shrugged, "Something about his business moving here. I think he merged with another company, I'm not really sure."

"That's cool." He replied before changing the subject. "Prepare yourself for a storm today, it's pretty cloudy outside."

I was shocked, he didn't give me a number and neither did Sanura! This day might be better than I contemplated.

"Hey Ai," She paused, "can I call you that?"

I nodded.

She smiled, "What lunch do you have? Can I see your schedule?"

"Sure." I dug it out of my pocket, and handed it to her.

Sanura looked down at the paper. She grinned,

"Yes! We have lunch together next period. All three of us. And plus, I have Music and Biology with you as well."

"Let me see." Adam took my schedule, scanning it. "I have Biology with you guys as well but P.E. with Aimee. Sweet. We can walk there together after lunch. Want too?"

He handed me my schedule back, I took it,


Sanura had a grin on her face. I looked away from Adam, starting to feel real fidgety.

"Alright class! In your seats!" Came a feminine voice.

Sanura walked away and I just straightened up in my seat. The teacher looked pretty young, in her early thirty's maybe? She smiled,

"Good morning class, I hope you all had a good weekend."

Everyone but me grumbled at that. She laughed,

"I take that as a no. Well, since it's Monday, all you guys have to do is these worksheets and talk for the rest of the class."

I like this lady. Everyone in the class seemed to agree with me. I heard Sanura yell from the back of the class,

"You're an angel Mrs. Linberg!"

"Why, thank you, Sanura." She giggled. "Who'd like to pass these out for me?"

Every males hand shot up, including Adam's. Wow.

"How about you?" Her eyes, at least I thought, were on me.

I asked, "Me?"

"Yes. You're my new student, Aimee Sharman, correct?" She asked.

She said my name right. Finally. I stood,

"Yeah, I'll pass them out for you."

She smiled, nodding in thanks. I took the worksheets and began passing them out. Before I knew it, the period was over and the class departed to lunch. Sanura and Adam walked with me. We got our lunch then headed outside. The sky was dark with storm clouds.

"Isn't it suppose to rain?"

We sat down on a bench. Sanura shrugged,

"It usually only gets cloudy."

"Yeah, I doubt it's going to rain. It may for a second or around third lunch but we should be fine." Said Adam, unwrapping his sandwich.

I nodded, unwrapping my own and taking a small bite. It was pretty good. Who knew Cafeteria food could be edible? Sanura began to look around,

"Where's Garrett?"

"Who?" I asked, not knowing who she was talking about.

She didn't reply, "There he is! Garrett!"

I turned around, my hazel eyes looked into those deep, dark blue pools I'd seen before. He glared, coming towards me. I turned back towards my food, there went my appetite. Sanura jumped up and hugged him, acting like a little hyper child,

"Aimee, this is-

"Garrett Griffin, I can introduce myself." He interrupted.

By the way he was eying me with his dark eyes, I could tell already that we were not going to get along. Well, you know what they say. Wait, what do they say? Before my thoughts could continue further, they were disturbed by what Sanura asked him next.

Sanura pulled away with a raised eyebrow,

"What's with you?"

Adam was looking at him with concerned eyes, I knew there was a meaning behind it. Garrett plopped down onto the bench beside Adam, forcing Sanura to sit beside me. They ate in silence, I threw my food into the trashcan that wasn't far away from us, luckily getting it in.

"That was a waste of food." Said Garrett.

I looked at him, he was glaring at me as if I'd just damned the entire world, not that it wasn't already.

"I wasn't hungry." I replied, looking back at him with an uncaring face.

He nodded, "Yeah and I wonder how many stomach's you could've filled with all the food you just threw away."

"Garrett." Adam and him exchanged looks.

Garrett turned away from the table, taking out his guitar. Sanura whispered to me,

"Sorry about that Ai, he's not himself today. Usually he's all laughs. I don't know what got into him."

I smiled, "It's fine. I'm use to random people not liking me for any apparent reason. They just simply have no life and love going around spreading their hate."

Garrett swung his head towards me, but Adam beat him to speaking,

"What are you going to play on your guitar?"

"Y-yeah." Said Sanura, quickly.

Garrett turned away again, ignoring Adam's question and took in a deep breath then began playing. What he was playing was really beautiful, especially when Sanura started singing since it seemed she recognized it. She was a fantastic singer. Adam just drummed his hands on his knee while casually using his other hand to drink his milk or to take a bite of his sandwich. All I could do was listen, I noticed students that'd came out stopped and listened. Just as Garrett started to sing along with Sanura, and it was getting better…

"Aimee!" I turned around to see Sissell coming towards me with four girls behind her.

Oh great, she's made her a clan already. I frowned when Garrett stopped playing. Sissell walked over, her eyes not on me,

"Who are your friends?"

"What does it matter to you?" I frowned, she had her eyes on Adam.

Sissell smiled, ignoring me, "Hey. I'm Sissell Sharman, Ai's sister."

"Adoptive sister. She was adopted." I corrected, emphasizing on the adopted part.

Adam kept glancing at Garrett who was staring at Sissell with a paling face,

"It's nice to meet you. Uh. Want me to show you around the school?"

I was confused; why was Adam acting so eager to get Sissell to go somewhere with him? I was frowning but felt my face smoothing out as I thought about it. She's beautiful, this happened a lot so why am I so surprised? Within two weeks Sissell would have a boyfriend. Like Adam, for instance. It's official, this day was horrible and I wanted to go home. I stood up from my place on the bench, Sanura asked,

"Where you going Ai?"

I avoided looking at Adam, who I could feel staring at me. Sissell asked,

"You okay Ai?"

"Whatever, Sissell." I muttered, grabbing whatever stuff I'd brought with me and walking back into the building.

Before I entered, I could hear Sissell say,

"Oh she'll be fine! Now how about that tour?"

She just wanted to act as though she actually cared to impress them. Anyone that falls into her traps aren't worth talking to again. They all end up hurting me and taking Sissell's side one-hundred percent.

"Ai! Hey! Wait up!" I turned around to see Sanura running towards me in the hall.

I was shocked. "Sanura? What are you-

"Why'd you just leave!?" She panted, leaning down on her knees to get her breathing pattern right.

I sighed, "I'm sorry. I just didn't want to be there to see Sissell flirting with Adam."

"Why'd that bother you?" She stood upright, looking more interested then I wanted her too.

I crossed my arms and shrugged, trying to school the 'nonchalant' pose,

"This happens often and I didn't want to stick around to see it, it's sickening."

"Are you jealous of her?" We began walking side by side down the empty halls.

"Yeah, I can admit that. Compare her to me, she's way more beautiful and way more talented." I wasn't going to lie to her.

Sanura snorted, "What does she have beside looks? I mean, what is it that you do and what is it that she does that make her seem better?"

"Hm. Well, she's a great singer. She's good at manipulating the human mind and I'm pretty sure she's going to become a psychologist or something. An actress even, because the way you saw her acting back there isn't how she usually is."

"And what about you?" She asked.

"I love to take photographs, whether it's not important or beyond beautiful. I, also, love to run track. And if I'm not apart of a track team, just running in general." I looked over at her.

She was smiling like a madwoman, "If you ask me, you're way more talented than she is. Girls that have flaws are closest to what I call perfection. As for looks, you're very beautiful. Yes, your sister looks like a goddess but girl's like that usually end up being called a bitch by the not so popular kids before the end of the school year. So chillax! Forget about her, and be yourself."

I felt a load being lifted off my shoulders. Being told that made me feel a bit more useful in the world. I couldn't help but smile,

"Thank you Sanura."

"Anytime." She wrapped her arm around my shoulder "We're going to be best friends, I can already tell."

I nodded, "Yeah but if you want to keep Adam as a close friend, you might want to keep an eye out for Sissell."

"He's dated worse girls, trust me. Adam naturally has bad taste for women and I try my best but he's stubborn." I sighed and she grinned. "Do you like him?"

I choked on air. Sanura jumped in front of me, stopping me from walking,

"I knew it!"

"I've only just met him!"

She nudged me in the side, "Love at first sight, huh?"

"No! It's not like that!"

Sanura cocked her head to the side, "Alright, alright. I'm just teasing."

I retorted, "Even if I did like him, it wouldn't matter because I'm not looking for another relationship right now."

"Another, huh? But maybe…." She laughed.

I shook my head, "No, I don't like him. This is my first day here and I hardly know the guy. I don't like him."

"I believe you." We started down the hall again. "Oh crud, I forgot about Garrett. I know he's going to be pissed we ditched him like that."

Garrett Griffin. The pathetic redhead that I saw in first period that started hating me for some reason. I wonder why he was staring at Sissell like he was going to have a breakdown or something.

"I have a question." Sanura nodded to let me know she was listening. "First, why does it seem like he hates me and second, the way he was looking at Sissell. He looked like he was going to-"

She cut me off, "I honestly can't answer that but what I do know is there's a good reason. Despite your first impression with him, Garrett is a really nice, funny and sweet guy. He'd never dislike anyone without a reason."

"Well, I can assure you I did nothing to him. I sat beside him in my first period class and he just started glaring at me. I thought maybe I sat in his girlfriend's seat or something because that's happened to me before. Or it could've been the fact he can't stand disrespectful people?" I didn't understand, even then, he shouldn't be glaring at me like I'd slapped him across the face.

Sanura shook her head, "Immature people annoy him but he never shows it. Also, he's single. According to him, it's to difficult being in a relationship and a waste of time."

"He isn't gay is he?" That would make sense.

She laughed, "No! He's not gay! He just doesn't want a girlfriend right now, he thinks most of the girl's here are to spoiled for him. Somewhat like you, yeah?"

"Then that leaves him with no good, understanding reason to glare at me or Sissell that way."

"There is a good reason and Adam knows what it is. They've been friends since grade 1. I've only been here for about a year so I don't interfere with their personal lives. If they feel they can trust me, they'll tell me. In the meantime, I'm just glad I have friends that'll support me and back me up like friends should."

It just didn't make any sense, this is my first day here and already all this drama is commencing. I rubbed my temple to ease the migraine I was getting. This was more than I needed to handle. Sanura grabbed my arm and stepped into an empty classroom.

"Hey, what are you-

"Shhh." She put a finger over her mouth and looked out the narrow class on the door.

I looked as well, confused. Adam and Garrett were walking by. Garrett didn't look happy,

"It wasn't her, man. You need to let this go."

"That's easier said than done, Adam! Only someone that hasn't experienced what happened to me that time ago would think it's so foolish to dwell on it for so long! You don't understand, so don't tell me to let it go!" He fumed.

Adam held his hands up, "You're right, I don't understand how you're feeling but I'm looking out for you. Do you really want to be sent back to that boarding school again?"

"No." He sighed, relaxing a bit. "Look, I'm sorry Adam but just keep them away from me. Just when it was fading, Caleb and his daughters show up."

Before I could comment on this, a loud sneeze escaped my mouth.

"Ew! You sneezed on me!" Sanura whined, to loudly at that.

Adam and Garrett looked towards the door. I panicked,

"They heard us."

"Oh crap." She looked from left to right. "I don't know what to do, we're as good as busted!"

Garrett walked towards the door, I felt sick. Sanura opened a supply closet and shoved me inside. I tripped over something, but tried my best to regain my balance. I heard the door to the classroom open and Garrett's confused voice,

"Sanura? What are you doing in here?"

"Haha! Oh wow, this is embarrassing. I was practicing my acting! My drama teacher told me I needed to work on my disgusted face." Luckily, I was able to grab onto a shelf, I turned and looked out the dark glass.

Sanura made a weird face, purposely failing at making a disgusted face. Garrett laughed,

"You seriously need to relax with this acting thing."

His laugh sounded so carefree and open. Garrett patted her on the head,

"Come on, class will be starting soon."

"If you don't mind, I'd like to stay and practice a little longer." She swatted his hand away.

"If the teacher walks in here and see you goofing off, you're going to get in trouble." He said.

Adam nodded, "And we're not going to let you do that."

"But," She looked at Adam then at the supply closet.

Adam looked towards me and I was pretty sure he couldn't see me behind this darkly tinted glass. Garrett glanced my way as well,

"Don't tell me you were actually in here making out with someone."

"What!? No!" She replied quickly.

He looked at her suspiciously then started towards the door. Aw hell! I looked around, which really didn't help since I couldn't see a damn thing! I quickly felt along the walls, all I felt were the metal shelves. My foot got caught on something and I ended up crashing painfully into something hard. I covered my mouth to stop from screaming in pain. Something soft, yet think fell on top of me and I stayed still. This would do.

The door to the supply closet opened and I heard a switch flip on. I held my breath. Sanura started laughing,

"See, I told you I was in here with no one. Jeez, you're so paranoid."

"And you say it with to much relief." He replied, turning the light out and walking back out.

At that moment, the bell rung. The door to the classroom closed and there was an infinite silence. It rung in my ears, I sat up, shoving the soft (what I assumed) blanket off me and wincing at the same time. I was definitely going to end up having a bruise on my side where I fell. The supply closest opened and I gasped, thinking it was a teacher or another student. The light flipped on and there stood Adam. He cursed under his breath and asked,

"Are you okay?"

"Y-yeah." I stammered, feeling a huge relief wash over me.

Adam walked over and helped me up, looking concerned,

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." I laughed, humorless.

My side was aching badly, stupid metal bar on the floor. What the heck was that even doing on the floor of a supply closet? He must've seen the discomfort on my face,

"Maybe you should go see the nurse."

I shook my head, "No, really. I'm fine. I just fell on my side and I'll probably end up with a bruise which is better than any broken bones."

"Yeah." He laughed. "If you're alright then we can head to P.E."

I nodded and followed him out the closet and into the classroom which students were beginning to fill into. Everyone looked at us with a shocked look on their faces. I cursed repeatedly under my brother as we walked out and into the hall wall. Adam looked over at me and chuckled,

"Don't worry about them."

"If they were looking at us like that, you must be really well-known here." I already knew what was going to happen; rumors were going to spread like wildfire.

He shrugged, "You could say that."

I groaned. Adam laughed again, I could smell his sweet, breath,

"Let me guess, you're like the famous football player or something?"

"No, but I'm pretty good at playing football." He replied. "I'm Cadet Lieutenant Junior Grade on the NJROTC program."

Aimee nodded, "Oh."

Well, it was a whole lot better than him being the top football player of the school but that's pretty awesome. Adam continued,

"However, Garrett's the captain of the soccor team. It isn't as big a sport as football or basketball but it's still pretty good of a reputation around here."

She didn't have to worry about that. It was clear that Garrett did not want to associate with her or Sissell what-so-ever. It didn't matter. She wasn't planning on it anyhow.

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